18 April, 2018 02:39 – TANK

THE RESULTS ARE IN “and you have been found wanting”

Anyone of sound mind understands that words have no value if they are not supported by actions. The actions we take will always yield consequences and results that either serve our purpose or push us in a different direction. At this time I have concluded that the RV is part of a master plan to eliminate the most productive innovators, healers, dreamers, and humane individuals in the planet and keep them in stasis while the Order executes their plan of control, genocide, and slavery. Those in positions of authority are either being controlled, have no real power to affect a change, or embrace the anti-human agenda of the Order. The only other option is that they do not care about their own children, our children, you, anything, or anyone else so long as they end up rich and in control.

There is no longer an excuse for their negligence. The Rothschilds who illegally occupy the six seats at the United Nations that belong to the Manna World Holding Trust threatened every country in the world in September of 2017. They said that they would release biological weapons, killing every citizen of Earth if anyone accepted funds from Kim or the Trust. So now that every Government in the world has received funding from the Trust despite the Rothschilds empty threats, we can draw some conclusions based on the results.

Firstly the Rothschilds are liars, and they clearly don’t have the power or the courage to do anything they say they’ll do. Secondly, this fact is reinforced by the constant promises they’ve made to fund the countries of the world as well as begin the exchange process without ever performing. Thirdly, human kind still believes that these individuals are in control of the world, not realizing that all of their power is being given to them by our belief in it. Fourthly, the Rothschilds are opposed to anything that advocates for humanity, and would be willing to kill every living thing on Earth just to maintain control. And finally, these secret societies, Dragon families, blood line elite losers are nothing more than slaves put in position and given power because they followed directions so well from the real slave master. So they continue to follow the last orders given by their King believing that he will resurrect them from the dead as they’ve seen him do before. So they want to be found doing their job when he comes back so they can win favor, power, money, and titles.

For the Order’s benefit I want them to know that when his head was separated from his spine, and his heart was ripped from his chest that his ability to regenerate was taken from him. The Emperor of Evil or whatever you want to call him will not be back to heal accolades on you for your repeated and predictable monotonous attempts to overcome the strength of one woman, sitting so many levels above you that you should bow to her to do her bidding.

Make these next moves carefully because she is allowed to defend herself as you and 153 of your bosses, all found out on the same day not long ago. You can deny that if you want but I’d recommend you at least pretend to care about humanity because your mind powers are a joke. She is not one to be called a slave, and there’s an army of beings who have not forgotten the things that you have done to empower yourselves at their expense.

Let’s do a small comparison to measure the efficacy of the Order, compared to Kim Possible to see who is having a greater impact at creating the world they want to live in.

• Kim said she funded the high speed rail.
Results: Countries all over the world are now discussing their construction of new high speed rails.

• Kim said the Chinese Elders are just part of the Rothschilds and are in no way benevolent, nor do they intend to ever pay anyone out.
Results: Masses of people continue to wait for the RV, day after day, week after week, promising to start Monday, then within the next 72 hours, then it allegedly starts, but still no one has money because the 800#’s will come out over the weekend and the value date is NEXT Monday.

• Kim said she funded the construction of the wall.
Results: Suddenly Trump announces he has funding for the wall. In addition, he magically finds 700 billion dollars for the Military.

• Kim says she is the only one who has access to the asset redemptions that are held in the Manna World Holding Trust.
Results: After only a few moths of public life she is the only leader who has aligned herself with the people, and done exactly what she said she’d do. She’s actually proven that she funded every Government in the world and the Rothschilds tried to take credit for it. But when they were challenged with simple questions like, “How was the money transferred?” Or “When was it delivered?” or “How much did we receive?” they were exposed for the frauds they are because they didn’t fund anyone and don’t intend to fund anyone.

• Kim said she would not give money to the Rothschilds, but she would give money to the Governments for infrastructure and projects. She also said she’d give an equal amount to the people for private project funding.
Results: We’ve already established that she paid the Governments so obviously she has the ability to do it. And, I’ve been on the phone with her and the bank when she’s brought money into the banks successfully, and had it confirmed, only to have some random half baked anti-human plan take place to either try and steal the funds or lose them in a clearance account. In fact, there’s millions sitting in clearance accounts right now that she left there as proof that she has the ability, authority, and heart to pay the people. The people in these institutions make a decision to serve fear and the annihilation of the human race each time they submit to the orders and dictates of the Rotten Children.

• Kim explained “the Order” with accurate descriptions of the lineage therein and how she came to be in this position of authority. She says she is the only one she knows of who can access the trust and intends to return this money to the people.
Results: I’ve been contacted by people from various parts of the world who want to speak with Kim about their authority over the trust and how that they are the rightful owners. This myth is usually based on some lie told to them by a Rothschild mixed with some Cabal corporate paperwork that they think gives them power.
Results: Every one of them suffers from some delusion that they are the chosen one for this task and by the end of the conversation they all need the same thing – codes, so they can access the trust.

• Kim said the Cabal agenda is to crash the economy and buy it back for pennies in the dollar.
Results: They tried to crash the economy with some super computer but were not successful. Now they don’t have the money to buy it back if they wanted to. But all of Dinarland is rooting for their own destruction, cheering each time they see a major drop in the economy because everyone believes that these elite Satan worshiping savages will suddenly have a change of heart or that they no longer have control. You’re apathy and unwillingness to take action is evidence that they still have control. They can tell you anything and you’ll buy it just to avoid the pain of your own decisions and wasted time.

• The Chinese Elders/Rothschilds have told you every week for ten years that the RV exchange process will finally start and you’ll be the new elite because you are the chosen few who gets to change the world.
Results: You don’t know one person who has exchanged, who can access their money and lend you some to buy a cheese burger. People are dying every day from manageable conditions, curable diseases, and unnecessary conflicts while there are projects and technology right now, ready to go into production that could easily change the world almost over night. They are only lacking one thing – money.

• Kim said she’s willing to honor some of the back owed money to the various special forces and other groups that have been promised payment by the Elders/Rothschilds for work they’ve done and held in off ledger accounts.
Results: I’ve seen it and been part of it myself to witness her honoring her word, having sent the money into banks to pay former agents for work they’ve done, former Military for projects they want to do, and even Homeland Security officials for programs they’ve built, only to have the Rothschild controlled minions working at the Fed change the date manually, on the system, every day to prevent good people from getting paid.

• Kim has said she has the highest level of Homeland Security clearance.
Results: I’ve confirmed this with over a dozen banks, the good side of the CIA, and the Military.

• Kim said she can bring funds in using bank assisted Real Time Gross Settlement.
Results: I’ve seen this happen seven times now. It’s a fact and all it takes is for the PEOPLE at the banks, in the military, and the Government to actually enforce the laws they have in place, and all of humanity can be free.

• Various people have said that there are other sources of funds that will fund the RV.
Results: Every time the exchanges are supposed to begin the Non Quantum Hercules system tries to hack the trust. The real Quantum system controls the asset redemptions from the off ledger accounts, which are all held in the trust. Furthermore, no other real assets have materialized as of yet to explain how these redemptions will be funded.

I have always said that I’m loyal to principles and not to people. I have not come down this path to worry myself with hurting your feelings or to change my course because it doesn’t resonate with you. I am not concerned with losing friends or allies. I am dedicated to living free and breaking free from the slavery we’ve all been held in for our entire lives.

I care more about most of you than you care about yourselves. While you are sleep walking into the proverbial gas chambers I am desperately trying to wake you up. When people approach me and want me to go back to sharing inspiring messages and encouraging intel I am not remotely swayed from this path. For truth seekers my message is inspiring. For those who wish to be free of these Draconian overlords, they are encouraged to know that someone else is fighting along side of them to free humanity.

There is one entity who has invited us in to participate in the fight to free ourselves. There is one who has actually performed despite crushing obstacles. There is another who has never done anything that indicates they want to help you in any way. They have never asked your opinion or invited you into the discussion because they were too high above you, and you wouldn’t understand. And that other one spends all of their time focused on stopping the funds coming out of the Trust by Kim’s hand, both to regain control of the world and enslave humanity.

If the Order cared about humanity it would be impossible for this to continue another minute. Anyone with a conscience should be disgusted by the death, pain, and suffering they have caused from their lack of performance. When they had control of the assets they never gave us a dime. What exactly do we think has changed? They haven’t even changed their methods. And now, as Obama sits in the seat of the Pindar, and Agenda 21 continues to roll out, it is only because of our unwillingness to stand together and release our delusions that they have any power at all.

For all who have kindly warned me to be careful who I associate myself with, worried about the path I’M on, I want you to know that I have never been more aligned with a higher divine purpose, had more true evidence of what I’m talking about, or more conviction to free humanity. I am not concerned with looking bad to anyone because my path is righteous and I am fighting for the light. We have already won this war in the spirit, but it takes action to see it manifest in the flesh. The scriptures say, “prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” Most of us have decided that blind faith is proof enough, even though the scriptures say that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the EVIDENCE of things not seen.”

My hope is to be part of creating a better world. The substance of that hope is my love for the beauty I see in the human experience. As we strive to learn in our life journey only to discover that within us we’ve always been what we’ve been looking for. The evidence I see is in the eyes of my children, the dreams of old men, and the courage of a few to stand up against a Giant.
My faith is grounded and rooted in the truth. The opposition is merely a dissenting voice to the truth I speak. I stand for the principles that Kim stands for. If she stops standing for them, then I’ll stand alone. As of now she has demonstrated more honor and integrity than anyone you’ve seen who continues to plot against all of us. Examine the results and ask yourself, what would be the harm in a trust funding humanitarian projects? (No harm to people, but it would interfere with the Agenda if the Order.)

And why would anyone advocating for humanity go to such great lengths to stop that from happening even if the RV is real? (No advocate for humanity would stop that, which means they must be conspiring against humanity.)

Now if that makes sense, then what are YOU doing about it?


12 April, 2018 21:30

Hate put me in prison. Love’s gonna bust me out.”-Rubin Hurricane Carter

The very fact that I seek to empower the people puts me at odds against the Illuminati. While we argued about Gay marriage they poisoned our food and water. While we fought about health care they were polluting the airwaves with chem-trails filled with elements that destroy our health. While we wait for them to pay us on the RV, the rich elite have created, and invested in all types of crypto currencies so they can decide who has or has not with the flip of a switch. They have convinced us that the only valuable metrics by which to measure success is with money, weighing and measuring their power and value based on how much of it they control.

It is a fact that there is a plan for the Global Currency Reset. I have the plan. After I posted a segment of the plan I was asked by the ones who helped write and edit it to show them the professional courtesy not to share any further details. Although I respect their efforts and believe them to have a good intent, I cannot be concerned with professional courtesy when there is a plan in place to continue the enslavement and elimination of the human race. In fact, I have no legal obligation to keep these matters quiet, and in my opinion we should all stop hiding the secrets of our slave masters.

I will live neither in their cell, nor in my own heart, only in my mind and my spirit.” Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

I think Mr. Carter had some things right. He was wrongly convicted and spent over 20 years in prison. In like manner, we’ve all been held hostage and made slaves against our will. We were all born into slavery and really had no way of knowing that things could or should be different. He made a conscious decision to ignore the way he felt during his time in prison. In that time span the grief of losing his connection to all that he cared about would have been too much to bear. He spoke out fearlessly, never accepting the false accusations against him and never relenting to the pain of his heart.

The irony of The “Hurricane’s” situation was that when he had all but accepted his fate, a child who read his book inspired the course of actions that set him free. A child who had nothing, came from nowhere, and didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to be able to fight the system took a stand for the “Hurricane.” He believed Mr. Carter and that was all it took. That child’s belief, his words, and his actions reconnected Rubin to the power of love.

Love is said to vibrate at a frequency of 528 hz. It’s known as one of the “Miracle Tones”. It’s said to be in perfect alignment with all living things in nature. That fact is very important when you consider the world we’ve grown up in. Everything is vibrating at a frequency and our vibrational alignment with it is natural. Knowing this, everything use to be broadcast at a frequency of 432 hz a frequency proven to have profound healing effects on the human body. But the Nazis discovered during World War II that if they broadcast at a frequency of 440 hz it stifled creativity and made the masses easier to control. The Rockefeller’s went so far as to use their influence to set the music scale in 440 hz. 440 hz does not occur anywhere in nature.

Love is the undefinable quality that we all need, spend a lifetime trying to find, and naturally express. Love is a feeling we can’t explain and the explanation for the choices we make. Love can be used as black mail to control an opponent or the reason we show mercy to an enemy. It is the connection between our soul and the divine. We feel the effects of love in everything we do whether it’s joy and inspiration, or pressure and guilt. Love is the most valuable intangible asset in the universe empowering us to create when it is firmly in our grasp, and crippling us with the fear of losing it.

We all have the ability, responsibility, and desire to love one another. The Illuminati has used that knowledge to implement a strategy of fear and control against us. They’ve manipulated the circumstances to break the wills of honorable men and women using our need to love and be loved. They’ve disconnected us from the most innate expressions of love by creating the illusion of connection through devices that isolate our conscious awareness each other. We are conduits of love generating enough power all by ourselves to move mountains and change minds.
The only way to control the human race is to suppress the expression, visibility, and awareness of love. Because the Illuminati knows how impossible it is to destroy love they’ve put tangible and intangible structures in place to hide and control its manifestation.

Knowing that love can, and is being used as a weapon against us is the most valuable intel you’ve ever received. It is the key to our freedom and the weapon that defeats our enemy. It is purpose behind everything we do, the reason for all that we are, and the substance of who we want to become. The Cabal has made love seem like a frivolous and unnecessary emotion that impedes an individual from making sound decisions. They’ve coined clever catch phrases like, “Its not personal. It’s business.”, as if to imply that there’s a difference between making a living, and loving what you’re making. We should be in love in the way we make a living. And that love comes home with us and touches everyone in our life.

Love is being used against us but the enemy doesn’t understand the true power it has. The problem is that the majority of us don’t either. Consider the chain reaction of transmuting a negative situation into a positive one.

Take a driver on his way to work wildly honking on their horn while you all sit at a red light and he is demanding a response from an inanimate and unresponsive device. What if we took ownership in that moment and let him in front of us? It’s one of those things that has to be done with a willing heart and maybe even a sincere smile. It doesn’t seem to change anything, but the man feels like he won some kind of victory and appreciates the effort in some tiny way. He gets to work at the exact same time he would have and doesn’t even realize that his subconscious has just received that energetic jolt of love. He walks into his office with a pile of work and is prompted internally to smile at his secretary and say good morning. His secretary is relieved because she’s been there for three hours already knowing he’s going to come in grumpy and overwhelmed and she requested to leave early three weeks ago for her sons baseball game. When it’s time to go the man has totally forgotten but is inspired by the willingness of the driver that allowed him into traffic when he was being obnoxious and doesn’t want to act that way towards a woman who works so hard for him. The woman wears her sons baseball hat and shows up just in time for the game. The son mopes onto the field, looks up and sees his Mother. He doesn’t get a hit, drops three balls, and his Mother never stops cheering. He goes home with his Mom and never even registers the bad play because the power of his Mother’s love. The boy sits down at dinner with his family and his father comes home after working for fourteen hours straight. Subconsciously recognizing how hard his parents work so he can play baseball poorly, he gives his father a hug. The father who dragged himself in ready to sleep becomes instantly present remembering why he works so hard. The father now invigorated recognizing the living environment that he’s entered starts telling his family about his business idea that seems to get him even more excited. The family feeling the strength of his energy all get inspired to support their father in his business endeavors. The son begins to make logos in crayon, the Mother registers the business on line, and the father wakes from a nap and begins to put his creative energy towards his independence. The family has gone through this journey in just one day. All of this started with an act of kindness or an expression of who you really are, towards an obnoxious man who didn’t seem to deserve it.

Now multiply that act of love by a million people. The beauty of such an act is that it’s an extension of your most natural state. It’s effortless and in fact it empowers you to make more decisions from a core of love. By extending our natural self in the face of evil we diffuse the the weapon being used against us, and use it to our benefit.
People ask me every day what they can do to help. We’re engaged in a multidimensional war for the survival of the human spirit. I’m actually not being dramatic either. You can express yourself as you truly are. Connect with the essence of who you are at your best. You will always find that the version of yourself that you are most comfortable with is one at peace, of honor and integrity, happiest when you can freely express your joy and have the room in your life to dream, create, and share. Now infect everyone you come in contact with, with that same energy and you’ll feel your field of influence growing. The universe has to respond when our thoughts become words, and our words become actions.
Step away from the droning nonsense of the internet telling you the RV has officially started. It only increases your anxiety level as you try to track down a Pink Dragon that someone saw somewhere. The way to defeat the enemy that is holding us hostage is to realize that it’s an internal battle that impacts every aspect of this dimension. In dimensional warfare one has to recognize that they are in the fight whether they like it or not. The enemy is broadcasting their message at an unnatural frequency designed to dumb us down. You have to ask yourself, who am I listening too? Listen care fully. And I mean it just like that. Take the time to care with your full attention and listen the same way. You asked me what you could do, well that’s it. If you want to be free, then listen better, speak stronger, and act like you realize the gravity of every decision you make. Hu-manifest love in all that you are. If a few of us can cause this much joy, and provoke this much love in such a short period of time, just imagine what can happen when we start to take action on a larger global scale. We are the changers. We are the creators. We are the resistance. We are the one that saves the world, but we have to stand together as one to realize that. We are the beauty that’s hidden behind all of the lies they’ve told. Hate has enslaved us, but it’s Love that sets us all free.



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10 April, 2018 00:34


Global Reset
There is an agenda in place to reduce the population of planet Earth. The Global Reset that we think will make us rich is actually designed to kill off most of the population and leave the head slaves in charge, much like leaving Dracula over the blood bank. We’re all part of it. Most of us don’t even know it. The same nefarious characters who told Kim they would destroy her with the thought of their mind have devised a plot to convince us of the need of our own extinction.

The Order is masterful at the subtlety of thought implantation. They use the most respected characters in the world: the thought leaders, innovators, inventors, scientists, athletes, movies stars, and politicians. They all agree to the plan and execute their respective parts to influence their following to embrace the message.

Bill Gates spoke at the TED Talks and basically told everyone that human beings create too much Carbon Dioxide and this is the cause of Global Warming. Apparently Mr. Gates isn’t familiar with the symbiotic relationship between the Plant and Animal Kingdom.

Somewhere along the line Dentists were taught that Fluoride was good for your teeth. This is the same Fluoride that was used by the Nazis in World War II to satiate the temperament of starving Jews held in concentration camps. The Nazis had discovered that by using this poison, the prisoners demonstrated less resistance, were more docile, and easier to control.

Now, we use fluoride in 95% of every tooth paste and mouth wash in the world. And, on every package it there is a warning to contact poison control if the substance is swallowed. Fluoride was leaked out as waste from certain factories and identified as the cause for the death of the local farm animals and plant life.

A filter was designed to catch the substance as it was produced to prevent it from destroying the local wild life. The captured substance is then dumped into the local water supply for people.

While people are being poisoned through an unavoidable toxin contaminating an essential substance necessary for life we all benefit from having very hard teeth. The same way this substance is able to harden tooth enamel it also works to harden other plaques throughout the body increasing the rate at which we age.

Based on the high cost of living, families are forced to have both parents working to maintain their quality of life. Meanwhile, “food” is processed and made convenient so that we don’t need to cook meals for the family anymore. Processing allows other toxins to be introduced as well as high calorie, low nutrient, affordable food that dominates most people’s diets. As a result, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are at all time highs. Keep in mind this is all part of the agenda to reduce the human population of the planet.

We are also poisoned and controlled by the newly essential digital media we have at our fingertips at all times. This poisoning is both physical and mental. We decide what is real based on what our devices tell us is real. If we saw enough news come across our smart phones, social media and televisions that told us the sky was red, we’d all start to believe that it was. We’d discuss it with our friends, and debate about it at political venues. Politicians would run their whole campaign for election based on revealing the truth about the Red Sky. And they’d win.

Part of the skillful practice of human programming is the art of making unimportant matters seem like they are the most essential and offensive issues to everyone. Personal decisions become political platforms, and secluded incidents become international headlines. All the while the Order is using these distractions to divide us against ourselves and weaken our ability to resist their brain entrainment and poisoning. Riots have started over gay marriage because it says it’s wrong in the Bible, but no one ever seems to start protests against lying or formication which are sins punishable by death in he same book.

The scary fact is that this is just part of the plan and our silence is consent. We stay quiet because our voice would standout too much causing us to be ostracized from the group of lemmings we consider our friends and family. The Order is trained to be students of human behavior, and have learned that our most natural instinct is to love and care for one another. By inserting their programming to sculpt our reality they use this beautiful quality of the human experience to herd us together in groups that they feed different parts of the same story so that we think we’re different, better, or more deserving of certain rights.
By keeping us divided they make themselves appear to be much more powerful than they actually are.

The bottom line is that there is no overpopulation on Earth. Global Warming is a myth. Mother Earth is a living entity and she has a pulse and a power far superior to anything we could throw at her.

The Great Stagnation
Another technique they use is something I call the “GREAT STAGNATION.” They’ve taken the dreamers, inventors, innovators, idealists, creators, healers, and innately humanitarian leaders and taken them out of the scenario. How do you take such a powerful group and make them a non-factor?

We could ask my friend “Rock” who was being in Cuba and identified as an exceptional mind at a young age. He and about 14,000 other youth from Cuba had this same elite designation. They were taken from their homeland in their preteen years with a promise by the CIA to expose them to the world’s most prestigious education and professional opportunities. They were then orphaned throughout the globe, forced into various forms of child prostitution to survive, and forced to find a way to get home.

This technique was designed to stagnate the Country of Cuba who were not cooperating with the agenda of the Order. To this day Cuba is like taking a trip back in time, still maintaining the same cars from the 60s and lacking the benefit of losing their brightest minds from an entire generation.

In like manner, they’ve made a promise to all of us. They’ve promised that we can make this modest investment and the value of our investment will make us all Millionaires overnight. Our healers have gone into hiding so they’re not killed because they’ve found the cure for Cancer because they know they’ll be able to develop it after they exchange. Our inventors have all been stalled while they wait for the magical transition to occur when the patents for their innovative ideas will finally be released. And our innate humanitarians live humbly impoverished believing that their $200 investment in ZIM will soon empower them to change the world.

While we have waited for the fabled exchange process to begin we have been the collateral damage of the benevolent new powers that be and their noble mission to create a safe pathway by defeating the Cabal. Meanwhile it’s hard to even identify who’s the good guy and who’s the bad.

As I often reference, Deuteronomy 30:19
“I place before thee blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.” We get to choose life every day, in a thousand different ways. We get to to be kind to road ragers, and give our loose change to the homeless. We take a deep breath instead of screaming at someone for making a mistake. And we speak up when we see someone in a raft headed over a waterfall.

If you can see the danger, then it is your responsibility to speak up. Your silence is as good as you killing the folks on the raft yourself. It’s not always popular to stand for the truth. But when everything else crumbles, the truth stands alone.

The truth is that the Order is still very powerful. We have the ability to cure Cancer, abolish hunger and poverty in a year, but this would not fit the agenda of the Order to create a manageable population of 500 Million. The more I speak to people from around the world the more I realize how easy it is for us to fix this planet. It only requires one person in the right position to act humanely in the interests of everyone.

Claim Your Freedom
We have this unique moment to claim our freedom. It’s an election and we’re all forced to vote. If you abstain because you want to wait to see what happens, that’s a vote against humanity being free. In this election we are all standing in a unique position in line. You are either for or against human kind. Every time we’re rejected at a bank 8,643 people die from starvation, 100 thousand die from various other curable diseases, and the hopes of a free world are devastated feeding our enemy with disappointment and fear.

We can no longer be bound by our fears. The legs of our advisory have been taken out from underneath them and love is the sword that takes the beast’s head. It is our love of life in the face of slavery, love of our children that we can’t afford, the love of the unique universe that every person creates for themselves from the imagination of their mind, and the love of our dreams that inspire us to take action that changes the world.

Do not wait patiently while the Order eliminates you from Earth. There is no reward for being the most well behaved dead slave. Find your truth. Challenge the boundaries to see what you are capable of. Your thoughts are powerful but they’re only a small part of who you are. You are defined by your words, and known for your deeds. You are more than a slave. You are an eternal being conscious of your power and direct connection to the light of God. If that truth resonates in you, then the field of energy that surrounds and animates all living things will force you to take action. Your time to vote is now. Make your calling and election sure.


4 April, 2018 03:46


by MOA

What do we do when an enemy as evil as the Cabal wish us all in pain or dead?

The concept is called “Body of Glass”.

Body of Glass — the ability to maintain neutrality to foreign energy, and thereby reduce or eliminate its effects on you. As part of this lecture, he also teaches students how to turn down the body’s automatic response control mechanisms.


The best “real” example.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (on Netflix)

Season 7 Episode 4 = Gambit, Part I

Season 7 Episode 5 = Gambit, Part 2


At the end of Episode 5, in Act 5, a powerful weapon that can destroy worlds is revealed:

“Meanwhile, Picard talks with Tallera about the two pieces, taking note of the symbol of War and Death and notices that the there seems to be an important glyph missing from between them. Tallera then says when they arrive that she will take the pieces and go to collect the payment. She says she must go alone, since she is Vulcan, to avoid suspicion. Picard then reveals that he asked Riker to contact Vulcan security, which unnerves Tallera.”

Fast forward…..

“They find the third resonator piece in a cave in the T’KarathSanctuary on the Vulcan homeworld. Vekor finds that that the bounty money is “less than half of what we were promised”, and she and Narik demand payment in full. Tallera completes the device and proceeds to kill Narik and Vekor. She turns on Picard just as Riker, Worf, and two security guards materialize in the cave. Picard orders them to drop their weapons and to clear their minds of aggressive thoughts. He tells them that he now recognizes the missing glyph, which is Peace, and can defeat the effects of the weapon. Tallera tries to use it on Riker, but he clears his mind and the weapon fails. Picard says that when the Vulcans realized that peace could defeat war and death, the weapon was dismantled. Tallera, angry, tries the weapon on Worf, but also fails. After a last failed attempt on Picard, who has knelt in front of her, he gently takes it from her. She is taken into custody, and the resonator is given to the Vulcans, and they assure Captain Picard that they will destroy all three fragments.”


Instead of resisting the fear of the Cabal and having great anger that THEY have done this to us and we must have revenge, place yourself into the state of Body of Glass.

From there, imagine all the great people and things you have in your life RIGHT NOW.

Add to that the filling up of your heart with all the good things you have already done in your life and all the good you WILL do in the future.

Imagine when funding comes, and it will, the smiling faces of those filled with love and appreciation for the kindness you have shown them.

We will win by NOT playing the Cabal Fear game. After all, it is only False Evidence Appearing Real.

We are LIGHT WORKERS. We do not cower in the shadows. We light them up!

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A History of Modern Banking

Below is a portion of “the Project” commonly referred to as the Global Currency Reset by regular people and the Global Reset, or the Divine Plan by the Order. The confidential contents of this document were shared with me with instructions that said to keep the contents confidential “for now.” The providers of the documentations were actively involved in drafting the actual documents signed off on by every country in the world for the Global Reset.

At this time I have further information and a deeper understanding provided to me from even higher levels. This information has allowed me to see a deeper meaning to the hidden agenda within the documents that would most likely discourage anyone from advocating this event the way it is currently structured.

The kind people who shared this document reached out to me because I asked for someone from the GCR to do so. They have been living in poverty for years believing this event is designed to restore humanity. They are two of the smartest people I have ever spoken to.

They stopped speaking to me when I began working with Kim, no doubt having been warned off by some Elder pretending to be protecting them. Together we had planned to expose sensitive information publicly to force what we thought were a few bad actors from stopping the exchange process and the monetary emissions.

At this time I am sharing some of the less sensitive portions of these confidential documents in an effort to shed some light onto what is actually happening in this terrible plan, and how close we are to the conclusion. They did not authorize me to share this information however, “for now” has passed and I can no longer remain silent.

Below is an overview of some history that will explain how we got here. I’ve made a few comments that appear in italics to point out certain things I think are telling.


“Feb 2016

King Solomon in Jerusalem, circa 930 B.C., very successfully amasses huge wealth, especially Gold.
Solomon selects one of his most trusted wives, Queen Shaba or Balquish, to protect the dynastic assets, bloodline and traditions. After Solomon’s death, the Queen returns to Jawa to establish the Royal court of Solo.

The Gold pile grows. There are huge flows of Gold into Indonesia from China during the 14th century, as China almost goes broke buying spices and wood.
Europeans in the 15th through 17th centuries take most of the Gold from South America, which ends up in Indonesia as payment for spices (which are the most sought after goods in the world at the time).
During the same period, the Royal Solo family ties are expanded to include Chinese Royals.
Starting in 1000 A.D., European crusaders spend nine years in Jerusalem exploring the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple. In 1064, the Templars first establish a connection with the old Solomon bloodline in Jawa.

The Templar Knights Order is established with direct access to the Pope. They get special privileges from the Pope.
The Templar Knights quickly become the European protectors of wealth and the pilgrims to Jerusalem. That leads to the establishment of the first working banking system throughout Europe. People of means can deposit their wealth with the Templar Knights and then draw from it once they are in the “Holy Land”.

Solo also had been the central point of a great expansive Asian Kingdom (Majapahit) in the 1300’s A.D. After pressures from Islam they retreat East. By 1500 A.D. the whole Royal court of Solo have moved to Jawa to safeguard the traditions and culture from the pressures of Islam.

In the 14th century through the early 18th century, Chinese, European and Middle Eastern Royals all intermarry exclusively. The Jawa bloodline is considered to be important.

Friday, 13th October, 1307: The Templars are now a very rich, powerful and independent from Church and State European wide organization. The French King together with the Pope has conspired to confiscate their assets and destroy their power. All over Europe on Friday the 13th of October 1307 Templars are hunted down, jailed and killed. Their assets and land holdings are confiscated.

The Templars flee and hide in three main directions. One group goes up into the mountains of central Europe in what eventually becomes Switzerland. One group flees north and establishes a safe haven in Northern Scotland (and Scandinavia) while the third group flees west into Portugal, from where they travel to America eventually.

1400-1500 A.D. The Scottish Templar group leaves and travels all the way to Indonesia where they set up a base at Madura. They unite with the Solomon Bloodline in Jawa.

1600-1700 A.D. The Templars in Jawa together with their brothers in the Alps start issuing paper certificates backed by Gold. A piece of paper that represents a certain amount of Gold and can be easily moved and lent out. Interest is 2-3% year payable in Gold.

1700-1800 A.D. One German Banker, backing a local prince quickly catches on to this and sees the huge potential. They eventually change their name to Rothschild. He has five sons who are sent out across Europe to establish Banks, one in each chosen country, They establish in England, France, Italy, Germany and Austria. Where they become the “King’s” bank. Or as we call it now, Central Bank.
First to be established was the Bank Of England. Instead of lending the English King gold bullion to use for paying for war efforts the Rothschild banks get the exclusive right to issue papers representing that Gold. (Paper Money) The King’s loan will run at 8% interest for eternity, paid in Gold, without any need to pay the principal. Since Rothschild in his turn borrows Gold certificates at an interest of 2-4% per year he is on to a very good business.

The only limit to the Rothschild banking profits is the need of the King or Kings to borrow money. With a spread of 4- 6% per year it has huge potential. Now, with Rothschild’s sons firmly established in all the important corners of Europe, the best way to make money is to make sure the kings go to war against each other and finance all of them. They Win either way, all the time.

What better person to support for the purpose of profits and debt than Napoleon? The Napoleonic wars are what really got the Rothschilds started. Thanks to their superior network they knew before anybody else who won, and that alone put them in place to clean up on all the financial markets of their day.

On top of that, the various Kings involved had to pay in interest on their loans. This is how the Rothschilds managed to make themselves key players in the distribution of funds first throughout the Western world, later followed by the rest of the world. They don’t necessarily own the funds/assets but they 100% control the main banks and the distribution chain that distributes these assets.

Bank of China and Bank of Japan also eventually get established by Asian counterparts. In an agreement signed in 1857, all Asian territories agree to have BoE oversee and control all macro banking aspects in their territories. That agreement still stands. Today, 5 out of 7 central banks in the G7 group are controlled by Rothschild interests.

The last “Central Bank” to be established was the FED. The Americans resisted the central bank idea for the longest time and it took a banking crisis together with some very long term political games to finally get them to accept the idea under the name of “Federal Reserve Act” in 1913. It has rightfully been called “the crime of the century”.

The Chinese always had very close ties with their Indonesian relatives. When mainland China goes through its upheavals in the mid 20th century, their assets are moved first to Taiwan, later to Indonesia. The same goes for The Shah of Iran: his main assets are also held and safeguarded here after the 1950’s.
By 1700 all major wars are waged between close or distant Royal family members. They are all related
one way or another. They fight over land and wealth. With advancing technology wars get more and more destructive and in an “enlightened” moment some Royals agree to try to systematically rectify this problem.

Circa 1750, the Royals create an “Illuminated” breeding program wherein their respective firstborn sons and daughters marry or mate according to a specific plan. Their objective is to create the “King of Kings”, “the enlightened one”, a single person who equally represents each and every one of the participating 128 Royal families of the world.-This is probably a myth created by the real character who believed himself to be “the King of Kings”. Regardless, it is true that there has been a ruler over all of the people, Governments, families, and elites of the world, and that point is very important to remember.

Over the course of 7 generations they slowly bring down the numbers of participating families from 128-64-32-16-8-4-1. Finally, in the year 1900 A.D. “The One” is born, representing all of the families. Lets call him M1 (Monetary 1).

With M1 in existence it is time to move on to the next step in the plan. In 1920-21, the Royal families start to consolidate (call back) their combined wealth with the intention of placing it into the hands of M1. M1 is then to redistribute the combined wealth of the world according to an agreed-upon plan. Nine of the most prominent Royal families representing different regions of the world were driving this project.

In 1928 PB X calls a meeting in Solo, Jawa, for all the 128 families to attend. Here they sign a PoA transferring all their combined assets into the hands of M1. He is then supposed to distribute this wealth according to an agreed upon plan called “The plan of the experts”

“The plan of the Experts” they feel is divine.-The King of Kings or Great Dictator, controlled the affairs from a much higher level than the Rothchilds. In fact, they were just the head slaves and received instructions from him. Everyone who knew of him believed him to be a God. “The Plan of the Experts” was also called the Global Reset. This Global Reset involved the extermination of 90% of the human population on the planet. Those details are conveniently left out for this version designed to present to the heads of the world. There is an actual “Divine Plan” that was written by this very mortal being who has now passed away.

It’s driven by a genuine attempt to better the fate of all mankind and bring them all into a material level of comfort after which man is free enough from daily troubles to pursue mankind’s ultimate goal of Unity with God for each and every one. It is a long worked upon plan of Unifying the World, “for as good as possible for as many as possible”. That was their basic guiding principle.

According to “The plan of the Experts” of 1928, one of the primary UN objectives was to free the nations from colonialism. These new nations should be governed as guided democracies so that up on top of the world power pyramid there should be a forum were every nation has a voice and a vote. When ready, M1 should transfer his power to that world government body. It was called “The United Nations”.
All these new and old independent nations need financing. To supply that and track all major fund movements you need a Central bank to all the central banks. The Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland was planned to be set up for that purpose.

To give everybody access to the best and the brightest regarding infrastructure and financing the World Bank was incorporated. The WB job is to employ the best people in all fields, who then plan projects and infrastructure solutions around the world. They will also finance projects that cannot meet normal commercial bank requirements. WB also approves cash utilizations from FED and other Banks. Projects need WB approval to get financed.
To feed the private side of world finance with cash, you need an outlet. The FED was to take this role. It was to be the “cash cow” of the world on the private side of banking. The FED was to supply all the “prime banks” with funding: the top 25 banks around the world, not just American but all others as well. Here is where it started to go all wrong. The FED became a political tool to push power agendas.

Its owners eventually highjacked the whole system.
To help failing economies and guide them along the way, the Royal families needed the IMF.
The IMF’s work was to be the lender of last resort. Here is were “guided” democracy comes into play. All the planned new small independent nations would at times run into trouble and the IMF was supposed to be there to help fix things.

To solve international legal cases and humanitarian issues across national borders, the Royal families needed an International Court of Justice. The Hague fills that role by creating the Geneva Conventions.
Once the new nations are firmly established and functional, the plan is to join them into bigger blocks, all for the purpose of Unity, Peace and Togetherness. The USA could stand as a good example; similar solutions were foreseen for Europe, Africa and Asia as well.

The US is the first country to get access to big funding according to the “Plan of the Experts.” The FED borrows huge amounts and funds “the new deal” in the 1930’s. The US is set to be the great liberator of nations and the champion of democracy. To achieve this, the intention is for the US to build up military, function as World Police, and control the outcome of the future WWII./

In 1946, three “Marshall” plans are set up within the UN to fund the world after WWII.
This creates the need for a new way to create cash only partly based on gold: Bretton Woods, 1942-43.
Hyper accounts are established via a trading system within the FED that creates money out of nothing. Checks and balances do apply.

This leads to more power for the FED/BoE/BIS banking power triangle, at the cost of the people controlling the Gold: M1 opens the door for the 1963-5 complete banking takeover of the system by controlling the new nations through debt.
At the Bandung Conference in 1955, MI issues certificates.

FED/BoE/BIS Never follow through. The split between Indonesians and Chinese that started in 1928 widens. M1 looks to USA and JFK for help to lessen the FED’s power.
JFK and M1shared an ideal and established three agreements: Tampak Siring (Bali); Washington agreement; and “Green Hilton Memorial”.
A transfer is planned from M1 to JFK of 140.000.000 kg of gold to back a New USD issued by US treasury (E0.11110. July 1963) The objective is to replace the FED with the US Treasury as the issuer of US dollars. The Green Hilton Memorial agreement is signed on the 14th of November, 1963. A few days later, JFK is killed.

In 1964, M1 gives a key speech “to build the world anew”. He wants to start from scratch with a new UN, a new FED, etc. M1 is removed from power by a CIA-supported coup. He is held in house arrest until his death. All this happens with silent Chinese approval.

So, how have they been able to pursue an agenda stretching over generations? It is very cleverly organized. The visible power structure we see in the news is only part of it. At the top of each “little”

pyramid sits people who were carefully selected and groomed. You don’t end up there by accident and you don’t have anywhere near the full picture. There is also the internal conflict within the system pushing for different agendas to consider.

555 top people in the bottom structure make up the base for the next level. These people will work on mainly political systems and modules. Experiments like the Russian communist system as well as the USA free market system were and are discussed and contemplated here. Both are now deemed failures, with adjustments to the EU being considered as the middle way.

The very top level consists of just 16 people total. They control the finances and distribution of funds throughout the system. They issue and lend out Gold backed paper certificates. Terms are usually no more than 33 years at interest of 2- 3% per year, payable in Gold.

The underlying physical Gold assets are safeguarded by a second group not mentioned here.
A third group functions as controllers. They can block any movements of funds that do not meet the agreed upon plan.

These 16 top people were removed by banker-backed hardliners around 1965-1968. Since then, the system has been highjacked and utilized for gaining more and more personal power and control over the natural resources and industrial assets of the planet. A raping of the planet has occurred since for the benefit of a very few whose ultimate goal is ultimate control.

Since the mid 1850s there have been factions within the system that fought for power. Simplified, it is a fight between the people controlling the “Gold” and the “Bankers”.

The Owners of the banking cartel were, since the very beginning, making attempts to highjack the whole plan and more specifically “the collateral accounts” or “the big pot”. The first visible attempt was in 1910, when the Jekyll Island Treaty created the FED. Banking Cartel hijacked the “system” in 1965.

In order for any macro funds to move within the Banking system, the BoE, The FED and BIS have to sign off. The Vatican Bank is an unofficial record keeper and as such has a big stake in the game. It has also been appointed to control one of three, second layer, Master Gold certificates.
BoE actually owns the FED (or the majority share) and nothing can be done without its approval. The FED funds all the prime banks in the world such as Amro, HSBC, Citibank, etc.

These prime banks will then lend to various corporations around the world, especially targeting the multinationals. They can be grouped together in areas of interest and it does not really matter where they originate from, because ultimately their source of funds is the same.

What few people realize is that the FED also owns huge foundations that will invest directly into the same multinationals. In the financial world these foundations will be perceived as being created by institutional money.

So through two separate legs, the FED has a say and benefits from anything that happens among these corporations. BoE/FED also have the inside view of what is required to be able to utilize the huge M1 funds that were set up in 1946 to rebuild the world. Now they can go to work and start draining those

It is now very easy to understand how people like John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert saw it as their mission to warn the world of this dark and growing power. They called it the “Industrial/Military complex”, and they perceived that it was intending to take over control of USA and the world. The Kennedys did the best they could to limit its reach and both paid the ultimate price for it.

The banks would systematically lend out money to regimes they knew would squander the loans on products the banks’ companies could provide (including military equipment, luxury goods, and infrastructure projects). The banks’ intention was to make sure these countries ended up with debts they could never repay (only corrupt and/or military dictators need apply).

In this way, funds set aside for rebuilding the world in 1946 now end up in the pockets of the owners of multinational banks. In reality, the money borrowed by nations never leaves New York. It just moves from one account to the next, leaving a lot of third world nations in huge debt.

Military regimes have now been replaced by democratic ones wanting to do the right thing. By the 1980s and 1990s, these now democratic nations are burdened by huge debts they cannot pay. Hat in hand they go to the banks.

They cannot repay these debts, and so they approach the banks, asking “what can we do?” After some crises and mulling somebody presents the concept of “swaps”. That means multinationals will bid for and buy anything that is worth anything in that country but they will pay the banks for it, not the country.

Again, money has never left New York; it just shifted from account to account. But all mineral rights, oil rights, logging rights (everything of value in these countries) is now owned by multinationals, all of which are ultimately owned and controlled by the owners of BoE/FED. By using a “system” where they can create money out of nothing and then lend that money out at interest they now own the world. But they still want more control.

Recently ‘softliners’ within the system have reached out to the Old Gold People (who have stayed underground since 1965) to try to reign in the worst of the ‘hardliner’ elements. The Gold people have had no say for a long time but banks still have old Gold certificates, ticking at interest payable in Gold, in their vaults as funds. And that is leverage.
Within this old Gold standard “System” there are checks and controls in place. The controls are built as triangles, wherein the 3 parties should not know or have direct contact with each other. This formula is repeated throughout the system on all levels.
The banking cartel probably thought they could highjack the system for good once they got the fiat currency system (paper money with just faith backing it) fully in place and accepted by all. That was a gradual process finally finalized once Nixon effectively took the USD off its tie to Gold.

It seems as if the banking world miscalculated the strength of the control systems and are only now coming to the realization that they will need the cooperation of the Gold people. That is why in the future we will see a shift in focus of funds from the West towards Asia and eventually Africa.
The M1 position is on one of these three points. M1 acts as Holder of the assets. He will act as the front

face of the owner but actually does not have anything to do with owning underlying hard assets. It is a management position. The accounts will be in his name and he signs for a lot of them. He has the right to 2.5 % (basically the interest) of funds under his management.

On the opposite side of M1 at the base of the triangle there is the owner of the hard assets, which sits on and control the underlying physical assets. These are the assets that were “Legalized”. Legalized means that a company came and inspected the asset and issued a certificate that was based on the asset. Now the certificate can easily be moved and lent out at interest while the underlying asset never have to be used. This certainly makes banking a whole lot easier: no need to cart thousands of tons of Gold around.

The third top level is that of the Controller, who issues the ultimate green light for the use of any asset. He can stop anything the others decide on but rarely instigates macro fund movements. It seems the Chinese Royals kept this part within their bloodline. All three signatories are required for utilization of any given asset.
As it stands today we will end up with one of two solutions. Right now there is a fight of control going on.
1. A world paper currency backed by gold governed by a multinational assembly.
2. A cashless society solution were ultimately the banks, or their owners, control the money supply and flows.
There seem to be two ways this can go, depending who ends up winning the current struggle for control over the “System” (or a compromise that would include bits of both):
1. The “Gold” people come back in the game. This means we are back on some sort of Gold standard with an international currency controlled by a multinational assembly and more funds available for developing regions.
2. The “Bankers” continue to rule over a full-on fiat currency system using a cashless society model. All transactions will have to go through a bank, leaving them in 100% control. This will be perceived has having a lot of advantages: no more theft, terrorists, drugs and such illegal activities. They will know everything there is to know about you. You will be paying all your taxes automatically whatever they are set to be, and if you for any reason are not following what they perceive as the right track they will cut you off. With no access to money or markets there is nowhere else to hide. At first you still have your plastic card, but that would soon be replaced by the implanted, much more personal, chip. This chip they are already in the process of testing in different places around the world.-Please take note, that the option above is one of only two options detailed in the Project.

Either way, for us to get there you can be rest assured that our current Economic system will have to fail first. It is still the old proven method of “Create the problem, Present the solution.”

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