Received 1:56 PM EST 2/18/2018

On Sat 17 Feb 2018 JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ, who Fisher quoted on RTC last Thurs eve 2/15, just confirmed Kim as trustee of Manna WH Trust, & said the codes are real not bogus and the liquidity is real!!!! Obviously claims by Fisher, Rand, and others that Kim is a fraud are completely erroneous and uninformed. TANK AND KIM WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!

Anna may not like Kim and Manna Trust, but Anna confirms Kim is sole trustee of the global accounts that COULD AND SHOULD provide LIQUIDITY TO THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION & UST for the RV release & exchanges NOW! Kim has tried to provide that liquidity to UST & Trump but HAS BEEN BLOCKED!!

What Judge Anna doesn’t seem to realize is that the Rothschilds, cabal bankers, and the Chinese Elders have FOUGHT AT EVERY TURN and INTERFERED with Kim and Manna’s efforts to release liquidity into the US banking system for use of the Trump administration and for us the people waiting for the RV exchanges, just as Kim has said in her posts.

It is time we demand (and pray) our Republic military (Pentagon, Dunford, John Kelly in the WH, etc) and the Trump administration (UST, Mnuchin) DEAL WITH KIM AND MANNA to release the liquidity to us the people and STOP BELIEVING THE LIES of the CHINESE ELDERS AND OTHERS who have CONSTANTLY TOLD US and OUR GOVERNMENT that the RV,GCR is TOMORROW, TOMORROW, ad nauseum, but HAVE NOT & WILL NOT BE ABLE to RELEASE THE LIQUIDITY NECESSARY!

Kim has TRIED TO RELEASE LIQUIDITY to the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION for the RV exchanges BUT HAS BEEN BLOCKED by Gen John Kelly in the White House and by cabal leaders like the Elders, Cheney, & Kissinger, some of whom have posed as fraudulent Homeland Security agents & told the banks to block Manna Trust wire transfers for the Trump administration!!


Judge Anna’s words confirming Kim are quoted directly below from her Sat 17 Feb 2018 post. The numbered statements immediately below are from Thomas Williams, who works with Kim & Manna Trust. Thomas is challenging Judge Anna Von Reitz’s PAST CRITICISM of Kim. The statements below in brackets [ ] are Judge Anna’s responses that confirm Kim as sole trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust and confirm the accounts are real and Kim’s codes are real.

3. Kim is a fraud but twice she asked to work with her, explain that.

[Judge Anna Von Reitz: I didn’t say that Kim was a fraudI confirmed that she was appointed Trustee of Manna World Holdings to the best of my knowledge. And yes, I also confirmed that she has had trouble with scam reports, which is obvious and all over the internet. I think you have a somewhat biased impression of actual roles here. Kim is supposed to release the trust assets back to the people and the countries to which the assets actually belong. I am one of those who have led the charge to force the exposure and liquidation of The Trust, most particularly, by laying claim to all the American assets that are owed to the actual American states and people of this country and ending the phony “abeyance” of our government. As such, she and I have to work together and it is begging the question of who is “asking” to get this done and who is responsible for doing it. I have asked her on two occasions to get off the fence and do what she is supposed to do— (1) Turn over the accounts that are owed directly to the actual American states and people so that we can restore the 3141 counties and 50 republican states to full function and (2) Rescue the hijacked Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust assets which were improperly traded instead of being disbursed to the actual Beneficiaries who had already WAITED for OVER 200 YEARS to receive any benefit at all. On both occasions, she “shined me on” and did nothing. So as far as I am concerned, none of this gets settled until she settles with the actual American Government and with the American Indian Nations. It should be her concern to get in contact with me and with Michael Young and do justice and work with us in that common cause.]

4. Kim and codes are bogus she says, yet her partner in the now appears rogue bank asked for the live codes from Kim, if both are bs why did they ask? explain that.

[Judge Anna Von Reitz: I didn’t say the codes were “bogus”— they are real enough, and they part of an old, ugly, dishonest system of banking that needs to go away. So I guess there is a distinction to be made between whether they work in a practical sense, and whether or not they are honest and whether this whole situation should exist at all— which are two very different topics. There are plenty of things that are actual and factual— like bank codes and accounts— which have nonetheless been instruments of fraud in the past and which because of that fraud, should actually be null and void, even though we all have to continue working through that matrix until a real settlement can be reached.]



The whole post by Anna Von Reitz titled Now, I Am Mad. Officially. SAT 17 FEBRUARY 2018 can be read by clicking on the link below.





I have been sitting on the side lines watching all the thumping and dissecting of posts that are giving you the straight skivvy. I think before you stop sitting on your hands and hit the key board with oh no that at so. I have a secret source from the mother ship or deep state intel. STOP AND UTILIZE THE FOLLOWING GAGE TO ASCERTAIN YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE.

FIRST OFF AS FAR AS THE DINAR WORLD IS CONCERNED. It began in 2003 and if your now 30 or something I am willing to bet you were more concerned about a prom date then what the RV value was for the Iraqi dinar.

Let’s start here. If this is you and you’re here now then your have a Grade School level of understanding. Before you go all Tizzy, lets unpack the rational. In 2003,04,05,06,07,08,09,10 and 11. I am willing to bet you did not have Okie oil man. (why is he called that), Terry K aka TK, Blaino, Sweet Queen, Adam Montana and Foot forward on speed dial and Today you can call them and they know you.

Next up is Jr, High and High school. You came in with PTR, radio and then moved to TNT Tony and the Rayren show. They were talking about Dinar and Iraq, 2012-13. A bunch of us moved on to the GCR as Kim Possible provided that news. Yes we know her name back then. Madam Wu was the intel community code name for her. Plus, groups like General 64, the Ubiquitous Admiral group and who can forget the Baker group. If you were calling yourself a member of anyone of these 3 groups by now you have been in college a long time and most likely attained an advanced degree in who is who and what is what. Your most likely like me don’t get on the blogs anymore. Sold off some currency to pay bills . questioned your sanity more then once but your hanging in for the big day.

NOW FOR THOSE THAT HAVE EARS TO HEAR. KIM POSSIBLE IS THE REAL DEAL. IS THE BANKING CARTEL STOPPING HER FROM FREELY MOVING MONEY IN THE SYSTEM YES. That is why she left the scene in 2014 went and got a promotion and did the Quantum computer thing. Is this new info NO. I can tell you I have knowledge of a billion-dollar money transfer for a project deal we were involved and the money came in and was sent back same morning. So just because she is giving the news today does not mean she just showed up last month. Now is the time to sit on your hands or ask cogent non-challenging questions. Yearn to learn.

Right now some of you are revving up your rebuttal motor I have 2 things to ask. First, who do you work for and then please bring you’re A game if you have one. Another option is to just do the hopium Monday and the Opium Friday on the Tomorrow land ride.

Let me take a moment to take my hat off to the man who puts his life on the line for you and you don’t want to get it. The one and only TANK. Back in December many here were going don’t sue, I said if he waits to sue and we are here the first of Februarys you’re going to wish he filed 2 months ago. Wake up stop skiing down Manure Mountain. It not happening till the money can be moved off the black screens and end up at the intended destination.



by Kim-Possible

In order to understand all this information that is being presented to you M1’s, Marcos, Trustees, Claimants you firstly have to understand the ORDER, the STRUCTURE and the PLAN. Marcos held the position of PINDAR aka “Penis of the Dragon”, the PINDAR was/is the controller of the families. The 13th seat, the highest ranking member of all DRAGONS. Marcos legally died in the 80’s but continued his position for many years later until 2015 when a new PINDAR was appointed. That position has changed hands 2 more times since, every year in October as each one failed to do what the “Families” wanted. Votes were cast, virgins sacrificed and to whom may you ask? Well lets get down to that now.. What do the families want? CONTROL. One World Council, Divine Council of 13. Full control of all assets a task given to the Pindar each time a new one is appointed. In the picture below is a 6ft long 3ft wide document. In the middle you see the Sun Tzu Wheel, this is the hierarchy of the ORDER..No Pindar here. 3 in the middle, a Father Mr. A, and his two Sons, Mr. M (Not marcos) and Mr. E… All gone now, but this is their old structure. The next layer out on the wheel is “The Parents” herders of “The Children” 21 originally. Next layer out you have Coven Masters,Then Coven Members, these were the makers of alchemy and black magic summoning the Jinn/Demons/Lucifer/Satan etc… Then you have a whole brood of “Slaves” in the big block below them.. Still not to THE FAMILIES yet… Below the big block of initials you then get down to “The Families” and “Governments” below.. This is why I tell you, names? Trustees? Sukarno? Keenan? Hudes? Wolfgang? Monroe? Old documents? All just crap for the Slave Masters to feel important. Titles? Rings? Who cares. Given to Slave Masters to make them feel important so they will sell their souls.. The Title of this Document is GLOBAL MARSHALL LAW which this planet WAS sequestered to for 16,000 years. No longer as of 2016. Peace was declared. The members in the Sun Tzu wheel lost, we won. The parties whom appear in the block all agreed, no longer Slaves to the Slave Master. Do the “Dragon Families” know this? Oh most certainly, they just keep changing out Pindars. I liken this to appointing a new Captain to the Titanic.. “Hey people the ship sank” but whatever. THESE ARE NOT CODES THESE ARE NAMES. I heard some people ranting “blurry codes” THESE ARE NOT CODES..

Here in the Sun Tzu wheel you will notice only a few positions being held by “HUMAN” hmmm.. The parties I had to listen to every day for 5 years were the three in the middle..You have no idea what Evil existed in this world until you met THEM. Thieves, liars, herders, conquerors…

Now lets address the questions all of you have been asking.. Mr. Filipino man, Did he say his name? I dunno.. didn’t watch the whole video.. Here we go..

Spiritual White Boy Accounts were all SUB ACCOUNTS, none of them could be accessed directly, you have to go through the MASTER ACCOUNT and they ARE NOT and WERE NEVER based at UBS.. Now is this “Proof” of existence so super secret and so special? Those accounts are all over the dang internet.. I can package them up for you in a pretty bow, special binder, gold seal, green seal.. Is that Proof? No. It is proof you can google and print.. Yeah! Most of you can do the same. For the Record “Anthony Martin” was a Filipino about 4 ft tall, looked kinda like Tattoo from the show “Fantasy Island” and died in 1998. He worked for Marcos. The accounts were under the name “Morning star” as in Lucifer.. were used mostly by “An Agency” and people were given ledger books. No more details on that one, but you get the picture. Anthony Martin was an order taker of an order taker of an order taker and so on…

Google “Anthony Martin Spiritual White Boy” and pull up the accounts this man claims he controls yourself.. You now are the new M1 Congratulations.. lol.

Lets talk about Keenan and his “Black Book” Sure the book is “Black” in color, big with a lot of numbers in it he got from Some guy in Indonesia. How nice. It is old, outdated, he doesn’t know what to do with it, it was created BEFORE everything went into Quantum System, and he has been trying to “SELL IT” ever since. Apparently he couldn’t sell it, so now he will give it to Trump. Hey, Trump is a smart guy, maybe he knows what to do with it because no one else does.. Again, the Families were “Mushrooms” Fed Sh*& and Kept in the Dark” by those above them. BLACK BOOK? Let me explain..

The Black Book is real, does exist, went electronic, Gold Platinum contained there in physically was moved in 2013. All that is left is some old papers. Codes Changed. Black Eagle, Brown Eagle and YES GREEN EAGLE. None of you believed me when I told you who Brown Eagle was.. Green Eagle no better. Just titles of Importance given to minions with a pretty ring, now move along little slave masters. AAIA or it is now the AAA I hear, either way that group’s motto is “If you are not white you are not right” so figure the rest out yourself. They no longer have access either, Render unto Cesar, when hell freezes over Aryan. That is all they were and they need to get over it. All names removed, agreements over.. Now YOU are the NPTB please realize this, embrace it.

Lets talk about Imelda.. Imelda, Marco’s wife. Wife of the Pindar. Well, lets say she had accounts assigned to her by Marcos in the past.. She never really controlled any of them, just another member of the family, who reported to the pindar, who reported to others who reported to others and so on…

I hope this helps you understand more of who WAS who. I surely wish they would stop trying to convince you they are “Superior” and “More Important” than YOU. Some of these people are good people who managed to get a hold of some documents here and there and want to help. Some of them are not good people “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. That is for to decide.

-Kim “Possible”

It’s 5pm EST? Where is this “Release” Oh Great Elders of the East/West..

“We are the 99%”
by Kim-Possible

So, I am not the chosen one, I am not Bin Yosef, I am not Jesus nor am I an “internet sensation”, and I am not a liar. It’s so easy to sit there in cyber-space and say how much you know (cough, cough) and you know who I am talking to… as the song says “Im not here for your entertainment”…

That being said lets take a look at the latest installment of Who is Who in Dragon Zoo:


Notice at the top of this Chart we have CODE OWNERSHIP then then parties below.. Each Dragon sector aka known as the “factions”.. NONE were the CODE OWNER/ISSUER

Then we move down to the “PINDAR” and his little “baby GOATS”.. Pindar (was Marcos back in the day, that is someone else now) and we have his original little piglets.. 3 KEYS ALWAYS 3 KEYS. Pindar, CODE OWNER and a little piglet.. mix and match if you wish.. To the new pindar, and the last one.. Hope you had a great time during the Harvest Moon, but no one is coming COVENANT IS OVER.. Live with it, or die with it we don’t care.


Here is an EXACT copy of the Old expired Codes of the Dragons.. They are all waiting on “new ones”.. Not happening. They all know they don’t have any, and new codes are no longer issued to these people…THESE DO NOT WORK. I just thought this may look familiar to your minions over here with their Hercules/Babylon etc. Systems because I am sure these dimwits gave them to them repeatedly. Sacrificing another Virgin isn’t going to get your beloved Lucifer to help you. They are for the 99% now. Sorry..

There are THOUSANDS of pages of accounts, each accounts carries it’s own INTEL file. Interesting isn’t it?


NO LONGER for the little piglets… THEY ARE FOR THE 99%. GOVERNMENTS DON’T NEED THESE PEOPLE TO GOVERN THEM. YOU CERTAINLY DON’T EITHER.. ​No one wants your antiquated fake tear sheets, or your fake gold certificates. They want real gold with real insurance and REAL hallmarks. Where did it go? (snicker, snicker).. Why can’t the IMF do ANYTHING?? The UN??? No new codes.. Vaults moved, Numbers at the Top..



Anyway, Thank you morons for blowing up the mountain in the Philippines last week, we won you lost. Second Verse same as the first.. NOW LEAVE OUR PEOPLE ALONE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I am sure the all famous “Gurus” will shoot this down too.. Now who is it you work for???
US or Them?

Time will tell

-Kim “Possible”​