“Reasonable or Prudent Man Seeks Justice”

1:29 PM EST 1/2/2018

•December 24th, 2017 Steve Mnuchin decided they’d just wait and let everything go the day after Christmas.

What was the cost of that decision? 17,286 Lives were taken by starvation

•December 26th, 2017 Sanctions against Iraq were lifted and that was the go signal for Monetary Emissions, 800#s and exchanges to begin. While the Elders, and others had to make decisions about whether or not they were going to have enough food to make it through a few more days, the Bankers and UST decided to go on vacation and finish the rest when they got back.

How much did that vacation cost the Sovereign People of Earth? *69,144 lives were lost from starvation from* then until today.

•Banking codes from each country were put in on Saturday night. Master codes were put in last night for the two to connect and activate the system. Last night being the actual time the assets could legally, accurately and finally be connected so all the pieces are in place.

Orders went out from the Pentagon at noon today that 800#s and bank exchanges should begin IMMEDIATELY.

•We have already begun the final stages to file suit, and we’ve gathered the evidence necessary to file, argue and win definitively, two Rico Suits; one for the people who purchased currency, and one for the people who were told it was a scam and didn’t purchase currency.

•At this point you already know law suits are inevitable. These suits will be held in place to support the UST and the Banks perform on time TODAY. We are your best opportunity to do damage control on this matter.

Reasonable / Prudent Man Law and Legal Definition*

“…determine whether someone acted with negligence. This hypothetical person exercises average care, skill, and judgment in conduct that society requires of its members for the protection of their own and of others’ interests. The conduct of the reasonable man serves as a comparative standard for determining liability…”


•As I have stated repeatedly, I have already given you the opportunity to conduct yourself properly as any human with a conscience would, but instead you went on vacation. So we are following though as promised.

•However, getting this done today would certainly be a great start to making the negotiations more amiable and in the best interests of humanity

•For every day you delay even for reasonable cause lives are lost. There have been 319,791 lives lost due to starvation alone since I published the article “The Deadliest Weapon Ever Made”. Even if you WERE unaware of the impact of your nonperformance before, you have been made aware for long enough now that you’re left without an excuse.

•With every delay we have more time to gather names from inside your organizations to ensure you’re all held responsible for reckless, willful, and wanton misconduct, as well as crimes against humanity which appear to include genocide.

•A Class Action Registration Page will be posted later this evening for the people of Puerto Rico, to enable the 2 million people who listened to Beny’s Show on New Years Eve to have a comprehensive opportunity to join the class in action. We will post the link when it is ready.

•The energy bringing in this new age is often referred to as the Divine Feminine, Gaia, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the Woman Cloaked in the Sun, or what ever it may be that helps you personally appreciate a time of peace over a time of war. I just wanted to point out that the symbol for “Justice” has always been a woman.




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