Agencies are getting rewarded to breakup families – “Incentive Payments”

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Most people do not know or believe that states are paid bonuses for every child they adopt away from their parents and/ or families, and that states are raking in MILLIONS of dollars with these bonuses. Here is the proof from the Government’s website for Social Security. They even call it “Incentive Payments”. (Excerpts are reproduced at the end of this article, with emphasis added in BOLD and/or enlarged by this author.)

$$$$ (2)Bonuses for adoptions represent only ONE, (1) of the ways that States get paid Federal Tax Dollars for taking children. To see which states are getting the most millions in bonuses for adoptions you can go here, but leading the way are #1 Texas – $79+ million, #2 Florida $48+ million, and #3 Arizona $38+ millionto the tune of over half a billion in Federal tax dollars to forcefully adopt children away from their biological families. Adoption Incentive funds are generally awarded in the two fiscal years following the earning year, and these number only reflect up to 2014, so tens of millions more are sure to have been “earned” in the last few years..

ALL states are participating, and according to The Chronicle of Social Change (5-26-17), :

Amid Cuts to Youth Services, Trump Includes Big Increase to Child Welfare Entitlement

President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget proposal includes a slate of deep cuts and eliminations of programs aimed at serving youth and families, but includes a hefty increase in the amount spent on an entitlement for foster care and adoption assistance.

Title IV-E of the Social Security Act is an entitlement, which matches the cost of foster care services and adoption subsidies with state agencies.

crWe MUST STOP the Federal Funding that incentivizes states to take children from their families – BONUSES to adopt them out!

This will also help to SAVE Social Security that is due to run out of money in 16 years!


IF you watch any part of this 5 minute video, you will know that all “incentives” to take children must be stopped. When states are funding it from their own budgets, watch how fast they start getting it right, and how fast they start returning children home. States paying for, instead of GETTING PAID TO RIP CHILDREN FROM FAMILIES might also cause them to seek more accountability to insure they aren’t spending money unnecessarily, and spare many a child from the trauma now being brought on them because of these “incentives”, i.e. Federal tax dollars.

In these times of drastic cuts to Federally funded programs, the first thing that should be cut are the incentives for states to destroy families and take children, and the BONUSES to ADOPT THEM AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILIES! Please watch the video above!

There are no bonuses for reuniting families, OR for adopting children to relatives, such as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, or others, no matter how much they might try to stop their children from being adopted outside of the family. reneeSEE CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children! where a 2 year old that had been taken by Massachusetts at birth was about to be forcefully adopted away from her loving family, but for the DOJ investigation that stopped it. The DOJ rarely investigates any of the hundreds of thousands of cases where this is happening, so it is on US to awaken the public, and educate the President and Congress to exactly what is really going on with this money, and STOP this carnage that is destroying children and families for generations to come.

How important are these Federal incentives to states?

Some states are literally balancing their budgets off the backs of children they take from families, and most states hire consultants to devise ways to maximize how to get the most Federal dollars by taking these children from their families. Can there be anything more destructive to society than destroying families?

In the 3-minute video below, an Arizona judge trains people on which box must be checked so that Child Protective Service, (CPS), agencies won’t end up with “. . . a kid they cannot pay for”.

And you thought CPS was about protecting children??? Follow the money!

If you are removing a child, in a Contrary to the Welfare finding, that order is mandatory. If you do not make that finding whenever you remove that child from a placement, you’re forfeiting federal funds… The federal government says that if you did not make that (decision) right at the outset the first time through, you’re not going to get any federal money for those services, ever… CPS is going to have a kid they cannot pay for.”

gaggedWhile this training video was not made secret, state sponsored kidnappings and forced adoptions of children are. Neither the media nor the public are allowed allowed inside “dependency” or Family Courts. Access to the documents are forbidden even for the parents who are fighting the TERMINATION OF THEIR PARENTAL RIGHTS in the kangaroo courts. Then there are the UN-Constitutional gag orders so often put on those who speak out so the public cannot learn of these atrocities. The perverse irony is, parents are not allowed to speak of the plight of their children who are often abused and suffering in state care, but the children the states are trying to find homes for are literally marketed on websites, in shopping malls, and exploited in every way possible, by the state.


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