Speak Up With Tank and Dr. Rampersad, Green Lantern University

SPEAK Up with TANK – 5/20/2019
Special guest: Dr. Hubert Rampersad

5/20/19 – Live at 8:00pm EDT


Tank and Dr. Rampersad will discuss the future of education and the challenges it currently faces. They will explore plans to build creative global educational initiatives, including the soon to be fully accredited, Green Lantern University.

Harvard Business School endorsed best selling author. Hubert Rampersad holds a Ph.D in Management Science, MSC. in Mechanical Engineering/Robotics, BSc in Mechanical Engineering from accredited universities. He brings a strong tenor of 25 years’ experience in innovation in higher learning, development and execution of complex transformation change projects.

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Tomorrow’s special guest at 8:00pm EST

Global Guy is a Cornell University graduate trained in geology, geophysics and Austrian & Keynesian economics. Through personal childhood experiences he learned that the real truths of our world often lay outside our presently perceived paradigms of the way things are; especially in all fields involving the economic interests of the Powers that Be (PTB). Following a two decade career in environmental engineering and geology, blended with quality assurance in the nuclear power generating industry, he focused his attention on promoting alternative energy generating systems, energetic healing, holistic health and nutrition after fully recognizing that all things influencing us do so through frequency, vibration, resonant and harmonic energies*. Always a seeker of the truth, and with a strong sense of justness and fairness, GG has been a student of “hidden” history, tuned into the greater context behind our present economic situation and trends for nearly four decades.