They were warned OVER 10 YEARS AGO. They still persist like greedy little piglets claiming they own this, they never did. Maybe it is time to remind them as they ALL received this letter then, they also all received a very harsh warning on the 13th/14th of September 2019 from the new Queen Ms. L (they know who she is) and they STILL are doing the SAME THING. Clamoring like a bunch of fools for a position that doesn’t exist. My position was reaffirmed on this same day, I am doing the job that was outlined to me in detail with the detailed plan that was approved on 15th of September 2019. The Trust is no longer a singular name, no longer any person’s name other than myself as signatory. “Manna” name has been removed, and I transferred funds out of these accounts again on 2nd of October 2019.  Everyone is disappointed on the higher levels way over the families in humanity. You have one shot people. If you received this, it is because I think you may be in some position to reach back out to the “order” in some way or in a position to propel humanity forward. STOP WAITING FOR THESE PEOPLE TO SAVE YOU, OR CONTROL YOU, OR CONTROL BANKS/GOVERNMENTS, it is no longer their time, it is yours, choose wisely. 
6 months’ time there will be nothing left, literally nothing left for humanity. Everyone, including them loses everything, trading will resume and cleanup will take place and they will be gone from existence exactly as the poem reads. This is the 7770th year next year 21, 2+1=3, 9,6,3.

Choose Wisely. Good Luck All




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