Leaders Worth Watching, Episode 1

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  1. If I controlled the money,
    I would end all debt,
    Create a basic income system to end poverty,
    End all corporations,
    Empower Sovereignty,
    Give a key to the city or world to problem solvers,
    That is “Who are inventive creators,”
    Diminish to zero all pollutants,
    Fund all none pollutants,
    Retool growing healthy food,
    Replant the trees,
    Plant Hemp everywhere Monsanto polluted,
    Tax any sentiment beings extraction of life energy.
    Tax all addictions that were diminising all mind cohesiveness,
    Tax all military empowerment,
    Starve all war inflicting groups!

    We can not fix what was actually created to enslave us.
    One must think purely on a system that feels right,
    Not adopt a system convoluted with chaos, mind controlled misinformation, bought by the old money masters of the systems that have proven broken, misaligned, manipulated and forced educated.

    If you all want to save your planet, rearage your thoughts, as they were not your hearts thoughts, they were the systems indoctrination, to this current situation.

    It’s a new day, a new way,
    Here to stay, everything going our way,
    Saying goodbye to disaster,
    A gift from the master blaster!
    Boom bastic, ever laster,
    Faster and faster.

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