Received 1:05 PM EST 1/15/2018

The following declaration is from a trusted friend and spiritual advisor. He recommended clearing this vow of poverty so that we can move forward. Just in reading it, I felt the power and freedom behind the words.  Please read it and feel it in your own voice. And pass it on to anyone looking to free themselves.



“Inner divine guidance and higher levels, please support me in ending all agreements binding me. In this moment I accept everything I participated in that created division and separation, playing my part so they could play theirs and I could live this experience.

“In this moment I choose to end this contract and game at all levels, dimensions, and times frames from the cells and from the DNA. I am no longer willing to participate in this relationship. I set myself free, releasing myself from all vows of lack, avoidance of abundance, and playing the slave in bondage. I set myself free in this moment and choose to be in union with the Earth and with my Kindred Spirits. I completely open to divine abundance, earthly treasures, material wealth, wisdom and prosperity, love and joy. Show me the way. How can it get better than this? SHOW ME THE WAY. We are ready to fully embrace this transition now. Thank you.” ~ Anonymous

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