Received 1:52 PM EST 12/17/2017 KRE8ORS BREAKTHROUGH CALL TANK and MERRILEE-4:00PM EST •712 775 7035 •930685# •This call will be 90 minutes long •Intel will

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Comment – #IAMYOU

From: Barbara Subject: Yes ….. Message Body: You’re pissing off MOMs Wells Fargo…… We Fight for ALL Kids ……  Get off your collective Butts …..  

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Intel about ZIM – #IAMYOU

Received 11:14 PM EST 12/16/2017 Private message received via email and posted with permission. ~ Dinar Chronicles Our group (Tier 4) has been offered immediate

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New Matriarchal Society – #IAMYOU

Received 6:50 PM EST. 12/16/2017 BANK WARNING New Matriarchal Society To: Wells Fargo I was just told that it was you again dragging your feet,

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Currency exchange at currency dealer

From: Lucas Subject: Currency exchange at currency dealer Message Body: Hi I have heard long time ago that currency dealers will receive a code for

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From: April Subject: RV Message Body: Thank You TANK. Putting up with all this tension can not be easy for you. you are appreciated! WHEN

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