I don’t know how to explain the information below. I woke with this story and experience as if I was 500 years in the future retelling these events, either in a book or to a group of students. It felt so real to me that I couldn’t write fast enough, and haven’t begun to tell the whole story.

I’m not presenting this as anymore than an experience that I had that seemed very real to me. I’m not concerned whether you believe it or not. But at very least, try to get something out of it, because the facts about my experiences with Kim are definitely accurate.

History of the Future
The Day the World Went Free

written by Earth Ambassador “TANK”Steffen Rowe
June 1st, 2546

The day the world was liberated is hardly mentioned in history today. The Queen, ever vigilant, would hardly allow us to heap accolades on her heroism thinking it nothing more than a tactic to re-enslave the sovereign people of Earth. She and I have never fully agreed on the value of full disclosure, but she’s always supported my right and yours to express ourselves through our free will. She knew even then that our creative abilities were connected directly to our internal and unique perception of common experiences.

528 years ago today, on Friday, June 1st, 2018 the “K-Balm” was dropped. I returned to the moment right before I found out this morning so I could give you an accurate description of the cosmic vibration of that time. Before today, I had no desire to ever feel that way again. There is nothing in our world now that compares to living in a semi-conscious state knowing that one is a slave, surrounded by slaves, unable to access our natural abilities to free ourselves, and unwilling to stand together to overcome our adversary. When I stood in that place today, to be present with my former self, it was almost too much to bear. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel so helpless and disconnected.

Although we won the day, it was the longest day of my life. It seemed to expand backwards and forwards through years of sadness and disappointment, living with differed hope, but never knowing it was really possible until we took that emergent leap through time and space to possess our power, and rightful place among the living worlds of the Multiverse. It was a gruesome physical genocide, combined with a constant energetic harvest played out in a world where we were both the slaves working the fields, and the source being harvested.

The common aspects of study that we take for granted now weren’t even in existence in our world at that time. Computer-genomics, Cosmic Intergalactic Psychology, and Ancient Physics weren’t even discussed. Intergalactic travel was only portrayed in movies and books, and the everyday interactions we have with diverse dimensional and galactic beings today, were too radical a concept to even produce in the movies. The world was structured by a pretend narrative from an opportunistic and spiritually retarded race of Galactics, but held in place by the powerful force of human belief.

We can discuss the history of those 13,000 years later, but for now I just want to focus on the day of our liberation. By then I knew that the Rothschilds, Chinese Elders and the various Dragon Families were a front for the Draconian Overlord who had made himself the sole sovereign of the planet. But he had been relieved of his responsibilities in 2015 by the Queen. Since that time she had worked alone to free humanity, and I was one of the people she reached out to, to try and help. The “leaders” in the Government, financial system, corporate system, and most other areas of control were all convinced that the left overs from the Order mentioned above, were immortal and all powerful deities. This illusion was our greatest obstacle in winning the war.

For 13,000 years Humans silently consented to slavery, mind control, oppression, torture, rape, murder, and human stagnation. Like many at that time, I woke up to discover that everything I believed to be true was a lie. I remember the process seemed to go on forever as we worked to communicate through antiquated telephone systems, social opinion platforms, and various other controlled aspects of the matrix media. This system was created and controlled by what we refer to today as the “Rot Rulers.” I’m fairly certain this name is a derivation of the Queen’s label for the Order, the “Rotten Children”. She was never one to concern herself much with offending the men and women that other people feared. And she, was fearless.

Back then the word “bomb” only referenced destruction. Atomic technology had been used as a weapon against the actual people of Earth to end the largest war in the history of the planet. After the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, the enslaved people of the planet didn’t need to be encouraged to be afraid. It became an instant part of the slave culture to react to the sirens warning of a Nuclear attack, as if somehow hiding under our desks would protect us from the disassembly of our core Atomic structure. This archaic system waging war against each other within bounds of our own planet was one of the many ways the Order held us in captivity for so long.

Meanwhile, I had formed a small group of rebels that acted as a civilian energetic militia. If nothing else it was our job to announce to the universe that we would no longer silently consent to the slavery of humanity. The goal was to unify the awakened but it seemed to magnify the differences between the mind controlled and the independent thinkers more than anything else.

I started this team with the network you know now as the Speak Project. Before it became the standard for truth in media it was just a rogue group of idealists who were tired of waiting for a miracle. We came together to file a Law Suit against the banking industry, the Government, or anyone we could hold accountable for the continued delays of a mythical event that we blamed for our enslavement. We had no resources except for human imagination and the will to thrive. There was a time when the value of these assets was hidden within the minds of the people.

Because we didn’t appreciate what or who we were, and somehow we found ourselves in a war against the most feared enemy in the galaxy, at first it appeared that we had very little impact on society as a whole. I had recruited a Paralegal who seemed to be someone who had stood up to the system and won. Later on he turned out to be an asset for the Rot Rulers who used him to cast shade and doubt on the credibility of the Queen and myself. He was found dead after being buried alive in his own Gold mine a few years after he failed to sway us from our mission.

Fortunately, after eight years of vetting and research, the man you know today as the Father of Modern Law, Chief Justice for the Intergalactic Supreme Court, Paul Yokoyama had decided that I was the one public figure in the alternative media that had no hidden agenda. He had worked as an Attorney for the Crown, but had long since renounced his loyalty to that system and was diligently pursuing a way to break out of the system. Although he looked older then, he was a young man filled with self doubt, skepticism, and fear. However, history is made by courageous men who face their fears, and in all of our history there is no other more courageous than Chief Justice Yokoyama. Our partnership began and continues to this day as a result of our charge to live without fear.

Truth be told, I did have a secret agenda to walk worthy to hold the heart of my wife now of 527 years. She wasn’t the perennial force of nature that she has become today, but she was my inspiration for many bold actions that could have easily gotten me killed at the time. For me, it was the way she loved me that shined as the light that revealed the chains that bound us all. As war is a foreign concept to most of you today, it is important to note that during the stress and confusion of the constant state of conflict created in a Marshall society, it is our deepest connections to the divine in each other that allows us to reach beyond the darkness to see our personal light. Until we make this profound connection we are at risk of being consumed by our own ignorance, not able to see or utilize the abundant essence we now know holds the spark and substance of all creation.

The week when the Queen took over the system, the Rot Rulers started to sense the Karmic consequences of a thousand years of spiritual violations. The feelings were so foreign to them that they couldn’t translate them into any usable behavior. It was like watching someone lose their mind. They tried to maintain their normal business facade, but couldn’t escape the looming terror of what was happening. They had already lost control of the situation and knew they were about to lose control of the world.

The Rot Rulers and their subjects had spent years blocking, delaying, rerouting, and stealing funds from the Queen. They wanted access to the Quantum System the way the previous comptroller had allowed them in the past. But the Queen knew, regardless of what the words were that came out of their mouth, they had no intention of ever sharing the money with the common people.

She once tried to negotiate a deal to share the wealth with them. They write an email telling her that 80% of everything was theirs, called her a slave, and told her they would destroy her with the thought of their minds. The Rot Rulers were so much further down the ladder of authority than the Queen that they hadn’t ever been in a meeting with her to see the others who resided at the top. The others had attacked the Queen already and she in fact did destroy them with her mind, so to speak. If only the Rot Rulers would have respected that, there might still be some of them with us today.

The Queen, who I had almost immediately nick named “Kim-Possible” had inserted the Quantum system inside of the archaic financial system as a separate entity under her control, but able to communicate with every institution. Imagine it like a vine traveling all throughout the system, and when a transfer needed to be made, part of the vine would branch off and form a grape. That grape contained a person’s account and made them a part of the vine. When that account transferred out, it formed another grape and as business was conducted a bunch was formed. For the first time, we were protected enough to start changing the world.

Meanwhile, the Order had continued to lie themselves into a corner surrounded by former military who executed the Rot Ruler’s dirty work for a price. But the Elders hadn’t paid the price and the mercenaries were starting to realize that the big cash out event they were expecting that would make them all rich, may not be coming as promised.

The Order had decided to transition their power structure to their Chinese counter parts in the year of 1978. The plan was in place to eliminate 90% of the population and control the rest after staging an economic collapse and heroically offering the solution. In one set of paper work they called it the Global Currency Reset, making all of the currency digital and gaining absolute control of the energy exchanges of the entire planet.

Kim-Possible realized it was her living DNA that had control of the entire off ledger system. She had watched them try and drain the wealth of contained in the Quantum system into the Babylon System. They needed her to do that, and wouldn’t have needed her if they were successful. It was just an attempt to seize control of the world’s assets and take them off planet.

If given the right opportunity, the Queen believed in the powers latent in the people to rebuild and regenerate the world. For the first time in recorded history an advocate for human kind had control of the destiny of the people. She cut the Order off from accessing the Asset Redemption Program almost immediately after their attempt. It was war from that point on. Prior to that, they were just beating her up, keeping her in poverty. When she stood up to them, she stood up for all of us.

Kim-Possible reached out to me in December of 2017. I had rallied a little over 2,000 people to follow me down a path to sue everyone who had the ability to begin the fabled exchange process, but decided to hold it back. When we first spoke, she told me that the revaluation of the currencies as described by the so called Chinese Elders would devalue the US Dollar to pennies over night. It’s a miracle I was able to hear what she was saying. I had spent three years of what I thought would be an 80 year life, pursuing that investment, and in a 60 minute conversation she had destroyed my only hope of freedom.

To her credit, she patiently provided me more and more evidence that she was telling the truth. I was always hesitant to believe anyone who told me they were the only way to do anything. As her story unfolded I quickly fell in line with her mission. Although many aspects of the story talk about money, her goal had always been to restore the health of the people and the planet by reconnecting them to the Source of creation.
The money was just a tool that was already in place and had to be used to unlock the chains that bound the people of the world.

As I stated previously I had formed a team of rebels via the Speak Project but there cane a time when more decisive action was needed. The A-Balm team became the core action team utilized to infiltrate the holes in the banking system. Kim and I designed a plan to set up offices for KRE8CHANGE to act as distribution centers for projects around the world. Each member of the A-Balm team signed a contract that they’d set up and account and help us establish the logistics of the office for distribution of funds in their respective areas.

We paid each person $200,000 to do the work, and gave them $800,000 to set up the office itself. The task of bringing the money in proved to be challenging as the Rot Rulers still had control of the front side of the banks. While we worked feverishly to accomplish this goal, facing failure after failure, Kim-Possible was able to find out their weaknesses and the repetitive manner of their efforts. In the beginning she was very reactive to their activity, but she realized after some time that they would not go away unless she completely shut them off.

After six months of failed attempts and an exhausted team who anxiously supported the Queen but felt less and less valuable, she figured it out. She would take completely take control of the entire system. Early in May she began and as June approached we all grew restless to go make a difference in the world. She had begun to bring in Source energy directly through the computer system and anything with a digital signature. The shift in people could be seen almost immediately.

The final week before she broke them, it appeared that there was a relief that took place between the third dimensional world and the other dimensions that shared a symbiotic relationship on Earth. Various elements of the natural Earth began to appear again as if to peak their head out to see if it was safe to come home. Critics and fans began to speak out against and speak up for what we were trying to do.

I could barely stay focused, feeling the crushing heart ache of not being able to provide for my family, and losing the love of my life in what seemed like a game of hurry up and wait. I would travel up to an area every night where the lay lines ran to try and connect spiritually with the new world I wanted to help build. I felt a constant need to listen and connect to what God was telling me to do, and I needed to ensure I took action in line with his will.

Meanwhile Kim-Possible and I were attacked from all sides as we tried to educate and inform the deceived masses about what was really going on. Even the highest level authorities seemed to be clueless or indifferent, so the common people hardly had a chance. Throughout this time, the Queen never lost site of her mission and responsibility. It would have been easy at any time to walk away from people who seemed dedicated to renewing their slave contracts. But she knew better, so I aligned my attitude and efforts with her.

Stay the course. No matter how other people act, it should never change who you are.

When the day arrived, I had struggled through almost four years of disappointing Friday’s that lead into miserable weekends. I had followed the revaluation for years and become an expert in an epic PSYOPS. The Order had a goal that everything that everyone believed would be a lie. This made it easy to control the narrative, and in turn, control the people. So I was an expert in the lies they told, which the equivalent to being an expert on a theory that has already been proven wrong. No matter how much you know about it, it doesn’t make it suddenly work.

Throughout the week I had my usual contact with various Psychics, energy healers, Pastors and various other intuitive sources that helped provide some comfort and direction at that time. All of us were trying to get closer to God without realizing what we all possessed within ourselves. Some people were further along than others but even they struggled to interpret what they were seeing and feeling.

Somehow in the midst of this I started to get clarity. I started to see things that clearly weren’t of the world I knew to be real. I had a vision of three bucks in a moment where I desperately needed guidance. They were considered to be Magic, the King’s of the forest that cleared the pathway for the Fairies to manifest in this world. Coincidentally my team that lead and organized the efforts of the movement were affectionately referred to as the “Gangster Fairies.” If I helped clear their path in any way, I am proud to say that they have worked their magic in a million ways on a thousand planets for the past 500 plus years.

I saw orbs and fairies, and what I know now were Angels and various species from other dimensions. They were all watching as the Humans of Earth appeared to be the first planet in history to overcome the combined efforts of these two Galactic races that had been consuming the resources of planets and enslaving their people for hundreds of thousands of years.

At one point the “Ant Queen” who was the leader of the Bug like race of beings and war lingering partner if the Dragons, insisted that they deserved to take all of the resources of the planet because of all they had done for us. It was Kim-Possible that spoke up as the Ambassador of Earth and the people to point out all of the ways they had divided us including religion, to Governments, to race, and even down to the hemispheres of the human brain. Afterwards the Queen made a trade deal with them so we could benefit from their technology and they could get some fresh water.

Needless to say, there was a constant flow of energy building towards the end. All types of attacks from people trying to enter the zone to kill Kim were consistently diverted. And while she dodged bullets and hatred, all I wanted was to get in the game so we could make a difference.

She had done all the reprogramming and finally taken over the the system putting all the pieces in place to move money without human interference. There was only one thing left to do. Release it. Then just minutes before midnight on the West Coast of the United States, it happened. She didn’t need to call to tell me it was done. I felt the relief rush over me and everything on the planet. A collective cheer seemed to cry out from the trees and the oceans as the energy immediately began to transform the Earth. I had one job to do when the money was finally available. So I went to buy a slice on Bleeker Street in Manhattan. I took a picture and sent it to Kim-Possible.

Seeing a grown man cry while eating a slice of Pizza was not that strange for New York at the time. What happened next was what Changed my world. At the exact right moment, my current wife’s number showed up on my phone. The sound of her voice is one that I will always associate with love and victory. In that moment when the world changed, and even into this day, all I wanted to do was be with her.

We have all been writing the new history of the future since that time. And whether we appreciate it or not, we owe the Queen a great debt of gratitude for standing up when it was so easy to stay down.

To be continued…milk

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