9:06 AM EST 1/2/2018

•I was contacted by working members in the process on New Years Eve and we spoke yesterday to discuss the law suit, and the exact state of affairs. I can tell you that the final “GO” codes began to be entered in Saturday and were being pushed through last night at around 11:30.

•The common hold up had been the Cabal bankers finding loopholes and them being exposed each time they’d attempt to go. These loopholes have all been closed and blanket action has been established by the Executive Order signed by Trump.

•The law suit was and is encouraged as the right course of action as a means to ensure performance by the UST and the Banks involved.

•Ultimately, we expect performance now as it is in fact already begun and is inevitable. The law suit will remain filed until said performance has been accomplished. This has been described as the “right approach” by those involved in the master plan as a means to hold rogue elements accountable and aware that we are watching, aware, expect performance, and are armed to take action if said performance does not take place.

•Like many of us the benevolent powers in this process have taken a vow of poverty to avoid being compromised. And they, like us are anxious for it to go as they have been up against the wall in the same way that we are, being financially destitute and in need of immediate change.

•The Cabal has been neutralized and no longer represent the significant threat that once was. The lawsuit and inside sources sharing actual names of the remaining rogue elements provides the necessary leverage to ensure performance.

•The various airport and transportation power outages are control mechanisms to ensure a safe transition as the exchanges begin and the financial system launches

•We are looking for “Monetary Emission” today which describes the end of the process from M4 Assets held in Gold, and other materials, being converted to become M1 assets, spendable assets in the form of digital and physical money to begin being distributed to the people.


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