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Happy New Year!

• At midnight on the East coast Martial Law can officially go into effect
according to the Executive Order reissued in December of 2017

• Military Tribunals can commence according to the Executive Orders reinforced or issued by President Trump. A heavy focus has been placed on treason and what qualifies as treason, worthy of the death penalty.

• We have confirmed reports that GITMO is prepared to broadcast the trials against the Deep State. I do not believe this will happen as described due to the negative impact it could potentially have on the human psyche.

• Many on Social Media were upset that Congress would still be paid during a Government Shutdown. Hopefully, this will reinforce your confidence in the plan.


H.R.2214 – Government Shutdown Accountability and Economic Report Act of 2017 – Introduced in House 04/27/2017

• This bill prohibits Members of Congress from being paid salaries during a pay period in which a government shutdown is in effect after the regularly scheduled general election for federal office held in November 2018.

• For the purpose of this bill, a government shutdown is considered to be in effect if there is a lapse in appropriations for any federal agency or department as a result of a failure to enact a regular appropriations bill or continuing resolution.

• If a government shutdown occurs during the 115th Congress, congressional salaries must be withheld during the shutdown and released to Members of Congress at the end of the Congress, subject to an exception for any day during the 115th Congress which occurs after the date of the regularly scheduled general election for federal office held in November 2018.

• During a government shutdown, the Congressional Budget Office must submit specified reports to Congress regarding the costs and economic effects of the shutdown.”


• The Federal Reserve has functioned as an independent Federal organization that was not subject to approval from Executive, Judiciary, or Legislative branches of government. They’ve sold this as a benefit to the people. In reality, the entire government is supposed to be for the people, by the people and of the people.

• If that’s the case, who’s running these separate organizations such as the:
Federal Reserve?
The IRS?
The IMF?
The World Bank?
The Food and Drug Association?

• It’s the same ones who designed Agenda 21, created the Global Warming narrative, and built the Georgia Guide Stones.

• One can be born human…and still be programmed to forget the common values we all share.


• We all agree that a child’s life and innocence is sacred, and cannot be violated or destroyed without severe consequences. Children cannot make decisions about their own sexuality or safety and therefore must be protected. This responsibility weighs on all of humanity, not just the parents.

• Each individual human life is a universe unto itself and therefore must be considered when making decisions for the whole. The unique nature of the individual human is paramount to understanding who we are as a group.

• The most natural instinct of humanity is to care for and love one another. The act of reproduction of new human beings relies on “making love.” Humanity has been programmed to be afraid of each other and divide themselves based on differences that are insignificant and often inaccurate. The environment we have been raised in is an illusion and it requires worldwide renovation to remind people who they are, and what they are capable of.


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