The ZIM counters are doing the audit, and they just finished about 20 minutes ago and are now ready to go. •That means we can get released at any time
•Memos allegedly went out to banks telling them to be ready for tomorrow.
•In my experience bank memos are usually meant to be leaked out to mislead us

YOU are the cause.
Now I’ve received criticism and praise for starting this movement. And to be quite honest I could care less about either. When you understand what you’re doing and why, you’re not overly concerned with getting approval. I’m driven by a purpose to free humanity.

Now watch all these same critics who’ve been pushing this back making a career out of this RV, now suddenly they’ll have a change of heart and tell you why it’s finally going to go today, and they’ll connect it back to something they said months ago.

But they’re wrong. The reason why this is here today is because the powerful collective will of the Sovereign Creators of Earth who woke up and decided to speak up. This will happen now because of YOU. And I don’t care what anyone says is the reason. YOU created this opportunity.

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