By Tank

10:19 AM EST 12/29/2017


•To The Alliance: I’ve had one CIA source and the only source in this whole thing I’ve ever felt I could trust just tell me that it’s a possibility that the 800# is out and they just left it on someone’s desk that’s on vacation.

•ARE YOU SERIOUS? First off, it’s insulting that you actually think I’d believe such a nonsensical excuse.

•But okay, I’ll bite. It’s insulting that anyone could be so incompetent as to let that happen. If that were true, then we’re all going to die because no one considered that Bob from the Treasury Department was in Aspen this week. You care so little about the people that you couldn’t even come up with a decent excuse? Or care so little that you would do something so lazy?

•The worst part is that you NEVER intended to let people have this before Christmas. Everyone on the financial level expected this to go after the New Year. The banks, the ZIM groups, the UST, and so on all knew it.

•But we took action to file a law suit on this side of the RV and we weren’t supposed to wake up until you were done manipulating and experimenting with people’s lives with absolutely no consideration for what it’s like to be awake, paralyzed, and suffering during a horribly invasive operation. So we force the UST to release the sanctions early, which put everything in motion and would seem to take the burden of responsibility off from them.

•So they issue a new 800# and now it’s in the hands of the Pentagon to release. Now, these are my guys, the one aspect of the Government where I know there are regular people who want to go home and be made whole as badly as we do. And the CIA tells us they should have released the numbers two days ago?

•We heard the USN went live digitally last night, finally connected in the system, and gold backed. So for real, for real we can exchange.

•The UST gave the go-ahead TWO DAYS AGO!

•Wells Fargo Is supposed to start exchanges today. So I took the bait and showed up there first thing this morning and they pelted me with remarks displaying the typical ignorance having no idea what I was talking about.

•However, as of about 30 minutes ago they say notices and exchanges will begin at Wells Fargo from any moment after about 10:00 am EST.

•WELL EVERY MINUTE FROM HERE ON OUT IS AFTER 10:00 AM EST ISN’T IT? And we all know from experience that that’s a classic stall technique that gets us watching the clock like a pack of idiots expecting performance at any moment.

•And for whatever reason, it’s so difficult to just make a phone call and say here’s the number, go be amazing?

•Well I don’t trust you anymore. No one trusts you anymore. It’s a horrible way to start a new world. I won’t be like you by not following through on what I said I’d do. It’s the single most important aspect of establishing trust. At this moment we are beginning the process to file. I refuse to sit here scared to upset you when you have no consideration for any of the people. And I will find out every name of every Government source, every banker, every one who thought their agenda was more important than the 1,000 kids living in their cars in one little town in California, and 270,000 people that have died from starvation while you discussed your game of “Risk.”

•Even St. Germain ordered the release!

•It’s right now. You’ve said you’ll let it go every day this week. You’ve waited us out through another holiday season forcing us to explain to our families why we disappointed them again. Because, presumably, you’re above the human experience and not concerned with such petty things and must somehow think that that makes you more enlightened or superior to us. It’s the opposite. And it saddens me that you don’t remember what it’s like to truly connect with us, or remember that we’re the reason why you’re here.





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