STEEN: “We have the same situation in Finland. A friend of mine told me that when the 800#s are released, the list of numbers would include international numbers also for each country. He also said that for ZIM holders, the exchange would happen in a military base in our region. The guy seems to be well-informed, but I cannot confirm this information. In any case, we can probably do the exchange in our own country at least, no need to travel abroad. . . ”

“. . . Correct. You’ll call the 800 number to America and they will ask you what currency you’re exchanging and what country you are calling from. Then they will provide you with a local number to call to set your appointment for your exchange. Think of it like a switchboard where every person involved in the exchange process needs to call into first and be directed to the appropriate area.

This event is so grand on a historical scale.

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