I Love You to Life

How We Can Beat Them. Love them to death, or life.

We have to change our frequency if we want to beat them.

Please help make this go viral and share it with someone.

Watch it all the way to the end and then share it with anyone and everyone you can think of.


#ILOVEYOU #frequency #vibratehigher #thepoweroflove #love #wakeuphumanity

YouTube video below:

3 Replies to “I Love You to Life”

  1. Tank,
    A depth of Gratitude for your inspirational share NOW!
    I love you. I am sorry for my mistaking you. Please forgive me. Thank you.
    Peace. ra

    1. Tank,
      As my contemplation of what my writing may have inadvertently imparted, am determined to be more mindful of how others may interpret.
      Not directing this sentence towards Tank in particular, but a generalization with my expression of extension of Ho’opnopono:
      “I am sorry for mistaking you.”

      So, for clarity, will re-phrase my comment:

      I Love You… All One, many other selves.
      I Am Sorry… for any perceptions of division or us vs. them.
      Please Fore Give Me… any projected illusions/distortions.
      Thank you… in Gratitude & reciprocation to do no harm.
      Peace. ra

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