8 November, 2018 22:30


• Pope Francis has extended the olive branch on behalf of the Vatican to make peace with the Manna World Holding Trust.

• The Pentagon, Federal Reserve, and all major US banks have declared war (figuratively) on the President, the Trust, and the UST.

• They are banding together to prevent any funds coming into the United States from the Manna World Holding Trust.

• The Manna World Holding Trust had to float the UST $250 Million, just to pay the Government salaries last week.

• If these funds are not allowed to come into this country, America is facing a liquidity crisis of epic proportions. All US banks are currently operating at negative liquidity, and the US Government does not have operational funds.

• As of yesterday, the Banks were blocking transfers, even from the UST itself, to prevent money coming in from the Trust.

• The Quantum System, that holds the world’s assets, has attached a security virus to every transfer that has and will disable any illegal act to misdirect, block, or hide any transfers that are released from the Trust. This security virus, released today, has and will cause a complete system failure for any organization or institution that attempts to illegally manipulate the transfer of these funds.

• Test transfers went out today and attempts made to block and or steal them, by the following:

– The Federal Reserve – System Failure
– Pentagon – System Failure
– Department of Justice – System Failure
– NSA – System Failure
– NASA – System Failure
– Secret Space Program – Permanent System Failure

• Reports say that General Dunford contacted the CIA and the FBI, to assist their efforts to block the Trust. They both denied his request stating, they were not going down with him.

• Reportedly, the General also contacted the Chinese Elders for help and they stated that they couldn’t help, as in they did not have the ability to do anything to stop the Trust or to recover the systems that had gone down.

• General Dunford has also stated publicly that he will not stop the refugees from coming across the US border, defying a direct order from the Commander and Chief.

• Everyone at the UST, except for former Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, are currently on board and supporting the efforts of the Trust to get funding to the Government and the people.

• In a ritual ceremony of the Order a few weeks ago, Mnuchin was declared “the Chosen one,” so the added courage and bravado appears to be inspired by his new sense of authority and self-worth.

• John Von Wright, formerly of the Secret Space Program, was crowned the new Pindar (Literally, Penis of the Dragon) on Saturday night and took liberties to attempt to access various financial systems around the globe. He failed, and is now claiming it may take a few days to clear.

• Anyone resisting this movement is supporting the opposition to deny funds to the Government and the people.

The United States Military, at all levels, has the option to remain currently shutdown without eyes and ears via their various systems, placing all of our young men and women in the service at risk around the world, by serving the Chinese Elders, disobeying direct orders from the President, and committing treason against the American people.


Follow direct orders from the Commander and Chief to allow transfers from the Manna World Holding Trust to be cleared, accepted, and utilized by those that are designated to receive them.

• This resistance is currently keeping Billions of dollars of funds from FEMA, already approved and cleared by the President, and the UST, to assist in the recovery of 1.6 Million people, currently left homeless from Hurricane Michael.

• Please, take note that no mainstream media is reporting on this lack of financial support for the areas in need of reconstruction.

• Last week the MWHT team uncovered, various hidden accounts setup inside the Treasury system, by Mnuchin, to push funding to private unauthorized individuals usurping the direct orders from President Trump. The entire UST knows that Mnuchin was working to hurt the American people and, has no power.

• Tomorrow, the Trust will make more attempts to transfer money to the Government for relief and project funding to the people.

WARNING: If any institution attempts to block, delay, steal or misdirect these funds, it will activate a security virus that will completely disable their entire system.

• The Manna World Holding Trust/Quantum AI System is protected by the Safety Act, which allows for the usage of advanced technology that is essential to the safety of the American people. The security virus being used is clearly operating in this regard, to prevent foreign and domestic attacks of economic terrorism, which are currently causing serious harm to the US and world economies, as well as all of the people on the planet.

• This is a defining moment in the history for humanity’s fight for its freedom. Even at the top levels, it is people making decisions about other people. For those people reading this in those positions, I am asking you to act in the best interests of Humanity, and do not attempt to hack these transfers.

Any attempt to block funding, from the Trust, will be deemed an attack against the people of the world, and the people of the world will have to stand together to face this reality.

The time for the Order to stand down and cooperate, is now.

The time for the people to stand up and stand together, is also now.

There can be no more negotiations made.



5 November, 2018 18:39


An American National today who had her property illegally foreclosed on to be used for a 5G cell phone tower contacted me. For most of us, this tragic loss would leave us overwhelmed, broken and scared.

This mother of five did not go down so easily. For the past 11 years, she’s gathered evidence against the banks, the county, the state, her own Attorney, and the entire corrupt establishment of the Deep State. With so much evidence against the system, a Judge actually ordered the evidence destroyed. This is an actual act of treason.

She has had police harass, and surround her vehicle, with armed Troopers and towing her car. She has had her land raided by SWAT twice. Officers sworn to protect her have bullied her. She has video of her own attorney collaborating with rogue US Marshalls to record, or perhaps to get instructions from or for someone who did not have the right to do either. Even her Attorney turned out to be on the wrong side.

This type of testimony usually scares most people into hiding. However, it is because we don’t stand up together that we remain enslaved. No one wants to get involved in a fight, which cannot be won. Billie Renee Powers has crippling evidence against the banking cartel and the Deep State within the Government. Any logical court would have to rule in her favor, unless they were part of the scandal.

An attorney she speaks with in Washington D.C. said that he’s “never seen a case of this magnitude with so much evidence. If you can’t win, then no one can.” I suspect he knows she cannot win without some divine intervention. As for me, I took that personally. I think we’d all do well to take such crimes committed against our fellow Americans as a personal attack.

This is not the sexy kind of case that CNN talks about. There is no scandalous accusation, angry protest, or high profile name to pervert the narrative. For the most part, in my opinion, it’s a miracle that Billie is still alive. She’s a single Mother fighting for her home. She is as American as apple pie and determined as they come.

Nevertheless, none of that matters if our Government doesn’t enforce the laws. It’s a fight for our freedom and she’s on the front lines. I am working on reinforcements now.

On September 21, 2017, Billie had given all she had to this fight. She had decided that a wrongful death was the only way her children would ever get their inheritance. It was as noble of a cause one can think of to commit suicide.

When the time came for the act to take place, she noticed a note on her pillow. It was a poem from her son. It said, “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Her son’s thoughtful gesture saved her life. He came home and hugged her for ten minutes as he cried, and so did she. She said that his tears anointed her.

From that moment forward, she was determined to stay the course no matter the cost. Now she is an inspiration. If they continue to beat her up or kill her off, she will be an example. Bullying forces will warn others who try to take the same course with whispers in the ears of handcuffed Americans saying, “You don’t want to end up like Billie Renee.”

I want to appeal to those men and women within the Government organizations who are supposed to act in the best interests of the people. Many of you have relented to follow orders without question. Others are directly involved in corrupt activity and don’t want things to change. You are both equally guilty of treason and crimes against humanity.

The Order laughs while we devour each other over nonsensical issues that don’t matter, while they hold us hostage in our own country taking away our unalienable rights. They are no better or more powerful than anyone of us is, yet they know how to manipulate and distract us. This subtle difference is all that stands between our freedom and us.

They are all slaves just like us. They think they are the decision makers, but lack the vision and innovation create anything new, repeating the same pathetic program: lie, cheat, steal, deny and reassess blame. Even now, they have been disassembled, and have a chance to repent.

I hope they do.

However, if they don’t, we will not go quietly into the night. We will rage, rage against the dying of the light.


29 October, 2018 17:47


This is the moment in the history of our future where we decide if this was the time of the Greatest Triumph of Humanity or the Great American Tragedy. We can continue to believe a fabricated series of well-articulated half-truths, based on tainted historical data, powerless figures claiming to be the “M1,” or following the public narrative, that we all know is a controlled release designed to sculpt our beliefs. On the other hand, we can look at the full scope of the evidence in front of us and be honest about what it’s telling us.

The Global Currency Reset and the Currency Revaluation are events designed to destroy the United States economy allowing the Globalists to buy it back for pennies on the dollar. This would lead our enslavement and our elimination. Whether you believe that or not, it’s fact, not Intel.

We tend to believe whatever feels comfortable for us and avoid the harsh reality of uncomfortable truths. We often mislabel growth as negativity. However, we don’t have that luxury right now. There are no more excuses to remain ignorant.

We have posted confidential documents, photographs, accurate predictions, and play-by-play descriptions of what has actually been happening behind the scenes. I’ve verified the information personally through conversations, reports, and documents provided by intelligence agencies, so called trustees, members of the OMD Global Currency Reset committee, and all levels of Government, Royalty, and even Dragon family representatives and lawyers from around the world.

In addition, we have never solicited donations of any kind, sold any products, or allowed any advertising on our websites, blogs, or chat rooms. In other words, we have no reason to tell you anything but the truth.

We have been attacked publicly, character assassinated, lives threatened, money stolen, betrayed by friends, and been the subject of many a conversation inside of mean-spirited chat rooms filled with people who claim to be benevolent.

Although, you can go back and read everything I’ve written or spoken for the past two years and you won’t find one defensive comment or mean response from me.

The Trustee has been physically attacked with multiple attempts on her life, sometimes on a weekly basis. Yet she has continued to fight to get money in your hands and keep it out of the hands of the Warlords who wish to enslave you. She has made more progress in 10 months, and provided more evidence than every mythical authority who has promised the RV in the past 10 years.

Our goal is to empower you to liberate yourself. Their goal is to enslave you. You have plenty of evidence explained in detail on the Speak Project. We don’t solicit donations and we don’t advertise. Therefore, we don’t make a dime off you coming to our website.

We’ve done this to maintain our integrity so when it came time for the people to take action, there would be someone who you could at least consider trusting. Others have done the same, but I can’t speak for them. In addition, I am going to ask you to consider something important today so that’s why I’m mentioning it now.

No one can speak for you unless you give him or her your permission. Although, that’s what many of us are doing now. We’re allowing the hate and fear to continue to dominate the conversation, getting mad and laying blame on whoever everyone else in our circle blames and is mad at.

Yet, we cannot blame anyone else but ourselves if we ignore the mountain of evidence in front of us. Humanity has a choice to make right now and that is playing out in real time.

Our continued participation and acceptance of the obvious lies we’ve been fed from the mainstream and even the alternate media should be an obvious clue that they’re distracting us from what’s really happening. Their methodology hasn’t changed. By dividing us against each other, they feed both sides with part of the story to be weaponized on social media and used against the other side.

The reality is that it’s not Republicans against the Democrats, Jews against the Muslims, or any other fabricated label being used to enslave us. It’s US, the free humans, living advocates, spiritual beings, loving souls, creators, imaginers, the beings charged to care for and live in harmony with the planet, against THEM, the elite globalist anti-human, controlling warlords of the planet. This is the transition of power, but only if those who count themselves among US, stand up and realize whom we are.

We cannot expect someone else to respect us if we ourselves aren’t willing to demonstrate some self-respect in the way we conduct ourselves and speak to each other.

Stop taking the bait. Go through the Speak Project and examine the evidence. Make logical comparisons to 3D evidence, go into mediation, and ask if it’s true or false. Be honest with yourself to see if it makes sense. Ask yourself, who was the Arbiter acknowledged by every country in the Secret Meetings back in 1913, which was given control of the Global Collateral Accounts?

Who is it now?

If it’s Neil Keenan then why hasn’t he used his codes to turn the Indonesian Assets into cash?

Because, only one person has the authority to turn the assets into M1 usable currency. Furthermore, there is no Gold in Indonesia anymore. It was moved via underground tunnels to different vaults a long time ago. Gold is used to help maintain the natural balance of the planet and it has been put in the appropriate places to help restore the natural balance of the Earth.

Mr. Keenan’s codebook is outdated and cannot access the ONLY real Quantum system on the planet. Everything has been digitalized, and the Comptroller has created codes in real time, since 1978. This is not to say that the efforts of Neil Keenan have not been noble. Like the seven others who I’ve spoken to claiming to be the “M1,” they all require codes that they don’t have to access the funds. That is why they call the ONLY REAL and CURRENT Trustee to try to get access.

The scary part is that many of you believe that the outdated and now defunct database and hacking system known as the Hercules system is the “New Quantum Financial System.” It doesn’t take much research to discover that they used some version of this and/or the Babylon system last Sunday night to try and hack into the real Quantum System, resulting in the servers crashing at HSBC.

The Quantum System is much more than a financial system. The technology used to create it is a thousand years beyond anything on the planet. You’re fighting against an advanced technology that is fighting for your freedom. War has not been officially declared, but the enemy is using our ignorance as a shield against the truth, while silently trying to maintain control.

So this is what I’m asking from everyone, whether you love or hate me. Watch this video below. Consider what he’s saying. I have no affiliation with the creator of the video whatsoever. For the unified good of everyone, we need to wake up.

Globalists FEDS FDIC Say Goodbye To America


Cinemo, I’m so sorry for making you “dummer.” Please feel free to contact me directly to explain in terms that make sense to you.