SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF EARTH By TANK December 22, 2017 Please be ready for rapid change today as we have reached the end of one journey and are at the beginning of the next. We will have our notification shortly with our opportunity to exchange immediately thereafter. I say this with a strong level of certainty based on my understanding of certain events that took place overnight. Unlike many characters in this process who have given several goodbyes thinking we had reached the end, I have never done that. I have always known that I’m with the people to the end and to begin again, because I am one of the people. It is my honor to serve the greater good of humanity by your side as an equal, united in a common vision and belief that we have a right to choose life every day. We have the right to choose what our life means, who it impacts, and how we live it. Being sovereign means we have the authority to explore the full breadth of our potential, the depth of our gifts, and the span of our imagination. Being human means we have the responsibility to expand the definition of that previously limited word. Being liberated means that we are charged with the weight and experiences of all the generations and worlds that have come before us to test the boundaries of the unlimited creators that we were made to be. We will find that the truth is a relative term, and that imposing our truth on another is an exercise in futility, the truth being relative to our own honesty with the evidence we are presented with and our ability to accept and discern what is or is not real. And yet, we hold certain truths to be self-evident as they are the right of every human being to exist as sovereign entities of the planet Earth, endowed with the right to pursue our personal happiness as long as it does not come at the expense of our common inhabitants. My truth in this moment is that all life is eternal, defining a powerful energetic experience in space and time where we bore witness to many things in service of a higher purpose. Good and evil are operational definitions based on the dimensional limitations of our current reality, yet not complete expressions by themselves of the story told by their expressions as members of a separate body. It is only when we see our strengths and weaknesses with our individual experience, as well as our position as a member of a unified body, that we can bear witness to the totality of any one human life. The measure of our value will not be contained by the standards of another species or defined by metrics that are inconsiderate of the human experience. It is the drama created by our diversity that defines the most precious and essential aspects of our story. From now on, we consciously create our reality as free men and women ever aware of our absence of limitations and acceptance of abundance. We are the Sovereign People of the planet Earth and our mission has just begun to take shape and form. Our truth is being defined by our exposure to and defiance of the world we have agreed to create and reside within. We move forward recognizing the value of this chapter in our endless autobiography where we have played both hero and villain, friend and foe, betrayer and betrayed. There is nothing to forgive as all things have worked to our good as this has been a creation of our common will and unified subconscious. We seek only to accept and awaken to a new identity and position in a more accurate expression of the human experience. We stand united in purpose and cause to be exactly who we are as we discover and uncover who we are and what that means. We are visionary idealists, fearless explorers, and bold imagineers. In all our expressions, we stand together as free spiritual beings accepting the responsibility, authority, and unity of this new world. Sincerely, TANK Ambassador of and servant to humanity

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