I was just informed that there is a rumor that the Secret Service is saying that the exchange process won’t begin until January 5th, 2018. MY sources were very upset that this tactic is still being used to confuse the people.

The Options

• Either the three times over the past four days that President Trump spoke directly to my contacts and said the numbers should have gone out last Friday, he called another direct contact last night stating that this was done and the CORE would be liquid this morning, or when another contact said that he called Mnuchin directly and told him he wanted it live today that in every one of these cases President Trump was actively lying to the American people.

•The Secret Service is still using disinformation as a useless deception tool to trick and confuse people for the intent of safety for the president. I guess.

•We’re done with your PSYOPS. It’s not doing any good. It’s only destroying the little trust there is between the Government and the people.


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