SPEAK INTEL 11:16 AM EST 12/11/2917

•12/11 is the day we were told this event would be finished by
•Exchange Centers are supposed to be hu-manned and operational at noon
•First appointment in Reno scheduled for noon EST
•Pentagon has control of release
•Q says Flash Bang is set to pop today
•It was set to go yesterday but was held due to tactical safety decisions
•Funds have been released and are fully transferable
•Netanyahu says that Israel will have to accept that Jerusalem is the Capital.
•Trump’s action of moving the embassy to Jerusalem is just “recognizing reality”
•Suicide Bomber in New York with no serious injuries accept to the bomber himself-FALSE FLAG not the same as FLASH BANG (distracting news event)
•Mueller set make major arrest today (more likely our flash bang)

•#ZIMpossible movement pushing out today. Because it is possible to exchange the ZIM and that makes everything else possible.
•Rates on twitter could be the next push if this is not released
•TWITTER campaign will become relentless as time goes on. WE ARE PRESSING FOR RELEASE
•Join the movement go to


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