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7:29 PM 12/9/2017

• We did hear back from the main Trustee from US Capital Private Bank saying they would honor all redemptions on the ZIM.

• Is it a scam? Well they didn’t respond to me so I’m not sure. In my opinion there is a scam that has used their name, but that doesn’t mean this bank isn’t real. But proceed with caution

• We’re hearing China will release all of the funds on their Monday. Does that mean noon tomorrow? Again, not sure because no one in this process ever does what we think they’ll do or what it seems like they’re saying they’ll do.

• Bond Platforms seem to think they’ll be in this week. Keep in mind they have to wait for the asset backed currency to go live which would include our notification.

• We expect notification tonight with appointments starting over night/tomorrow.

• Iraq announced their liberation complete, as well release from Chapter 7, induction into the WTO, and the casting out of ISIS

• We do have confirmation that Iraq somehow announced on CNN International that their new rate would be $7.12 but we don’t have it in print

• I’m hearing the rate for Iraq should show on FOREX within 24 hours from the time it was announced this morning.

• They are actually celebrating in Iraq, it’s on my twitter feed @kre8change


Those who have decided they’re done trying to do nothing but wait for this to go continue to storm the castle walls, heroically landing themselves in Twitter jail as we try to get the attention of decision makers and cause some waves to let those in control know that we’re not sitting by accepting their tired excuses for nonperformance any more.

• Over 100,000 preventable deaths from starvation alone since I posted the article “The Deadliest Weapon Ever Created”

• What’s it going to take for YOU to get involved

• Instructions are posted on the new site speakproject.net

• Everyone wants to do be free. But not everyone is willing to take action to make it happen.

YOU have to decide where you stand. Are you one of the people? Then you should be standing with us.


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