I Am You
By Steffen Rowe
May 17, 2017

I am you.

I am a visionary leader of the new age. My decisions impact the lives of millions of people as I willingly accept the responsibility of a new benevolent financial system. My ideals are fortified and my vision is fluid as I recognize my power and release my limitations.

I have survived bondage and I have freed my mind. I do not take for granted this precious gift afforded me by our spiritual benefactors. I boldly take this next step forward refusing to look back. I shake off my former identity as a slave to debt, fear, and worry.

I embody an attitude of quiet confidence, embracing a lifestyle that empowers me to lead in a way that serves the greater good while still being humble and open to correction.

The endeavor ahead will be not to amass more wealth but to distribute that wealth to those in need, expeditiously, using discernment, and with the support of an excellent team.

My life is driven by purpose and my plans are precise. I recognize the need to not only put to use my own wealth but to support others to do the same. I embrace my role as a philanthropic conduit for creative giving, an engineer of impact investing, and a unifying source for benevolent business practice.

I am dedicated to changing the perception, execution, and reality of successful business practices and philanthropy. I influence the development of new technologies, products, and services; mass media; health care; and art and music. I establish organizations that measure their success based on the quality of their projects and the impact they have on people and the planet.

My practice is driven by the relentless pursuit of spiritual integration with impactful idealism to manifest infinite possibilities.

I am a creator of change, a testimony of integrity, and an ambassador of truth. In the execution of this mission, I know who I am. And I stand strongly upon the foundation of that being.

I am you.


2 Replies to “I AM YOU”

  1. “Because you don’t take action I can only assume you don’t care. That conclusion infuriates me more by the second. I can feel the swelling anger with each passing moment as my blood pressure raises giving me a headache, with a throbbing reminder right behind my eyes that forces me to look at the anguish and frustration all around me.

    And while you move behind the scenes with no sense of urgency, making decisions on our behalf like a parent for a child, we have to listen to the half dead slaves rattle off their enlightenment credentials. They are the self proclaimed leaders of fruitless mystic studies adding their mediocre definitions to limit a limitless spiritual reality.

    So while you don’t take action, the ones who think that you reflect the greater will of the universe go into their meditative trances like a group session at an insane asylum, drugged and docile, with no contribution to the conversation, waiting for a savior while ignoring the powerful being within themselves.

    You dumb down the masses by placating their egos, telling them they’re chosen to lead the way into a new age. The time never quite arrives as the unconscious en-darkened help perpetuate the malaise of indifference to unwittingly assist you maintain control.

    And while people are trying to remain calm as the sky is falling all around them, we’ve failed to connect to the purpose of our mission. This failure allows others to remain in power creating a history, present and future where our goals and aspirations are limited by our view of the world from the window in our jail cells.

    But we are the collective will of the universe.

    And I recognize my own connection to everyone and everything. And I care not only about what happens, but how it happens. And I hate your indifference and slow performance that doesn’t consider the individual and their suffering. And what makes this moment so important is I’m about to set off the spark to ignite the human soul and lite up the entire world.

    And now that I know that’s what I’m doing here, you had better move faster. Because I represent the universe and so do all of you. And she has provided everything we’ve asked for. But if we continue to demand nothing we will continue to get nothing. And nothing will be more than just the void we occupy, it will become the totality of our existence. Nothingness.

    So get mad and use that as fuel to push the process over the top. Send a message to the universe that you are done being a slave. Don’t sit quietly as they move things into position to kill you. Don’t cooperate unless you get exactly what you want.

    Stand as a creator. Reject your slave name. You are the artist of your reality, an imagineer of the universe. Stop dreaming of average. You are a creator and as a planet of creators there is nothing we cannot manifest. So put your thoughts today into the exceptional life you are creating every second of every hour.

    Be honest with exactly where we’re at in this moment. Look around you. This is the world we have created. We have to take responsibility to move it forward. We are the powers that are. We are the ones that align the universe to release us.

    We are the will of the universe, and I’m telling you she is done waiting for us.

    We exchange our old reality for our new reality today. We call the energy of our collective creative power to manifest our redemption NOW.”

    Quote from Tank

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