Tonight the family of a SPEAK Project member was caught in the crosshairs of gang warfare between the Sonora and Chihuahua Cartels as they tried to get to their home.

This is the grandfather speaking in this video – see below

“I thought when we lost Benji Lebaron and Luiz Widmar that it was the end of the world; a tragedy beyond what anyone should have to even imagine. Now we have three mothers and seven innocent children caught in the crossfire of the same messed-up, vicious, never-ending battles of the drug cartels. They pursue nothing more than unlimited power, money, and increased connections to the great United States of America, to sell their drugs and continue the ongoing train of death, molestation, extortion, and fear in the lives of Mexican civilians. This stops NOW! We WILL stand together to put an end to this. We have been watching all of this happen for decades and have been terrified and unsure what to do about it, until today. We need the full cooperation of the Mexican and U.S. forces behind us to put an end to these atrocities. We will not let this go quietly.”

-Kenneth Miller Jr.

The cartels have taken over the towns, using children and parents as hostages and shields.

This is a war against all peoples. We cannot allow evil to overcome our world. We must put aside our differences; pull our heads out of the sands of indifference and stand up for what we believe in in order to make this place a better world. If we do not, what happened to the children and their mothers in Chihuahua will occur across this nation. It’s already happening in other parts of the world. We need to come together with one clear voice, saying: “No, you will not take our children!”

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