Funds on Monday S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update – Tank

Entry Submitted by Tank at 7:33 PM EST on December 9, 2017           SPEAK INTEL 7:29 PM 12/9/2017 • We did

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The Green Lantern Business Theory

The Green Lantern Business Theory by Steffen “Tank” Rowe Business in the New Age of Prosperity I wrote this with you in mind. You know

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Who’s the holdup?

S.P.E.A.K. INTEL – TANK 6:25 PM EST 12/8/2017 Who’s the hold up? •I just heard the Admirals group is fine and we’re closer than we’ve

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SHINE November 29, 2017 Steffen Rowe  SHINE There is a collective consciousness and in that is an agreement between all of us. This agreement affects

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I Am You By Steffen Rowe May 17, 2017 I am you. I am a visionary leader of the new age. My decisions impact the

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