God to Gaia

My Dearest Gaia,

We’ve been together for a long time now and I wanted to apologize for letting things get so out of hand. Please forgive me for allowing it to continue for so long, and thank you for demonstrating such grace under pressure. I hope you know I’ve always loved you. I intend to love you more considerately, more completely, and with more kindness. I refuse to allow you to be treated this way ever again.

I made that picture in a style I’ve always wanted to use but never had the right inspiration to know how.

Then I remembered you.

It’s symbolic of the latent powers within you, overcoming the way you sometimes feel as the world seems to attack from all sides. It’s for you to know that you are the internal champion of your heart, deciding who is allowed to have access.

Its a reminder that if no one else does, I see you. I appreciate the subtle things that make you amazing, and the graceful way you laugh at the devil as he tries to beat you into submission. I want to discover all of the things I don’t know about you as I continue to appreciate the things I do. As we press forward together through the linear illusion of time and space, I expect us to leave a trail of star dust so powerful that even the smallest particle can generate into a world of its own.

I wrote it on that letter you sent me to let you know my intentions from the start. Because every word of that letter is in exact agreement with the love you deserve and the man I am.

It might technically be in the future, but as you know time is just an illusion that postpones events which have already occurred. In reality, everything is happening at the same time and this moment is the only chance we have to make a difference.

And even if you fall in love with someone else, and we become friends, it’s my desire to know that you are loved completely by an artist who pays attention to all your dynamic curves, invisible magic, and undeniable presence.

Because anyone can draw or paint. What makes someone an artist, is that they can see. And what makes them a creator is that they take action based on their vision.

And if they can’t see that you are a divine work of art, then they don’t deserve you.

Love Always,

-Big G

2 Replies to “God to Gaia”

  1. I love the way you love the Earth, your expression is “artistic”! Is it God who is writing the letter, or is it Mr Tank?
    Inspired by your letter, I wrote:
    God created her and The Artist painted a perfect portrait. Too bad humanity has bruised the canvas, allowed the medium to dry out and crack prematurely. What a shame how the greens have been stripped away to reveal the underlying canvas. The blues of the water have faded to umber and the clouds have turned to grey. The life in her eyes has vanished, dimmed by chem-trails that continue to etch lines of age into her face and ravage her beauty.
    Humanity has abused and neglected the most precious work of art the world has ever seen. God watches with anguish and The Artist trembles in disbelief as mankind unwittingly destroys his home.
    But wait, a few brave men have appeared. Men and women have risen to a call from Heaven. A call to blow the trumpet, awaken the masses and restore the painting. There is still hope! K

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