Misson Possible


The RV/GCR is all about assets—bonds, currencies, and other financial instruments for which bankers, wealth managers, and other financial professionals serve as custodians or agents. These assets are now ready to be released; all obstacles have been removed, worldwide. When S.P.E.A.K. founders noted the release was not happening, they decided it was time to take action.

If not now, when?

Emails, tweets, and phone messages directly targeting banks and wealth managers deliver a powerful message that should alarm elitists throughout the world. We WILL get results.

We the People Have Awakened and We Are Restless and Ready to Reclaim Our Sovereign Rights. Our Strength Is in Numbers & Voice. We Can No Longer Be Ignored.

Below are examples of scripts you may use when you call or email the banks.

Scripts to use when calling banks:

Click on and open the attached PDF file below to find phone numbers, websites, and email addresses for the banks.


Script 1

Hello, I would like to open an account funded with foreign currency. I hold Zimbabwe bond notes that are valued at over (place-mat).

I would like to do business with you but would need to speak with someone who can help me process this.

(Push back from them )

I’m aware that the AIIB was given authorization to buy and sell back Zimbabwe bond notes right now in the US.

Please direct me to the appropriate person who will able to help me set up an appointment.

Script 2

I was calling because I know the authorization by AIIB was given to buy and sell back Zimbabwe Bond Notes. I was also told by the US Treasury that they are exchanging 1:1. I would like to make an appointment to come in and redeem my bond notes.

Pushback: We are not exchanging ZIM at this time.
Response: US Capital Private Bank and AIIB have given the authority to redeem right now.

Pushback: *Note they are limited on what can be said over the phone.*
Response: I understand if you can’t tell me much over the phone I can come in for a private appointment right away.

** If you are asked to give your name and number for a callback, do so. If the person calling you back gives you any of the pushbacks from above, proceed with the responses given.


Script to use when emaiing the banks:

I would like to make an appointment to redeem the Zimbabwe bond notes that I have, right away.

Please have the appropriate person contact me so that I may come in and speak to them immediately.

I look forward to a response.