1:06 PM EST

• Banks made another donation to the Federal Reserve again starting Wednesday night and continuing last night.

• No doubt promises were made that the RV/GCR is about to go down with exchanges starting at any moment but as usual the impotent Chinese Elders will not be able to deliver.

• I’ve been informed that the Federal Reserve window won’t open and as usual they will not be able to perform.

• If you remember correctly, back in the Fall of 2018 all of the banks gave up their remaining liquidity to the Fed on a Monday with promises that they’d get it back with a fully functioning “Hercules Quantum Financial System” backing them.

• That lasted for 12 minutes.

• The REAL Quantum System wouldn’t allow the money to re-enter the system because the notes were duplicated super notes. In other words they were counterfeit.

• Banks continue to make decisions to demolish the world’s financial system and many people still trust them for intel as they witness the economic assassination of America.

• Remember, the Trust offered them ten to one for the funds they were promised from the Rothschilds, but they chose fear over liberation.

• There is now expected chaos as all hell could break lose as banks realize the Fed did it to them again. No one wants regular people to suffer but it does seem like poetic justice for the banks to squirm a bit.

• We currently remain hostage because of this ignorance.

• Take the weekend off and don’t expect any notification for exchanges because they are not coming.

• Typical Fed stalling tactic as they pushed their performance timing back to 3:00 PM EDT and of course this will get moved back to Monday.

• Don’t believe the hype when the Gurus tell you it’s done and this is the soft roll out. Their sources are wrong and their judgement is clouded by the promise of riches. I know you get mad because I’m saying it, but it’s so anyhow.


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