SPEAK INTEL 12:42 PM EST 12/23/2017 – #LETUSGO


12:42 PM EST 12/23/2017

•Source out Zurich notified today of authority to disburse, their funds, are liquid and they will begin their disbursement to their groups on Tuesday.

•Other key groups received notice over night that their SKRs were liquid and they have an undisclosed time ( to me not to them) before Christmas when they will receive access.

•100% confirmed Leo Wanta has been paid and is liquid

•That means ALL of us should be included immediately

•CORE accounts were still not accessible as if 8:40 AM EST

•Large ZIM holders have appointments to exchange today

•The reason for the 800# notification system is so that everyone has a fair opportunity to conduct their exchange

•If others ALREADY HAVE appointments it would appear that some parties have ignored the need to be fair in this process.

•The only way to rectify this injustice is to release the 800#s to the regular people

•There is a set time for release for today and the execution of that release would restore the faith of an entire planet that has been lied to so many times by the powers in charge of their care.

•Today is the day that the RV actually shows up and we can start to recover from the boy who cried wolf syndrome forced upon us by this process.

•This is a revolution and they’ve

allowed it to happen. It’s not a physical revolution waged on the battle field but one of consciousness. One leadership dominated by the masculine energy needed during times of war is being skillfully over taken by the subtle rule of the Divine Feminine.

•There is no better example of the skillful ways of a powerful woman than that of our own mothers. Our Mothers would ask us if we could take out the garbage as if we were doing them a favor, giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our love and respect for her role and at the same time empowering us to make the decision to do so. Meanwhile we never really had a choice. Where as a father would sternly tell us to get the garbage out letting us know he was in control and we had to follow his lead. A silly example perhaps, but it certainly illustrates the transition in power we are witnessing right before our eyes.

Today I know that our inclusion in the exchange process is underway, and I’m poised with all humility and gratitude to receive. I recommend the same posture of expectancy for all of us.




Received 4:32 PM, 12/22/2017


It has just been brought to my attention that we are still sitting here waiting for the release of the 800#, also known as our release from THOUSANDS of years of BONDAGE, RAPE, MURDER, MIND CONTROL, PEDOPHILIA, SLAVERY, DISEASE, AND LIES-NONSTOP LIES because the ALLIANCE is afraid of the consequences post event.

So let’s consider the logic 1. Leak out tons of public and private intel that clearly shows the event is here. 2. Allow certain people to finally get Liquidity TODAY 3. Hold back access to everyone else to build more tension in a powder keg community that’s ready to go off!

ALLIANCE- are you with us? Or them? WE are standing defenseless in the face of fear mongering bullies screaming that we will nut be held hostage any more. And the “good guys” finally have control. If WE as civilians can face our fears so can you. If not, the Cabal still has you under control and you’re feeding them with your doubt and continued lack of performance.


With all due respect, MAN UP and get moving. We’ve got your back. But if you keep making these people wait, and you take another promised holiday from them when all you have to do is activate the call centers and let it all go, you’re creating an adversary of very rich and angry people who will never trust you.

I know Mr. Wanta called you on our behalf to see what the hold up was. We know he was paid. We know SKRs have been made liquid. We should all be able to have access to make our appointments now.

What should scare you is NOT releasing us. Because the longer you wait the worse it gets. The more trust you damage. The more bitterness you create.

I’ve rallied the troops to support you. It’s time for YOU to demonstrate your support and get us in NOW.



This is the final push. We have to get them to go now or it will turn into a revolution.





2:01 PM EST


•TAX BILL has been signed both publicly and privately but we pay the most attention to the story they’re telling us because that’s what they want us to see-so only the Public signing matters

•Because that is finished we can receive notification at any time.

•Typical speculation abounds about day time release, night time release, after markets close, after the banks close on the West Coast, but none of those things really matter. It’s just going to drop in here today. The reason why they said we can openly discuss the day now is because there’s no other option. It gets to come through today. 12/22/2017

•I do actually believe that. At some point you just have to let go. SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN! Let it go! Lol

•Everything is now completed legally according to contract law so that the Cabal cannot somehow regain control through some legal loop hole

•Tonight at midnight, technically 12:01 Saturday morning 12/23 the Federal Reserve is no more

•My understanding is that the new AI "Sofia" that runs the block chain technology in the new banking system will no longer recognize the USD as currency from that point on.

•That says to me that there is no room for error boys so let’s get her done already.

•We’ve heard things like this before but it has some weight today being that tomorrow Netanyahu will be accused of high crimes against humanity and he’s at the very top of the public face of the Cabal

•Leo Wanta was paid. He’s the original claimant that got this whole thing started so that we could have a chance to exchange our way to freedom. Thank you for your sacrifice Mr. Wanta. You think we’ve been waiting a long time he filed back in the 80s.

•The Cabal tried to take down Mr. Wanta but the White Hats shut down the Atlanta Airport in epic and unusual fashion to mitigate the threat. Which is very important because Wanta was one of the keys to setting this final stage in motion. So again sir, for risking your life for our freedom we thank you. (The White Hats are pretty bad ass)

•The executive order brought into law by President Trump yesterday basically protects us from getting ripped off by criminals committing crimes against humanity masquerading as leaders and putting a hard stop to the evil and corrupt practices that have gone on as a common practice inside the elite circles around the world. It’s much more than that too, and definitely worth a careful examination. It’s the launch of an all-out attack against the Cabal.

•Also the US is telling Zimbabwe to drop the US currency and start using their own. Interesting timing to say the least.

•They’ve already started calling people in for appointments for tomorrow. Now that’s not supposed to happen. That’s why we have the 800#s so that it’s fair. We just want access. Please stop overthinking this. No one will even notice. Launch a better flash bang. Start a twitter fight between Kanye West and Nicki Manaj and the world wouldn’t even notice if Gremlins were launched from cannons and parachuted down on the White House. We have a team available to assist with such an effort.

•The ALLIANCE has brought us all to the edge of our seat with this incredible dramatic show. We’ve been active participants like an off Broadway show that includes the audience. But it’s gettin dodgy out here and IT IS GO TIME!

•We’ll be on our best behavior. We’ll follow instructions to the letter. We’ll be efficient and safe. We’ll buy you a Cadillac but please let the people go free today. Let us all have the dream Christmas you’ve teased us with for years. Not tomorrow. Not tonight. It’s go time now. You’re ready. And so are we.



SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF EARTH By TANK December 22, 2017 Please be ready for rapid change today as we have reached the end of one journey and are at the beginning of the next. We will have our notification shortly with our opportunity to exchange immediately thereafter. I say this with a strong level of certainty based on my understanding of certain events that took place overnight. Unlike many characters in this process who have given several goodbyes thinking we had reached the end, I have never done that. I have always known that I’m with the people to the end and to begin again, because I am one of the people. It is my honor to serve the greater good of humanity by your side as an equal, united in a common vision and belief that we have a right to choose life every day. We have the right to choose what our life means, who it impacts, and how we live it. Being sovereign means we have the authority to explore the full breadth of our potential, the depth of our gifts, and the span of our imagination. Being human means we have the responsibility to expand the definition of that previously limited word. Being liberated means that we are charged with the weight and experiences of all the generations and worlds that have come before us to test the boundaries of the unlimited creators that we were made to be. We will find that the truth is a relative term, and that imposing our truth on another is an exercise in futility, the truth being relative to our own honesty with the evidence we are presented with and our ability to accept and discern what is or is not real. And yet, we hold certain truths to be self-evident as they are the right of every human being to exist as sovereign entities of the planet Earth, endowed with the right to pursue our personal happiness as long as it does not come at the expense of our common inhabitants. My truth in this moment is that all life is eternal, defining a powerful energetic experience in space and time where we bore witness to many things in service of a higher purpose. Good and evil are operational definitions based on the dimensional limitations of our current reality, yet not complete expressions by themselves of the story told by their expressions as members of a separate body. It is only when we see our strengths and weaknesses with our individual experience, as well as our position as a member of a unified body, that we can bear witness to the totality of any one human life. The measure of our value will not be contained by the standards of another species or defined by metrics that are inconsiderate of the human experience. It is the drama created by our diversity that defines the most precious and essential aspects of our story. From now on, we consciously create our reality as free men and women ever aware of our absence of limitations and acceptance of abundance. We are the Sovereign People of the planet Earth and our mission has just begun to take shape and form. Our truth is being defined by our exposure to and defiance of the world we have agreed to create and reside within. We move forward recognizing the value of this chapter in our endless autobiography where we have played both hero and villain, friend and foe, betrayer and betrayed. There is nothing to forgive as all things have worked to our good as this has been a creation of our common will and unified subconscious. We seek only to accept and awaken to a new identity and position in a more accurate expression of the human experience. We stand united in purpose and cause to be exactly who we are as we discover and uncover who we are and what that means. We are visionary idealists, fearless explorers, and bold imagineers. In all our expressions, we stand together as free spiritual beings accepting the responsibility, authority, and unity of this new world. Sincerely, TANK Ambassador of and servant to humanity



6:55 AM EST 12/21/2017

•Yesterday the Tax reform was passed

•Inside if this bill was said to be important litigation that limited the amount of support the USA is allowed to provide Israel especially in reference to the defense spending

•In addition, there’s rumors that the 80% tax on our exchange was repealed in this bill

•Today is the day that was reported nearly two weeks ago that President Donald Trump would announce the Gold standard and GESARA

•Yesterday we had reposted that President was absolute thy the RV must go now apparently just as sick of the delays as the rest of us

•6:59 AM 12/21/2017 we still don’t have 800#s

•Yesterday the CORE members of the Admiral’s group who had been able to see their funds had been distributed into their accounts but still did not have access were told by their bankers that the bankers had the codes to release the funds and a time they were allowed to do so-HUGE!

•However, as now I don’t have an update as to whether or not those codes were initiated successfully

•If they were we will have 800#s to set our own appointments very shortly

•I can confirm several deals closing in ZIM and Dinar in Zurich. These same deals are bringing money back into the US to people I know personally

•Meanwhile, I have contacts who live in Zurich who haven’t been able to get an appointment to exchange. And YES Zurich, that should piss you off.

•Here in the US Brokers I’ve even been contacted by are finding ways to purchase Boxes of Dinar for 500 Million Dollars-(.50 per Dinar) and 10 QUAD of ZIM for 100 Million Dollars-I’ve yet to see any of these deals successfully close with liquidity

•However, ZIM group leaders are flying all over the world to get their contracts fulfilled at various sucker rates seemingly taking the loss for the privilege of exchanging now

•It seems silly to me that the financial engine if the entire world is here in the US and we can’t get a simple exchange done for the asset we hold at a fair value

•Expect changes very fast and be ready to go today. All indications, regardless of the doctrine of the unbelievers says we’re in this transition right now.


Our weapon is our intelligence, beauty, love, and truth. We stand together in these attributes willing to demonstrate how they define themselves in the most challenging times. Today I encourage you to tap into your "why". This is the innate motivator, your personal truth that you remember when you get knocked down that inspires you to stand back up. The "why" is not the source of our strength but what connects us to that strength and reminds us why we don’t give up, why we stood up in the first place, and why we’re inspired to take action to make a difference.

++ Nothing is Coincidence ++

Executive Order 51: Revising the Seal for the National Credit Union Administration

This seal was changed by Executive order in 1971 when went off the Gold Standard!

This seal would need to be changed as we move back to the UST.

Foreshadowing from POTUS…

It also revokes an executive order from 1971 that described and approved the outgoing administration.

Not since the Bretton-Woods agreement has the seal been updated.