Received 2:19 PM EST 12/28/2017

Dear Cabal,

Please stop telling people the ridiculous lie that all of the Cabal must be rooted out before we are allowed to exchange. Firstly, why would the Alliance have negotiated terms with you if they were just going to kill or imprison you? Secondly, if it’s hidden cells of the Cabal, how would the Alliance know when they were done rooting you out?

Obviously, these statements are planted by you to continue lowering the vibration so that the dumbed down masses accept that you are still a threat and it’s acceptable for us to continue waiting so you can be rooted out. In fact, based on just the two points above there is no intention or need to root out all of you.

We accept your surrender and welcome you to be reformed. We know it won’t be easy for you to accept us as your equals. We understand that you have looked at things through a different perspective for a long time and this has created tension between us.

We reject the slavery that you tricked us into agreeing to. We insist on our freedom immediately. Any further lies perpetuated by your organizations whether intentional or otherwise will be considered as an act of aggression against humanity.

Thank you for your immediate cooperation.



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