Exchange Script

From HAS

The exchange script might go down something like this at your appointment…


Welcome to your currency exchange appointment. How was the drive in?

How are you physically feeling right now?

Is there anything we can get you? Some food, water, maybe a sweet to make sure your blood sugar is level?

What currencies do you have with you now?

Are you familiar with Zimbabwe’s history and currency value?

How long have you owned currency?Days? Weeks? Months? Years?

What are you specifically looking to accomplish with your exchange today?

Have you ever owned a business or run an organization before? If so, what was the annual operating budget? Number of employees?

Would you like to use your own existing bank accounts or open new accounts to work with your funds today?

Will you be needing to send any wires or perhaps cut cashiers checks today?

Other than yourself, how many additional debit or credit cards will you be needing today?

How much cash will you personally require to accomplish your goals in say the next 90 days?

Do you have any humanitarian or charity projects you wish to accomplish by exchanging this ZIM currency today?

Are you familiar with interest bearing structured settlements that can enhance your exchange value today?

Is there anyone financially advanced enough to assist you after your exchange here today?

Would you like to set up a future follow up appointment to discuss this opportunity with one of our private wealth managers?

Are their any other questions you might want answered before leaving the exchange facility today?

Thank you fore exchanging with us today. We hope to assist you in the future so that together we can reach all your stated goals.

Please just follow the arrows out to the parking lot, where your vehicle will be waiting.

Have a wonderful 2018 and enjoy a safe drive home.

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