Class Action

SPEAK vs. United States Treasury

We are in the process of preparing our complaint against the US Treasury and other government agencies regarding the GCR/RV. As part of that suit, we will petition the Court for certification of the case as a Class action.

If we are successful, the Defendant will provide us with a list of potential class members during the discovery phase of the lawsuit, and more likely than not, if you purchased currency through a licensed currency broker, you will receive notice of your right to be included as a member of our class.

In the event that the matter is not certified as a class action, we will provide all currency holders with a form complaint that can be filed individually to redress individual claims for damages. That would have to be litigated individually, but the aggregate damages and attorneys fees due from the Treasury and other Defendants will still be substantial.

In the event that you do not receive a notice to be included (or excluded) as a member of the certified class action, we are requesting that you provide us with your contact information to be used solely for the purpose of notifying you of the right to join the class action as a plaintiff or the right to file suit individually (with an attached form complaint and filing information).