November 29, 2017

Steffen Rowe


There is a collective consciousness and in that is an agreement between all of us. This agreement affects our perception and ultimately becomes our reality. To wait for someone to free us would require something outside of ourselves to suddenly be inspired to disrupt the collective perception to impose a new reality.

But, to recognize that the only way for me to be free is for me to be me automatically frees my energetic signature which naturally expands beyond the shell of my physical body and touches everyone and everything that is within view of that light.

As my light shines, my being impacts the light of others and they begin to shine too. My freedom has now gone beyond any of the previous limitations which I had for it or for myself.

With that freedom I recognize the impact of my power and I own the message of that light. I am not just responsible for me but for everyone that shines with me.

So the light of the human spirit shines in me and in you and increases as we remove the blocks we hold attached to worry, fear, and doubt. These are nothing more imposing to the light than a set of blinds in your house trying to go to war with the sun. But as long as the blinds are drawn, and we remain in our box, we have the misperceptions that we are in a darkness imposed on us by a powerful source that we cannot overcome.

In fact, it’s as easy as opening the blinds to reveal a light so powerful that it is already inspiring and maintaining the life on the entire planet.

And like a community where we all live together the light is shining brightly but we’re just waking up to realize it’s always been shining on us and in us and all around us.

So when you wake up to the sun and realize that others have been waiting for this very moment, then you are responsible to let them know the light is shining. And they in turn are responsible for you and each one for one another.

That light destroys the illusion of the prison that holds us. That light is the key that opens all the gates of the prison. And no one can else release us if we refuse to open our eyes and keep the blinds drawn.

As the community hears the birds singing and the kids playing outside the window, they’ll naturally open their eyes and want it be part of it. And the reality is that we’re not just benefactors of the light but a source of the light.

And light only has one job and that is to shine.


© 2017, SPEAK Project. All rights reserved.

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