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So Child Protective Services won’t say anything about a Mother pimping out her son to perform for cash, but if your house is messy they can use that to take your child out of your home. This is the world we’ve allowed. Our enemy is not the Deep State, it’s deep ignorance.

Watch “Warning Extremely Graphic Content Stop Taking Their Orders” on #Vimeo

Dear @realDonaldTrump, I heard you’re looking for a Press Secretary. 30 year old @RealCandaceO, is a social entrepreneur and reformer, highly intelligent, educated, outspoken, witty, and beautiful, a social crusader. And Jim Acosta will spend his time hiding in the men’s room!

The ONLY booming business seems to be the military-industrial complex, who have ONE customer.
Anyone figured out yet that this is a self-terminating economy. As Gen. Smedley Butler said, "War is a racket."

Cmon man! Now every other white guy is gonna be called a racist because you went beast mode to prevent the shortage of Barbie Dolls because you were all fired up after watching Law & Order. Dam.

Gillibrand COMPARES judges who are PRO-LIFE to RACISTS...

Raise you hand if your SICK if DEMS calling people RACIST because of their political views... 🙋🏻‍♂️

Did you know:

Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign colluded with the Australian Labor Party by accepting $25,000

The FEC even found him guilty and fined him $14,500!

He accepted help from a foreign government!

How is that not collusion?


Kim Kardashian West spoke at a White House event on felons re-entering the workforce: "These people want to work. They want the best outcome."

She thanked Pres. Trump for "standing behind this issue."

Remember the USMCA? The new NAFTA deal with big benefits for TX? Texans should wonder why it still hasn’t been brought up for a vote in Congress. There’s no reasonable opposition (except Trump likes it 🤔).

Call your Democrat reps and ask why they aren’t pushing for its passage.


Feel free to reach out if you want to post this video on your channel and monetize it. I don’t care about the money, I care about the message.

NEWWWTT!! And theDeep State hits the mat again as another devastating blow is delivered to the Mediocrats.

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Biden just promised to cure #cancer — but ONLY if elected President.

As a Millennial fighting cancer, I want to know:

Why didn't @JoeBiden cure cancer while Senator for 36 years or VP for eight?

My op-ed: The Party of #Healthcare is @realDonaldTrump's —

This week President Trump was able to do something no one else could: get the left to care about foreign intel in our elections.

You’d think Democrats paying for oppo research from Russians, then funneling it to DOJ to open an investigation, would’ve done the trick. Guess not.

Keep an eye on Clapper’s recent trips to New Zealand and Australia. He’s trying to cover his tracks along with those two governments which were willfully interfering in our democratic process! The transcripts of my meeting with Downer are ready to come out. America is ready.

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