“Re DOSM Order #66 and #70” by (Anonymous) – 7.20.18

Subject: “Re DOSM Order #66 and #70” by (Anonymous) – 7.20.18

There is no such trust. She can claim anything she wants, but it will never hold. Further to this affect I changed the name of Manna Trust, so good luck to her finding the new name(s) or any account numbers. Even if she did there is no access. As to the others she mentioned, you can find that information on the internet. EVERYTHING has changed.

This scenario is like you (any of you) staking claim to the Bill Gates Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation or any other large foundation you can easily find on the internet. It’s great, but in the end there is no “real” claim and you could post on any blog you want “I Mr. X am of the fictitious order of the fuc-ar-wee tribe and I own Apple Computers as of this day.” In the end you will get a visit from some nice men who will deliver a white coat with the arms in the back and not much else for your trouble.

Seems to me this is another person wishing to be an internet sensation, another “M1” another “Sino” another “Anthony Martin” another “Elder” with zero behind it and no access. If she does, then God Bless her and please distribute to all the people as soon as possible..but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

All the Best,
Kim “Possible”

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  1. Kim…
    I Thank You & Your AweSomeNess ; )…

    You Go Girl…
    You Rock…
    I Don’t care what those Fleas of yours says about you .. it is obvious that they got Their Head Stuck UP the shitty end of Their Own Stupidity ; )… They will realize one day just how far up the shoot they are ; )…
    On BeHalf of Humanity … I Humbly Thank You
    Mel Still

  2. my thoughts and reaction as well
    Blessings and Protection Be Upon You
    May the Light Prevail
    Thank You So SO Much for All oyu are doing to help us !

  3. Another item of busy in the business of paying attention to posts that only cause unending clouds on what could be a sunny day! Aren’t people getting tired of their vehicles getting stuck to the axle because of their desire to dig into the mud and sling into the person who is there to help them through the hard times.
    The is only one benefit I see as I watch Deep State vs President Trump, Democrats vs Republicans, Satanists vs the Light, or each of us vs one another. It is to see how truly depraved human nature can be. I wish there was a way to help people find their way out of the dark woods and into the light of day to find a world where meeting and greeting and encouraging the strengths of one another makes for a better life on Earth. We would all be so much better contributors to those who need our support and encouragement. We would even be able to anticipate, see, touch and hear the sounds and all the good that is going on around us. We that the ability to make our world what we want it to be and I am having a hard time understanding why there is so many interactive battles happening on a planet that has so much potential!
    Kim, I appreciate your patience and willingness to communicate and demonstrate the truth as you help others understand as you respond to posts that are intended to tear you down. I have observed an innate wisdom, unique strength as well as a constant love for others in your posts. Thank you for carrying the load no one else could. Karolann

  4. Excellent Kim

    I’m glad you are on top of it, since I personally knew two of the other individuals mentioned , I reached out to them to also find out what was going on great job.

    I’m also glad you changed the name of your trust to something else. None of us need to actually know the new name.

    The best kept secret is the one never told, God Bless


  5. I personally called this crock. Also told Anna she owes Kim an apology.
    R. Allen
    Friday, July 20, 2018
    A Brief Comment to “With All Due Respect”, Kim et alia

    By Anna Von Reitz

    Of course, Kim thinks she is fine — except in those dim moments of confusion when she notices that she is doing things that she doesn’t actually want to do, and equally, can’t do what she says she desires to do.

    The victims are never told. They are left to think that they have been “sick” or had an “accident” of some kind, and they were in the hospital, but everything is just fine now. .

    She doesn’t know she has been hijacked. None of the victims know that they are victims. If they did, they might— conceivably — seek help. They are ultimately helpless, because they can be ordered to self-destruct, but their loved ones might even bring a criminal complaint or find a way to sue the complicit institutions (MIT, CIT, DARPA, IAG….. the list goes on) out of existence.

    Anyone who has been “modified” allows other entities to play them like a piano, to direct them to do things that are reprehensible and not do things that are in accord with their own verbally expressed desires. They are no longer in control. The computer interface is in control.

    The computer operator can tell the victim to self-destruct, or to take a gun into a restaurant and kill people. It can tell the victim to eat dog crap, and despite how repulsive this is to every other nerve in their sensory array, even though they know better, they will do it and not be able to explain why.

    Any such act of debasement and depravity can be compelled by bypassing the neural condition network we associate with conscience and self.

    The absence of such instruction in no way implies that the ability to give such instructions is impaired. It simply isn’t in line with the purposes of the perpetrators to give such instructions—but they could.

    The hospitals are turning out to be the nerve centers and points of genesis for the whole Kingdom of Evil.

    It is the Undeclared Uniformed Officers — doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nurses — conscripted under Title 37 of the Territorial United States Code who have been tasked to register babies as property, and it is the same crew tasked to install “chips” in our neural networks and expose us to nanobots which interfere with everything from nerve impulses and heartbeats to hormone balances.

    It’s all there, on display, at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Or if it isn’t, thanks to Serco’s attempts to scrub the place, we already have copies and they are properly distributed…..so, they can all try to tell us another Whopper and try to explain the Observed Phenomena —-but it won’t work.

    We have the goods.

    People like Kim are being used as human storefronts just like the vermin used the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront. Just like H.I.G. is using Compass, PLC, as a storefront. Just as the Office of the United States Attorney General used the Wells Fargo Securities Division acting behind the storefront of the old “Wells Fargo Bank” trademark.

    The most innocent, kindest people alive can be turned into assassins and high order criminals for the cost of some silicon chips and a tricky, but far from impossible surgical procedure.

    And the victims take the blame if they get caught.

    Kim recently said that she was “blessed” —- and that perhaps more than anything else displays the diabolical nature of the evil we are facing, when a blessing from Marduk, the King of Darkness, can be counted as anything but a curse.

    We are in the process of shutting down the AI operations that use human control interfaces, and finding medical centers and surgeons competent to remove the computer interface devices and also finding ways to disarm the harmful nanobots.

    This protection racket for evil in the name of science is coming to an end.

    Kim and others like her may never be completely themselves and completely healed. It’s too early to know, but we can hope and we can pray and we can extend love to her and other victims of this heinous transgression against us — all of us

  6. Hello and best wishes Kim, I have been following Intel on world affairs to the best of my knowledge for some time, hoping to catch a fresh-breath of hope in a brighter future. I served in the United States Marine Corps from 2005-2008 and was discharged after incurring a traumatic brain injury. I’ve grown to despise war in the most intimate of ways, as the means never come close to justifying the destruction and misery wrought against both sides. If I am to understand your predicament, it seems that you have consciously filled your plate with possibly the largest and most delicate of tasks this race of we-beings has ever attempted. I also sense that you are of royal lineage and are working with other beings to ultimately awaken the people of earth to truths long suppressed. I must admit, even writing this message to one of your stature is a humbling experience; and not without feelings of anxiety! Let me express to you my adoration of your commitment to higher-cause. I know our Father beams with pride on your intentions, and the courageous strength you’ve manifested of your own free-will is truly amazing. I cannot help but feel shame for having insight in these matters and not doing more about it, and I also understand the risk you barter with is no joke. I too have a daughter, and I want to give her the world on a silver platter. Kim, I don’t know much about politics beyond the surface. Nor of extraterrestrial races and their role in this new-age dawning. But I know that when I enlisted in the military at age 18 for a cause I believed in, although it turned out to be fictitious, I was ready to lay down my life for the freedom of the people. Today the same is true, only my allegiance has changed. I am reaching out to you in faith, that perhaps there is a way I can be of service in this immense undertaking of freeing humankind. With love and utmost respect, this is Dustin signing off.
    –May the Truth prevail for the glory of God..

  7. Yeah,
    I’m definately more confused and feeling like a used up slave that has to serve the evil masters again tomorrow but might just pull the last great act of defiance to see if the beating they give me will bring the ultimate peace I desire.
    At least then I’ll have proof of what truly is real.

  8. Just be careful, don’t let the trickster draw you to exposing more of Urself in some way…

  9. Diane is an associate of Anna Von Reitzinger and proclaims to be the trustee of the Knights Templar trust, and the monies of the Templars.
    I am a Templar and she is not one of us, nor has her behavior exemplified the order. Her order of St Miriam and the documents she puts out show a black maltese cross similar to the Hospitaliers or Order of St John. They are not the Templar order. The Templar cross is red against white, red being a symbol of the sacrifice of one’s life (as Christ), white being a life of purity.
    Given that the use of a black cross is tied to orders more closely associated to the Vatican and the fact that Anna is also tied to the Vatican, the agenda of claiming rights and controls seems to be coming from that vicinity.

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