SPEAK INTEL 11:07 AM EST 12/28/2017 – #IAMTHE1


11:07 AM EST 12/28/2017

•It looks like numbers come out this afternoon

• integrity tests were run last night/this morning

•a software update being sent around 10AM

•This should have been initiated by now

•Another integrity test around 2pm

•Release should come immediately after

•This is both our expectation and our advice. Our integrity is still pressing to reveal more and more details as we gather tangible evidence that the People have been victims of reckless, willful and wanton misconduct.

•There has already been a release of funding as we know names of those that are liquid now.

Exchange Script – #IAMTHE1

Exchange Script

From HAS

The exchange script might go down something like this at your appointment…


Welcome to your currency exchange appointment. How was the drive in?

How are you physically feeling right now?

Is there anything we can get you? Some food, water, maybe a sweet to make sure your blood sugar is level?

What currencies do you have with you now?

Are you familiar with Zimbabwe’s history and currency value?

How long have you owned currency?Days? Weeks? Months? Years?

What are you specifically looking to accomplish with your exchange today?

Have you ever owned a business or run an organization before? If so, what was the annual operating budget? Number of employees?

Would you like to use your own existing bank accounts or open new accounts to work with your funds today?

Will you be needing to send any wires or perhaps cut cashiers checks today?

Other than yourself, how many additional debit or credit cards will you be needing today?

How much cash will you personally require to accomplish your goals in say the next 90 days?

Do you have any humanitarian or charity projects you wish to accomplish by exchanging this ZIM currency today?

Are you familiar with interest bearing structured settlements that can enhance your exchange value today?

Is there anyone financially advanced enough to assist you after your exchange here today?

Would you like to set up a future follow up appointment to discuss this opportunity with one of our private wealth managers?

Are their any other questions you might want answered before leaving the exchange facility today?

Thank you fore exchanging with us today. We hope to assist you in the future so that together we can reach all your stated goals.

Please just follow the arrows out to the parking lot, where your vehicle will be waiting.

Have a wonderful 2018 and enjoy a safe drive home.

Are you the one? – #IAMTHE1

Are you the one?

There was a report put out that said 13 Galactics left the planet and they left one in charge of the release.

What if that one is you?

In fact, what if that one is just one collective consciousness?

That means it’s all of us. What if being in charge we have to authorize the release of the notifications and announce that we’re ready to receive them now?

What would happen if owned that responsibility individually and collectively?

If we stopped acting like slaves could we go free?

If we stop worrying about making our slave master angry could we just be ourselves?

Can we exchange tonight if we authorize the release?

What if we all tweeted that out?

I.e. “I am (your name). I am the one who was left in charge. I authorize the release of humanity from slavery now.

Notify the people immediately.”

What if the one left in charge, is the one who feels charged to be free?

Would you take a stand then?

Or would you choose to wait longer?

Let’s go do that. That’s the mission.


Who are the Sources? – #ABOMB #IAMYOU

Re: Who are the Sources

by (Anonymous) – 12.27.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:51 PM EST on December 27, 2017

Who are the Sources?

Nolle Prosequi. The Latin term nolle prosequi means to “be unwilling to pursue,” and is used in the criminal legal system to signify that the prosecution is discontinuing, or will not prosecute. In simple terms, nolle prosequi amounts to a voluntary dismissal of criminal charges by the prosecution, or a dismissal of a civil lawsuit.

There are some people that work within the system that are getting fed up about what is going on with the GCR/RV and they tell someone what they know. They do this knowing that their name will not be given out for fear about losing their job.

I have a project that I have been dealing with the government on that, at the Government’s last statement, is worth over $400 Billion dollars and allows me to find out certain information that you would never know. That is why I know that no alphabet agency is stopping the RV/GCR at the moment because they don’t have the authority to do so.

Just like I know that the only PsyOps that is being conducted is to get you to believe that someone or something is preventing you from getting any exchanges done, which by the way are taking place. The NPTB/OPTB/APTB are all in this together to confuse and put out information that results in Misdirection.

There is nothing stopping this from being done. It is just the NPTB/OPTB/APTN and whoever else that wants to keep you guessing, and the only thing that is being proven is that you are being played. This was to go down a couple of weeks ago, then the excuses started coming out.

I will tell you anyone that transmits false misleading information that leads to perpetrating a fraud, whether by email, phone, or mail, can be sued under Civil RICO. I am very well versed in the Civil RICO statutes.




•There is no more issues to negotiate

•The Cabal has no control or leverage

•The entire banking system has been converted

•Every country in the world has been notified that the only currency that will be utilized by US is the Gold Backed USN

•The human employees inside of the Cabal machine are beginning to wake up and realize they’re supporting their own enslavement

•267,933 people have died from starvation since I first posted the article "The Deadliest Weapon Ever Created" referring to the nonperformance of the powers that be

•There has not been a single threat that has been guarded against during this entire process that could or would have killed as many people

•The biggest fear has always been the liability and law suits that would result after this event took place. The damages could be devastating to everyone at every level which is why they took such great precautions to protect THEMSELVES

•The issue I have is that the leaders SHOULD be thinking about how to protect THE PEOPLE

•So, we have begun to gather the plaintiff information to file suit on this side of the RV with the expectation that the UST will finally execute and include us instead of allowing us to file

•The world remains at war in our consciousness because of the looming fear that there are no good guys. Alliance members, please ruminate on that thought. Your lies, not the CABAL, have done the most damage to the people. We expect evil beings to do evil things that don’t consider human suffering. But we have all looked to you to be better. We’ve looked to you to execute the mission with integrity and honor. We expect you to value the human experience. It is this unique individuality, the creative imagination, and the complex emotional capacity to empathize with someone completely different than ourselves, that makes it so profound to be human. We’re counting on you to reconnect to that energy.

You’re constantly saying you’ll do something then hardly acknowledging it when you don’t, leaving Dinarland story tellers to fabricate some excuse for you. We’re on the same team. To be a member of this team, you have to believe in team work. You have to stand for something. It’s not just about winning. It’s about winning the right way. Stand up for us. Stand with us. Just take a stand today and stop allowing fear dominate your decisions. It may have kept you alive, but it’s a terrible way to live.

I will file suit against the US Treasury and US Government if need be. I will have more than enough evidence to win and get everyone paid. But no one wants that to happen in that way. But I am still connected to the people and you’ve forgotten what that’s like. I know the pain of constant promises without performance. Someone has to do what they say they’ll do, or it will crush the innocents and beauty of the human spirit. I want that to be you, but because you haven’t done it you’re forcing me to do it.

I will follow through on everything I said unless you release us to conduct our exchanges today. I am not throwing a temper tantrum, or being impatient. I’m not trying to impose my will, or have delusions of grandeur. I’m demonstrating a loving kindness for all of humanity. I have committed myself every second of everyday to the liberation of human kind. This is a love story that happens to include a revolution. So I will do what I said I’d do because I love being human, and I see all the beauty and infinite possibilities of our freedom.

We’ve already taken a stand. I’m asking you to stand with us.