I don’t know anything regarding the RV status and I have not talked to Tank recently.

I do know that the passage of the TAX Cut & Reform Bill has been very important in order for the RV to go forward. The Senate passed the bill in the very early morning hours today. It is now in the House again and is expected to be passed shortly. Afterwards it will go to President Trump’s desk where he is expected to sign it into law immediately. That should happen sometime this afternoon or evening.

When this bill becomes law it should give the green light for the currency exchanges to go forward, but that is just my opinion and I don’t have any inside information. We need to keep the Twitter campaign going, putting pressure on the House and President Trump to make sure they get this done. More important we need to put pressure on President Trump and the New Powers That Be, whoever that is, to make sure they complete the RV and make sure the private Tier 4 (us) currency exchanges happen. So please join with me today and continue tweeting using the usual hashtags like #RVTODAY #NOMOREDELAYS #OURWORLD #IAMYOU #SPEAKPROJECT. Also make sure you tag President Trump @realDonaldTrump in your tweets so that he knows this bill has got to become law ASAP and that the currency exchanges MUST continue.

Feel free to include anything in your tweets that will raise the attention of the New Powers That Be, like #NPTB, #WhiteHats #ChineseElders #Grandfather #GalacticAlliance #Alliance #Pleidians. Be at liberty to create your own hashtags in this regard because I really don’t know who these people are or what names they go by. If one person comes up with a good hashtag I will retweet it, so we all can share it. If I see a good one I will RT for everyone to see. So please watch my tweets at @AgeCosmos. Also feel free to come up with your own graphics, pictures, GIF’s, videos that will raise everyone’s awareness and catch the attention of the NPTB. Feel free to be creative in this regard. Again if I see a good one I’ll RT so everyone can see it and start using it. I’ll even insert those graphics into this post so everyone can download them and use them in their tweets.

I’m sure that Tank is very busy dealing with the good guys and so we need to step up to the plate and continue this Twitter campaign and possibly make his job easier too.

If you have any question for me feel free to tweet me or DM me on twitter or you can email me directly at Gunner@projectspeak.net. Happy Tweeting everyone.



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