Response to: DOSM Order #33: All Assets Seized

To all those concerned;

Please take note. A “check” must have an account which can be validated by the recipients banking institution in order to be cashed. >
Taking this “order” in means nothing to a bank nor a government. Please do not repeat the process of Heather Tucci and her “cash in your birth certificate bond” program. Please remember she is in jail. >
In the world of banking on any level, no one will recognize any of these DOSM orders. This person claims to “seize all assets” but has no proof of any assets she/they are seizing. Even if they come to repossess your car, as one example, the bank has your VIN# your loan documents you agreed to and right to cure issued plus a judgement from the court regarding your specific vehicle before they can repossess your car. >
This woman is seizing assets with no indication as to what assets she refers to, what account? what vault? where are the assets?? Names mean nothing. As an example, “I hereby seize the assets of John Doe there may be many persons with that same name, but with no specific asset and legal cause no one is going to comply. >
As for me, she has mentioned seizing “Manna World Holding Trust” fine, I change the name and can change it again tomorrow if I wish. Does she have legal cause? No. Does she have an account or any asset reference? No. >
I can appreciate her posting as if she actually knows something about some assets anywhere but she has made no indication. >
So as a word of caution, please do not take this document into a bank, government nor any other entity in attempts to pay debts using some document which doesn’t reference any asset anywhere. IF she has that information, and access and approval to use it by a legal court in a jurisdiction which the assets reside then sure, by all means pay your debts. As of now this looks like another fictitious crusade meant to get a lot of people in trouble. >
If I thought for one second this would work in it’s current form then go for it. Please use your legal and common sense here, there is nothing in that document that is “bankable” at this moment. >
The comments by members of IDC show people are wonder “how, when, where” clearly show no one knows what to do with this document. You are right to question. >
After all Heather Tucci (which I cautioned people about) is now serving 12 years in prison. Please use caution and do question. If you decide to move forward, make sure you have EVERYTHING you need in order to “cash that check”. >
All the best,
Kim “Possible”

5 Replies to “Response to: DOSM Order #33: All Assets Seized”

  1. my thoughts exactly !
    Thank you for the post and information !!
    Be Blessed and Protected !

  2. Thank you Kim for addressing these issues as they come up – it is helpful for those of us still culturing clarity and discernment. Is there any progress that you can update us on that will not compromise you or the work at hand ?

    Much appreciation for all of your loving efforts

  3. Dear Kim, Bruce of the ” Big Call ” and Zorra of ” Hollow Earth ” among others are saying that the RV is set to go at any moment. Please explain, is this really happening without your assistance? Can you shed some light on this, also, Tom Heneghan is saying that President Trump ordered for Lee Wanta to be paid but you blocked it, is this true? Thank you for all you do Kim. Sincerely, Everett Soto

  4. Dear Kim
    It is my understanding you understand this money has been taken from Americans and others through fraud by the corporate inanities that own all the trust that fed the Mana Trust. The last I heard you were considering opening the trust to the corporate government claiming to represent the United States. No United States Nationals or people of the North American Confederated States are represented by any corporation an Ms. Anna von Reitz can explain this well. Kim my understanding is you are supposed to be connected to Galactic’s who are connected to Source. That should give you some understanding Corporations have no soul. The only thing that controled Corporations in the past were the independent we the people common law Grand Juries. They had independent investigative powers and nullification powers that the administrative judges can’t allow under color of law or they would never win. Basically I am saying Love will not win under corporate rule.It has no life. The Republic designed by the founding fathers and American Common Law are the Natural Law of the Land. Please Consider this maybe consult with Anna von Reitz. God bless all that we may see this to the end in the Love and prosperity he has promised all.
    Thank You
    John Philip Gaughf
    I believe Heather Ann Tuchi Jerad should be pardoned for working for the people against corrupt corporations committing fraud and still are. Every Judge, Lawyer, Politician, Corporate Employees of the Corporations that have concontributed to this Trust have committed the the misprison of a felony at the very least and very possibly Treason or contributing aid to the enemy. Please see these assets are returned to the unincorporated united States Of America Confederated.
    Agian Thank You

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