The UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION following its own unlawful constitution.

Using the courts is entering into contract with the CORPORATION.

Using a lawyer erases your rights and subjects you to this rigged system.

This is because lawyers and judges are not here to protect you, your rights, or the real Constitution. They are here to protect the interests of the CORPORATION.

CPS, DHS, CDC,FDA, NIH are not government agencies and the UN has no jurisdiction here. These are for-profit entities with clear, demonstrable conflicts of interest structured to benefit the CORPORATION.

Lawful America is here to help reassert the America we love and uphold, providing facts with clear direction so you can take informed action

Those who profit while abusing We The People, the People they are supposed to serve, are now being held accountable.

To ensure the integrity of the Republic is maintained regardless of the obstacles that face the country or the people, it is necessary for the people to diligently investigate and enforce constitutional law. If governmental powers are allowed to grow without oversight and participation from the governed, they can become corrupted by the influence of foreign agents, internal conspiracy, and compartmentalized ignorance perpetuated by secrets and misinformation. We strive to ensure the protection of the unalienable rights guaranteed to the American People by the u.S. Constitution. 

To participate in the protection of your freedom, we invite you to examine the evidence supporting the People’s claims of Contractual Violations of the State and Federal Governments in violating their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.  The most egregious violations are being made by the civil court system of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED.

New York State Education Department Can No Longer Plead Ignorance

  One of the biggest offenders when it comes to forcing vaccinations on children is New York!    Forcing mandatory vaccinations is a violation of

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The History of the British Accreditation Registry

You have no doubt heard of the term the “Bar Association.” Every attorney in the the United States must pass the “bar” exam to obtain

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  On December 5, 2019, SPEAK Project launched its constitutional enforcement and investigation division known as Lawful America.   This movement is not about pro-vax

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  Join the movement!   Lawful America needs your participation and support. Please send your donation to:   Any amount is greatly appreciated!  

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Special Message To Our Militia

Calling ALL MILITIA! In every single state and in every single county, we need people who are willing to step up and be the ENFORCER!

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Tank Announces He Has Sent a Letter To All the Heads of Dept of Education Across the Country

  Notices have been sent to the heads of the Department of Education across the country to let them know that they are in violation of The Constitution. Mandating

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