Love Came Down

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  1. Tank…although this may be a good message about LOVE, it only speaks about the selfish LOVE between only two people, without showing that same LOVE to every single person on this earth….is that we we are in the world today….NOT EVEN CLOSE…!!
    And if that isn’t possible, and it isn’t unless your Christ , than what is it your trying to convey to us…..everyone of us knows and seeks love….but only from one person…..the hell with everyone else….RIGHT..!!
    I have never found one person ever, with the exception of my dad, that would ever give me anything freely from there heart, especially MONEY……Adam didn’t have that much knowledge, because he cannot recognize a fraudulent and evil monitary system that steals every ones energy in the form of money… fact it could be said that Adam was completely ignorant of everything, especially money…!! It isn’t realistic to love everyone as your mate or even like yourself……and therein lays our foundation for fighting over everything…!! We wouldn’t have the world we have today if God gave man wisdom about money and banking…….but he didnt…!!
    If your telling us that if you can live one person on this earth, than you can live everyone….not just your mate that your intimate with….RIGHT, MAKE SENSE…!!
    Because if you are telling us you love everyone on earth, your either a LIER, or GOD himself….!! What is your answer to ridding this planet of money altogether once and for all…..because every child born is automatically rich because they are innocent and would never be corrupted if it wasn’t for the fact that we have to work for money in order to survive….and constantly offering us false hope of a better world only makes things worse and actually turns any love for you or anyone else, into HATE, when you don’t come through with your promises….quit promising us a better world if you aren’t going to deliver….how are you any different than them…!!
    So what other excuse are you going to use now , that something went wrong and we couldn’t force the FR and IMF to release there grip on us….!! I want to meet you and Kim face to face in person, and not in cyberspace, if you have the guts , courage, and the TRUTH on your side, why wouldn’t you want to meet me face to face…one look in your eyes and I’ll know if your lying or telling the truth…
    Or is that what you are really afraid of…..??????

  2. James,James,James….after that long emotional rant, I certainly wouldn’t take the chance on meeting you. You are better than this. Reality has been disappointing to many of us but this is not the way to be what you want to see in reality.
    Peace robert allen.

  3. Tank,
    Touching kre8ion. Those who risked for love and those who didn’t, no matter the reason. This covers all eventualities and projects what is, if we look for it. Thank you.
    Peace. ra

  4. IMO we each are here to explore what “love” really is. And once one starts shifting thru what has been written out there … it all gets so mental … but part of the journey looking outside of ourselves for the answers … until we are done with that … and start looking within for the answers 💖✨✨✨

  5. To know another, one must first know himself. To love another, one must first love himself. With out knowing & loving one’s self, we can not know & love another. Start to know yourself & you will start to know others. Start loving yourself & you will start to love others.

    To Kr8change, one must first change himself; first change your thinking, then words spoken/written & then actions toward self & others. I believe this is the essence of love. It is a timeless & limitless truth. It is very simple, just not easy.

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