Received 2:37 PM EST 1/13/2018


Although I have personally not received a cease and desist order from the “Admiral,” nor have I conducted any illegal activity pertaining to this matter, I have received secondhand communication that an individual fraudulently used my online identity of “TANK” to have a conversation with the “Admiral” and also sent over 400 texts to the “Admiral” while claiming to be me.

Allegedly, this fraudulent “TANK” was ordered to cease and desist by the “Admiral’s” lawyer. In respect to that request, although it was not delivered to me, nor would there be a reason to deliver such a notice to me because I have never spoken to or texted the “Admiral” at any point in time, I am instructing anyone and everyone who has any affiliation with me to avoid any communication through email, text, or telephone to the “Admiral.”

Although it is perfectly legal to attempt to contact someone to inquire about accessing a process that we are mutually involved in, it is not my intent or desire to harass anyone or to inspire rogue characters to use my name to conduct illegal activities.

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