EVENING UPDATE: December 18, 2017, 8:30 pm EST
INTEL – Tank

•The final piece to release the 800#s was triggered.
•Anything can happen between that release and its arrival to us, so its imperative that we keep our energy focused on the emotional reality of our of being past this event.
•Thinking about the exchange, consumed with anxiety and worry about another missed promise, is devastating. If we stay in this space, WE WILL START A REVOLUTION.
•However, in this moment, we have more control than we’ve ever had before. Right now we can choose to appreciate and receive the information to make our appointments, and to receive the bounty of our redemptions. That receptive energy is the Divine Feminine Power that allows the New Powers That Be to perform.
•Right now, the good guys who have already begun the release process and want this released now, have the clear upper hand. This means the numbers are in the process of showing themselves, and our reality of freedom-in-spirit is about to connect with our freedom-in-the-physical.
•We are in alignment with that energy and we’re rising to meet it at the transition point as the 800#s are coming into our world.
•IT’S UP TO US NOW. We get to take the numbers today and we do it exactly the way we did today when we forced them to begin the release. The energy WE created with the powerful Twitter statements, attitude, and visualization manifested that release.
•So, bring in the night shift and let’s hold and accelerate that same vibe. We receive this tonight by being prepared to receive and knowing it’s here now as a collective of conscious spiritual beings.
•This is not fluff or spiritual mumbo jumbo. This is science. The most powerful tool in the Galaxy tonight is YOU. Connect to the emotional reality of being free to express yourself as a father, a mother, a leader, a healer, an inventor, a sage, a puppeteer, monkey trainer, musical therapist, cruise-line director, ski instructor, Long Island medium, organic gardener, cosmic fisherman, Galactic horse trainer, or whatever else it is that allows you to connect to joy of being the full expression of yourself.

•I focus on bringing my kids to their new house on Christmas Eve, covered in beautiful, ostentatious, white Christmas lights, so bright that our new neighbors call the police because they can’t sleep at night because it’s too bright.
•I imagine having their dream puppy come running outside to greet them and having the ridiculous bedroom designs that my twin boys and I dreamed up together come to life.
•I think about those first few weeks of going back to fulfill every promise I’ve made and broken during this process.
•I imagine looking into the eyes of the few people who stood by me, despite their skepticism, thanking them, and giving them a chance to change their own world.
•I imagine an over-the-top marriage proposal to the woman I love and I can feel her energy opening up as she realizes it was all real.
•I think about opening a gallery in Miami and reducing the obscene prices for the art work and giving it all to help local families who need support, and to build schools to develop leaders and create better ways to do things in the future.
•I imagine interviewing amazingly talented inventors, business owners and dreamers, and creating a work environment so magical that we have to tell people to go home at the end of the day because they’re having too much fun.
•I think about establishing KRE8CHANGE all over the world and having a live feed to every project all at the same time so anyone who walks into our facility in New York City can be inspired as they gaze up at the wall filled with monitors of all the locations around the world.
•And I see their eyes well up with tears as they see Sovereign People of Earth being liberated from the bonds of slavery and oppression in a thousand different ways.

And I didn’t forget about the admonitions of Jared Rand. Our whole organization will start every day by meditating for 30 minutes, imagining the new world that we will be actively building in this new age together.

I imagine the power of us agreeing that we will never be oppressed by anyone ever again and uniting in our common love of mankind.

I see that happening right now. I’m in that moment with you right now. This is happening right now. And I’m asking to be here with me too.

And I promise you we will get notice tonight if we can just hold that vibe together. Connect with your heart to it and it’s yours.


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