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Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years: UN Wants Free Migration Pact Put In Place Which 164 Countries Signed, But Is NOT ABLE To Screen It’s Own Employees #PatriotsAwakened

As the Clinton Foundation investigation appears ready for prosecution and talk of military tribunals increases, Court TV returns to television.

What are the odds?

"Not only does it look very much like a corrupt attempt to evade oversight on an industrial level by Hillary Clinton, it also looks as though the bureaucracy was determined to help her succeed at it. This scandal is far from over."

PEDO TAKEDOWN: Two Jesuit provinces, which cover nearly half the U.S., released the names of 153 Jesuit clergy with credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor. Here are the lists.
Central & Southern:

Huh? That’s kind of what the Mob does right? Either you give us your business or pay us to stop robbing you. They call protection. But they’re the threat.

Breaking: Fire breaks out in Raycom Info Tech Park, which houses Google’s office, in the Zhongguancun technology hub in Beijing, China.

Imagine, a man pushes everyone around him down. He hasn’t done anything great, but he appears to be great because everyone else is on their knees looking up to him. But if everyone stands up, the one that seemed so powerful becomes powerless next to the group standing together.

So President Trump announces the replacement for Military Joint Chief of Staff, General Joe Dunford almost a year early? General Kelly also stepping down in January, 2019? Right as the EO’s say that Military Trinunals under Martial Law are set to begin Mass Arrests? Is this it??

Why the MSM Is Ignoring Trump's Sex Trafficking Busts -(Just a guess here, but I’m thinking because the world is run a massive secret society of organized criminal elitists who think they have the right to harvest humans like cattle)

Spy gate broken down in song

All these losers are going down!

“Bye bye bro Obama, and crooked Hillary, homey Comey, Sally Yates

General Flynn will be SET FREE

don’t forget Brennan and CRAPPY CLAPPER...all behind bars HAPPILY EVER AFTER!”

OMG! This is legit!! You gotta love the President’s flare. Enough of this politically correct posturing. Hit em between the eyes on an International Broadcast of their father’s funeral. About dam time!

In short: Flynn and Mueller were planned along with Huber to get Flynn behind the lines and attest to the crimes of Hillary, Gulen, and Obama.

He was interviewed in secret, no one knew. Everything is on record and he was able to break his NDA.



⏳It is time to come forward about #SethRich & the #DNCLeak, @wikileaks @WikiLeaksParty @WLTaskForce⏳

This man’s death should not be in vain. It’s not fair. Not fair to him, his family, America or the TRUTH.

He died for truth. Let him speak it.

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The Pedophiles are panicking.

They want open borders.

The supply of young children is being cut off.

The blood supply is drying up.

Shear Panic...

Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years: UN Wants Free Migration Pact Put In Place Which 164 Countries Signed, But Is NOT ABLE To Screen It’s Own Employees #PatriotsAwakened

Weekly Update: Judicial Watch's historic court victory resulted in a judge ordering further discovery into the Clinton email scandal, raising further concerns about Clinton's email practices & about government corruption that millions of Americans share.

Insider just told me there is already at least one indictment with @HillaryClinton's name on it. She is going down for Uranium One if not more.

Anyone else find it odd that Hillary cancelled her speaking tour to go to some obscure wedding in India of all places?

Details of a CONVICTION of a high-profile figure have been gagged; Sara Carter Reports there are many Sealed Indictments Which Will Soon be unsealed! Trials May Require NO Public Reporting! #PatriotsAwakened

In a ruling excoriating both the State Dept + the Justice Dept, U.S. District Court Judge Lamberth ordered both agencies to join Judicial Watch in submitting a discovery plan into whether Hillary Clinton tried to evade FOIA by using a private email system.

#Hillary is the biggest #traitor that ever lived. She will not hesitate for one moment to throw anyone and everyone under the bus.

@Tierney_Megan You work for Talking Points Memo. Left-leaning disinformation is your literal job. Why would we believe you or an unnamed nonexistent source?

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