Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

“For all those that are investing in Bitcoin. It is an NSA invention designed to collect METADATA into a program run by the NSA called “Boundless Informant,” block chain metadata mining operation designed to spy more effectively for corporate assassination purposes. All those pushing bitcoin as an alternative to the FED are full of it. The NSA data systems have ALWAYS been run by the Dragon Families/Fed families since it’s inception. Why do you think they call it FIVE EYES, NINE EYES? Should be more like thousands if not billions of eyes.

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  1. Thank you Kim for everything you do for us!!!

    I’ve been warning people and I’m guessing they will be selling it off down to zero as they have said they would

  2. Where’s your proof? It’s like saying Google was created by the CIA. There is no proof of this, just hearsay. Unless you include proof with your statements , then it’s hearsay. Much like the majority of what y’all post hear.

    1. Kirk B. Mullins,

      Perhaps you didn’t click on all the menu items at the home page, the top of every page, etc. and fully discern the truth.
      It’s just as easy to say “you give no proof of your position to refute what ‘they’all post HERE (not hear).

  3. Thanks again I had heard that it was also a part of the SSP. to

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