This is an eyewitness account provided by a Speak Project member who has interviewed members of his family and provided an accurate, up-to-the-minute depiction of events. We have made every effort to get the names, spellings, ages and sequence of events, as well as what actually transpired, correct. This is an official account, which we will update as new details become available.

At approximately 9:00 AM MST (and it well could have been earlier) – three white Suburbans headed off from the ranch, with three different moms driving each one. The ambushes took place prior to 10:30 AM.

  1. Christina Maria Langford Johnson (age 29) with 7-month-old Faith
  2. Dawna Langford (age 43) with all of her nine children, including Trevor (11) and Rogan (2.5) who died
  3. Rhonita “Nita” Langford Miller (age 30) with four of her seven children, Howard (12), Krystal (10) and 8-month-old twins, Titus and Tiana. 

The families were traveling from the La Mora Ranch, a Mormon community that borders Chihuahua and Sonora. Two of the vehicles were headed to a wedding in Colonia LeBaron, another Mormon ranch community. The third vehicle, the one Christina was driving, was heading to Phoenix to pick up her husband from the airport. On this route, they had to enter through the community of Pancho Villa, municipality of Janos.

Approximately 2.5 miles from the ranch, the Suburban that Nita was driving had a flat tire. All three vehicles pulled over. They left Nita’s vehicle to be dealt with until later. Nita, with her four children, including the 8-month-old twins, got into Christina’s Suburban, which had lots of room. All three of the vehicles headed back to the ranch. Christina dropped off Nita and her four children and quickly TOOK OFF. Remember, Christina was heading to Colonia LeBaron, where she lives, to pick up her other children and then head to Phoenix to pick up her husband at the airport who was flying in from N. Dakota where he was working on the oil wells. Dawna pulls out right after Christina. Meanwhile, Nita’s brother-in-law, Andre Miller, left to go fix her flat tire. Nita put her kids into the Tahoe and left again, after Andre left.

The initial road the women needed to travel to go from La Mora in the state of Sonora, to Colonia LeBaron in the state of Chihuahua, is dirt, passing over a mountain range and similar to or as wide as a goat path. It is bumpy. According to our Speak Project source, it can be approached driving slowly at approximately 20 to 30 miles per hour, or taken very quickly. The source is of the belief that Christina took off from the ranch driving very fast, because time was lost going back to the ranch. She only had her baby, Faith, with her; she needed to get her other children and drive to the Phoenix airport. Her car was found 12 to 14 miles from the ranch.

The family believes that Christina was the first person killed. It seems that as she and Dawna left the ranch, there was about a mile between herself and Dawna. Five phone calls (by whom is still unknown) were made to Aunt Jenny Langford who was in the chair at the eye doctor at the time, and seem to have been made just before the caller died. The first phone call that Jenny answered was from a man who was speaking very fast in Spanish. On calls 2-5, Jenny heard a woman screaming in the background.

It appears that Dawna then rolled up on the scene, tried to turn around, then run. This is because the cars were facing one another. Dawna may well have been driving slowly because she had nine children in the car, and Kylie was sitting next to her holding Rogan (who was not in a car seat). Dawna saw Christina’s car and the men with guns, because according to the children, she told them all to duck (as in an airplane when you bend over in anticipation of a crash) and attempted to turn around. But they were too close, too late and not successful.

We know there were three men with guns. There were bullet holes in all the sides of Dawna’s car and on the roof. We surmise that one man jumped on the roof after Dawna was killed and started to blast away (since that is what cartel members do). We also surmise that the other two men may have told the roof murderer to stop.

Nita’s vehicle was found about 1 mile from the ranch.

At approximately 10:00 AM, eighteen-year-old Andre Miller was working on the Suburban with the flat (punctured) tire, saw black smoke rising about one mile away from the ranch, and then heard a loud boom. He raced up the road to find an SUV engulfed in flames. It looked like the Tahoe that his sister-in-law Nita got into at the ranch with her four children as he was leaving to fix her flat tire. Because of the heat, Andre could not get closer than 30 feet from the car. Therefore, he could not tell if Nita and the children were in the car. At the same time, just past the car, he saw three men racing away. It was 10:20 AM.

Andre went to get his dad to help, and they then had to wait about 40 min before approaching the Tahoe because of the intense heat.

People had seen Nita at La Mora in the morning and thought she was still on the ranch because they saw her come back. No one thought anything of not seeing Christina or Dawna (clarity needed upon this point).

At approximately 12:30 PM, when Christina had not arrived back at Colonia LeBaron, calls were placed to La Mora. Because the cell towers were down, communication was made via Wi-Fi. They had not arrived so Julian LeBaron and his father formed a search party in the hopes of intercepting Christina and Dawna at the opposite end of the road. It was later determined that since Christina and Dawna’s cars were found, 12.5 miles from Nita’s ambushed SUV, that they were attacked at before 10:00 AM.

According to the New York Times, “The location seemed chosen for its vulnerability. An attack could not easily be defended – or escaped. As the women barreled up the road, their vehicles were easy targets.”

People involved:

Adults (moms) – all deceased

  • Christina Marie Langford Johnson (29) – 19 days away from being 30 years
  • Dawna Langford Ray (43)
  • RhonitaNita” Marie LeBaron Miller (30), (burnt vehicle) 


  • Christina’s child: Faith (7 months) – uninjured
  • Dawna’s children: Kylie (14) – shot in the foot; Devin (13) – uninjured; Trevor (11) – dead; Makenzie (9) – shot in two different places; Cody (8) – shot in the face; Jake (6) – uninjured; Xander (4) – shot in the back; Rogan (2.5) – dead; Brixon (9 months) – 1.5 inch graze on his chest
  • Nita’s children: Howard (12); Krystal (10); Titus & Tiana (8-month-old twins) – all dead

There were 17 people and three vehicles involved. Of those 17 people, nine are dead, five were injured, and three uninjured.

It really is a miracle that eight people lived through this – The weapons used were 223 Remington rifles — U.S. made guns. Over 200 bullets were found at the scene and local cartels are the focus of the investigation.

The family has wondered why Dawna’s seven (injured & uninjured) kids were left alive. The family has since found out that cartel members who shot up both vehicles were on foot. They wandered off; later, a vehicle pulled up behind Dawna’s vehicle and told the kids to get out, then drove off. The guy that drove up and told the kids to get out had on the same outfit (camo, mask) as the guys who came to help rescue them later. The family has not had an opportunity to find out if the cartel that shot up the vehicles were wearing the same outfits.

Some other details directly from the family:

They believe that Christina placed Faith, who was in her car seat, on the floor behind the front seats when she saw the cartel members.

Kylie (14); the oldest to survive sent Devin (13), to get help, as he was not shot. He went bravely, but had to duck and cover several times, because they were shooting at him. When he didn’t come back with help in 2-2.5 hours, Kylie sent Makenzie (9), as she was the next oldest. She didn’t wander off as some may have thought; she had taken a wrong turn when she got to the highway, and incorrectly went south. When they finally found her, she kept saying: “I need to go get my brothers and sisters,” repeatedly, while being in a state of shock.

When Devin came back to the ranch he reported who was still alive, and Faith was not one of the ones named. When the family was finally able to get up to the site, they found that Faith had been on the floor, in her car seat, in the back of that vehicle, for quite some time – alone.


On Saturday, 11/9/19, after laying to rest the final family member who died in this tragedy, the majority of the Mormon family members (pecan farmers) packed up and left La Mora, Mexico in a convoy and headed back to Arizona. It was a very sad sight:  EVIL had driven them from their homes.


  • Jenny Langford – Mother of Christina Langford Johnson. Lives on the ranch in La Mora.
  • Steven Langford – Son of Jenny Langford & brother of Christina Langford Johnson; lives on the ranch in La Mora 
  • Rhoda Stubbs Langford – Sister of  R. Wayne Fischer and Wife of Steven Langford

On Saturday, Aunt Jenny, Steven and Rhoda left La Mora and headed to Tucson. On Monday, November 4, 2019, Aunt Jenny had an appointment with the ophthalmologist for a new eyeglass prescription; Steven had to purchase a part for a piece of farm equipment, and Rhoda needed to go to Costco to shop for items not available in Mexico. They traveled on a road to Tucson that was different from the road Christina, Dawna and Nita had traveled.

According to Mexico’s president and his team, at 13:18 (1:18 PM), the family contacted authorities for help. At approximately 17:00 (5:00 PM), they started traveling to the area where the events took place. Around 18:00 (6:00 PM), they arrived at the location to try to find survivors. At 19:30 (7:30), the prosecutor of Chihuahua sent investigative & security forces. At 20:30 (8:30 PM), there was a search put into operation. At 21:05 (9:05 PM), there was confirmation of the death of two woman and two children, as that seven people were found alive. At 00:05 (12:05 AM), nine dead and six injured – confirmed. (The MX president and his team did not have the story correct; their “confirmed facts” were incorrect).

In communities and in the municipality of Bavispe, Sonora, members of organized crime cut-off communication systems. This was reported by villagers after service was restored.

La Mora Group: Searched for two days/nights the brush and mountain areas where the cars were found and not one bullet nor single drop of blood was found. People heard shooting all day long on Monday, November 4th and there was a supposed turf battle going on between the Sonora and Chihuahua cartels, who then (allegedly) murdered three mothers and six children in two separate locations, close in time.

Bear in mind that the cartel members were on foot. They left their cars behind because dirt roads kick up dust, and dust can be seen and thus reveal a location.

Were there cartel members from one cartel, two cartels, or were there just a few Mexicans looking for cartel members? Did the shooters know it was the Langford women? Did they shoot first and realize they screwed up with killing Christina, then as Dawna came along, realize they could leave no witnesses? Was the group responsible for the three murders (sic), affiliated with those that murdered Nita? Could they have communicated with other cartel members via satellite phone and explained what happened? Remember, this is one dirt road. They KNOW Langford women traveled these roads. They needed to watch what else was on the road from La Mora (sic).


Adam Langford, former husband of Claudia Fisher, Wayne Fisher’s wife, and father of Wayne Fisher’s five adopted children, was the former mayor of the town where Claudia grew up. He knows the Sonora cartel because of how they operate: on the first day in office, they show up and place a bag of money and a gun on the desk, and ask the elected official to choose. Choose they must. The cartel member then shows the gun, and the official is told that his wife, children and family members will be killed first, before his eyes, and then he will be shot. In other words, take the money and do as we say.

Adam said that most definitely the Sonora cartel were not responsible. He said they found a bag of IDs. What that means and whose IDs were in the bag is unknown.

Article in the November 6th edition of the Los Angeles Times.

Second to last paragraph: “The region where the attack took place Monday is disputed by two criminal groups, the Sinaloa cartel and La Linea, which is linked to the Juarez cartel.”  This would appear to be in line with the five to six phone calls to Aunt Jenny on Monday morning at approximately 9:15 from the Juarez exchange phone number. 

La Línea (gang) La Línea (New Juárez Cartel)

La Línea (“The Line”) is an enforcer unit of the Juárez Cartel originally set up by a number of former and active-duty policemen, heavily armed and extensively trained in urban warfare.[1] Their corrupt “line” of policemen were set up to protect drug traffickers, but after forming an alliance with Barrio Azteca to fight off the forces of the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008, they established a foothold in Ciudad Juárez as the enforcement wing of the Juárez cartel.[2][3] La Línea has also been involved in extortions and kidnappings.[4]

At the service of the Juárez cartel, La Línea has been instrumental in helping Vicente Carrillo Fuentes‘ organization hold influence in Ciudad Juárez, one of the most important crossings and drug corridors in the U.S-Mexico border and home to a growing retail drug market.[5] The DEA estimates that about 70% of the cocaine that enters the United States flows through the El Paso–Juárez border.[6][7]

La Línea is linked to some of Ciudad Juárez’s and the state’s most notorious massacres, including the massacre of 16 teenagers at a high school party, the shooting that killed 19 patients at a rehab center, and of the cell phone-detonated car bomb attack – all of them perpetrated in 2010.[5][8] Their former gang leader, nicknamed El Diego, was guilty of carrying out more than 1,500 killings from 2008 to 2011.[9]

Recordings – “Cody is hurt really bad, shot in the face. Xander is shot in the back, Kylie shot in the foot, Makenzie is missing (pray for her), and 9-month-old Brixon was grazed across his chest about an inch and a half deep.”

Recording –”I have Trevor, Dawna, Rogan and Christina (all deceased) in the back of the truck and we are taking them over the border.”

Recording – “Devin made it back to the Ranch on foot. Devin said every one of the kids were shot, except for him, which is why he is the only one who could make it down.” Found out later that Cody and Faith had not been shot either.

Recording – “Devin got five kids out and they are hiding on the side of the road under branches,” – an unexpected find, baby Faith was in the SUV, in her car seat, on the floor behind one of the front seats, unharmed – makes 6 alive at the scene, plus, Makenzie was found in another location (not including Devin).

Recording – “There’s no phone signal, the only signal they have is through their Wi-Fi signal.”

The cartel shot several rounds into Nita’s vehicle, then, an explosive was generated. In the two remaining vehicles, they shot them up on all sides, and even shot down into the roof of Dawna’s SUV. Seven of her children lived through that; what a miracle. Dawna’s daughter, Kylie, saw her two-year-old brother get his head blown-off. Kylie was also the only one who saw their mother get shot; the rest of the kids were ducked down in the back. Thankfully, before Dawna was killed, she told all of her kids to get down.

“Was this a planned attack by the Chihuahua Cartel?”

Unless it was 2 different groups, maybe from the same cartel, but two groups.

What is Mitt Romney trying to hide, and/or discount from this story?

Interesting tidbits:

  • Research Bain Capital – tied to Bush Sr.
  • They ran child trafficking through Bain, as well as the upper echelons of the Mormon Church
  • Romney family has a Mormon Temple on their ranch in Northern Chihuahua – it’s undergoing a basement/foundation remodel right now along with many more Mormon Temples. (Hiding tunnels?)
  • Saint George Utah Temple is being remodeled right now
  • The Salt Lake Temple supposed to be closing in December for remodeling. Remodeling seems odd b/c the temple was built on seismic retrofit/expansion rockers. – (for full story)

Per Scott: “Our Family did not go down to Mexico before the 1930s. We all lived here in Utah and North Arizona. The range was Prescott, AZ through Utah to Idaho Falls.”

From LA Times story –

“The extended LeBaron family has spoken out for years against drug cartel violence in Mexico and for looser gun laws, saying its members need to protect themselves. The region where the attack took place Monday is disputed by two criminal groups, the Sinaloa cartel and La Linea, which is linked to the Juarez cartel.”

In 2009, family member and anti-violence activist Benjamin LeBaron was shot dead after speaking out against traffickers who kidnapped his brother for a $1-million ransom.

As of 11/6/2019, three people have been brought in for questioning. Our source thinks this really looks like a C_A Op.

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