You now have to put your name and then type in the phone number and the code to access the call. The numbers are right there in the link, so you can read them from your browser. You click in the call number and then click on the green call button and then next click in the code number and #sign after that. •This call will be 90 minutes long •Intel will be spread throughout with the main portion in the beginning and updates reported as they come in •There will be an update on the impact of the *SPEAK PROJECT*and final steps •Q &A will be the last 30 minutes •There is a 1,000 caller limit unless the lines explode and we have to add a line •Please listen to the entire call to formulate your questions to avoid redundant air time •Feel free to send topics you’d like covered directly to Tank before the call •This call will only be posted here and in KRE8CHANGE but you can share the information privately with your friends

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