Had Enough? #GoogleTreason

At some point it would seem that we’d all stop pointing out obvious corruption, collusion and treasonous acts and start to enforce consequences that say we’ve had enough.


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  1. What is one person? What are two people? And there are more of us! Social Security hasn’t been able to outwit the present economic demands. Elderly Americans are being driven like the wild Mustang into the catch pen of a miserable life, even unto death. A human in pain? Needing medical care, unable to pay for it? Having food brought in by friends and neighbors? Forced into strict spending to prevent utility disconnection?

    While I hear of men and women playing with billions of dollars as if it were the essential commodity of an evil ploy to wipe out humanity. I fear for the world. While I hear of billions of dollars being spent for the purpose of trafficking and traveling to secluded events to forever wreck the lives of innocent children, I cry out. How can this evil be allowed to go on?

    Evil toward humanity must be stopped. Money that is used for evil can be used for good. It can be invested in better opportunities for education and training. It could be invested in the best interest of our future generations and quality of life for all. Not only are there people in the United States that cannot afford to buy an ice cream cone, visit a dentist, go to a movie theater, or visit their children, but there are people who feel forgotten and isolated. There are elderly that express hopelessness.

    I am so tired of watching dollars being squandered to bring harm while funds intended for good are being kept from humanity by those same people. Isn’t there a Law for this kind of atrocity to humanity.

    One Law that exists was given to Moses long ago, God said, “thou shalt not kill. Yeshua told the disciples, “the greatest commandment was to love one another as I have loved you”. I know of a plan based on love and intended to help the poor, reinstate a viable lifestyle to all and provide for the medical and dental care of those in need, as well as assist humanity in so many other ways. The funding is being made available from the Manna World Trust.

    These funds are being held at bay, as Banks. controlled by the Cabal, will not release funds that are intended to save lives, re-hydrate lives and establish better lifestyles for many.

    If there is a Law that exists to provide for the continued life and welfare of humanity, it is my opinion, that it be enacted immediately. Life is short and it is growing shorter each day. In my opinion, the time to waste has expired.

    1. Beautifully written & explained… U are 100 % correct !!! I’m extremely inspired & motivated to action by ppl just like u !!! GOD BLESS U & ur family… It’s KRE8CHANGE time & NO DEVIL (cabal) in hell can STOP what GOD is doing now !! #SALUTE to Captain Tank & Kim-Possible !!!! Lord Sintis…. I’m out !!!

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