13 August, 2018 06:55


It appears that when we look at a Yin Yang symbol that it represents the ongoing duality between good and evil. It also represents two opposing forces spinning in opposite directions while in perfect harmony. This is the key to creation.

In one direction spins the 6 creating a pole. While standing on that pole, the 9 stands on the other pole. Although they are going the same direction from our perspective, each number is at a different magnetic point making them mirror opposites.

The difference between the two numbers is 3. The two spinning energetic forces inspire a channel that makes a creative vortex. From this vortex emerges the Third Dimension. All things in this world have three parts. Atoms, the smallest particle and substance of all matter is made up of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. , a Cells are a Nucleolus, Nucleus, and a Cell Body. That already covers everything animated and inanimate that we can perceive with our five natural senses.

We’ve spent a lifetime cloaked in darkness with everything we’ve known being a lie on some level. Our oppressors wove spells, and mind control into every aspect of our life until we didn’t even aspire to be more than what we already were. Unfortunately, we have been ignorant of who we really are, or we’d never accept this powerless slavery matrix.

As always my goal is to empower the people, and claim our freedom, and I don’t think one can be empowered if he/she isn’t informed. Below is my basic understanding of how we got to this point. Hopefully it will assist you to coming to a more perfect understanding of how important it is for all of us to take a stand.


We all have a choice to make. Will we continue to remain ignorant waiting for someone else to save us and serve the darkness? Or will we choose to the light?

As for me and my house, we’ve already made that choice.


11 August, 2018 14:09


The story goes that Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the midst of the Garden there was also the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life was not forbidden, intact it was the preferred option. In Deuteronomy 30:19 it says, “I place before thee blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.” One could say that the Tree of Knowledge brought forth curses on all of man kind, where as obedience to what God directed them to do yielded life.

But the story seems to have some flaws that draw questions about God’s intent. Firstly, why place a tree in the midst of Eden that had the potential to destroy everything God had created? Secondly, why is the Devil in “the Garden”. It would seem that his presence immediately ruins the heavenly state that seems to have been created for mankind to exist within without resistance. And thirdly, why did God say “when” you eat if the tree, rather than “if”?

The obvious answer is that God was giving humankind the power of free will to exercise their choice as to who they wanted to be. On some level we make those choices everyday. But scriptures in Genesis say that Adam named all the animals of the ground, air, and sea in one day. Later in Mathew it clarifies that it was God who did that. Logically this implies that Adam was God.

I know this challenges our version of God being without sin, but if you understand it more clearly there is no controversy. It’s simple really. If I put a sign on the grass that says, “Stay off the grass”, this rule applies to anyone who doesn’t have the authority over the grass. If I choose to walk on the grass, at my home, after I put the sign there in the first place, the rule doesn’t apply to me because it’s my grass and I can do with it as I see fit. So Adam eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil isn’t a transgression of the Law because he defined the law, and it’s his garden.

So there’s often discussion amongst the New Agers about our Soul Contracts, defining a set of conditions, roles, commitments, or obligations, we agreed to on a higher level, to learn something from our participation in this 3D existence. Imagine if God wanted to understand what it felt like to be separated, powerless, and enslaved, to appreciate the experience of overcoming an undefeated opponent. As the ultimate source, substance, limits, bounds, essence and origin of all things, there really isn’t an organic way in that state for God to experience opposition, difficulty, hate, love, disappointment, triumph, or tragedy. In that infinite state God is at peace with all the ways his substance is manifested because it is the all in all. This state is incomprehensible to human consciousness because there is no way to get outside of it to look back and describe why it is.

From that state, described in Genesis as the “dust of the Earth” God takes on shape and form in the midst of the Garden of Eden. From this state he defines himself as Adam, meaning “Red Man” showing that it was a death like state for him to come down to such a primitive state of existence. But even this state he was conscious that he was the source of all creation.

The story further details his commitment to understanding the challenges of his people by creating “woman” from his rib and his womb. This act showed that he was still the source, because he could have easily used the dust of the Earth again to create Woman. It also shows that he was both Male and Female or complete within himself. The Woman, commonly called “Eve” is symbolic of all humanity being the “Mother of all living” and was notably made absent from any part of Adam’s head. This is symbolic of Human kind being created without the knowledge of who they really were.

From here God could not appreciate the journey of the human experience unless he created options that enabled the part of himself he created ignorant to choose something besides him, and at the same time enable that creation to make that choice for themselves as a being separate from his will. In essence, one can not appreciate how powerful they are without an equal and opposing force.

Choices would have to be presented and if there was a contractual obligation to have this experience the terms of the agreement would have to be defined. So God tells the woman the terms of the agreement by explaining how her actions to eat of the tree will make things that are natural in their current state, to be difficult and painful to endure under the terms of this contract. By eating of the tree she consented to fulfill the commitments of the contract, much in the same way our signature denotes our acceptance of the terms presented.

God explains the beauty of the environment he has created with the Tree of Life on one side of the river and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good Evil on the other side. These two trees were really just one Joshua Tree connected by the roots, but playing two distinct roles. God said that “it was not good for Man to be alone.” For obvious reasons if you are omnipotent, omnifarious, and omniscient, it would be very difficult to experience anything new, be surprised by anything, or have anything challenge you. God’s desire to know these things is the key to understanding our journey.

In the Garden God also created the Serpent who we later learn was the most beautiful of all the Angels. God himself manifested as a mortal man Adam. When presented with these two choices, one being the man she was created from and for, and the other being the most exceptional creature she had ever seen, Eve chose the Serpent. A snake has the lowest possible perspective with something as insignificant as a blade of grass able to block its view.

In reality, the Serpent showed himself as a man. God created a scenario impossible for Eve to reject based on the basic knowledge he endowed her with. When examining the evidence she could see, there was a man she was married to who offered her the ability to live off of the abundance in the Garden, in harmony with nature, and without any pain or suffering. But Eve had no knowledge of pain or suffering, scarcity, or disharmony with nature to make an informed decision.

This really is a love story when you understand it. For God to subject himself to his own creation, while in reality having power over it, so that we could come into existence and be empowered by
overcoming the adversity, is the same way a parent would allow a child to make a mistake that they knew would teach a lesson, but wouldn’t destroy the child’s spirit. In addition, the reason why we innately know that God is always with us is because Adam willingly ate of the tree to descend into the third dimension of this current world, staying married to a woman who chose another man.

As time went on I speculate that when Eve gave birth to Cane that he was the offspring of the Devil being raised by Adam. The “Forbidden Fruit” is often a term used to describe sexual intercourse of some scandalous nature. In addition, when the Bible says Adam “knew” Eve, it is describing sexual inter course, and when Eve was in the Garden she partook of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”. In other words, although she was created ignorant of who she was, her intercourse with the Serpent perpetuated the further creation of ignorance. To further exhaust my conclusion one could say that Adam was “Good” and the Serpent was “Evil” and the woman “knew” Good and Evil in the Biblical sense. Cane panned out to be a murderer, killing his younger brother Abel. Cane was the offspring of death but the first born in this creation. Abel was the offspring of life but the first to die in this creation. This set the tone for the creation we live in now where everything seems to be reversed.

This was the first victory celebrated by the Devil. At some point there were seven Arch’s of the Covenant placed strategically on Earth to act as conduits to maintain the Torus energy fields. Keep in mind the Devil’s sole purpose is to oppose God to assist him to learn what he desired to know. The Woman represented the Love or Heart of God. She is still the most beautiful part of the creation. And it was Adam’s love for his bride that inspired him to fall from grace and stay by her side to teach, procreate, and care for her. So when Moses goes to the top of Mt. Sinai, and is given the Ten Commandments (really 613 in total) it was to act as the master law to the people.

Consider, what if this was the time when Human kind was supposed to emerge from the darkness of the curse we were all born under? Moses saw that the entire creation was built by love and generated from love. “The Law” was actually crafted in the form of a heart. When Moses came down from the mountain seeing that the people had already resurrected a new God, he was the only one who knew what God had done for them. Angry at the nature of his own people, he threw down the Law, demonstrating how Israel, referred to as the Bride of Yahweh, broke his heart again by choosing the Devil over him.

The Ten Commandments is later locked in the Arch of the Covenant with seven commandments on one side being symbolic of God in shape and form, and three commandments on the other side, symbolizing the creation. All creation is three fold in nature. Atom’s being the smallest particle are made up of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. Cells are made up of a Nucleus, Nucleolus, and a Cell Body. This also correlated to the Pituitary Gland being the Master Gland if the body, having two lobes with 7 hormones secreted from one side and 3 being secreted from the other.

On top of the Arch of the Covenant were the two Arch Angels Michael the Warrior Angel, and Gabriel the Messenger Angel. In like manner our brains have two primary functions, motor or actions, and sensory, the giving and receiving of messages. These Angels wings would be spread out creating a heart shape that connected above the Arch showing that the entire creation was governed by the Law of Love and Life. The imagery was perverted by creating a subservience of the Angels bowing that creates a triangle, and the Heart of God symbolized on top of the Arch as the Governing Law of creation
Is cloaked by the Law of Sin and Death. I’d violated the Ten Commandments were all punishable by death and they’re even portrayed as two tomb stones.

The symbolism goes deeper to reinforce the curse. Inside the Arch was also placed Aron’s Rod that budded. This was the same rod that Moses threw down and turned into a snake. This symbolizes the woman being bound by and married to the Devil or sin and death. To further enhance the reign of the Devil the scriptures say that “The Law was not brought in to save sinners, but to make sin more exceedingly sinful.” In other words, the true law of Love is something we do naturally without being coached or prompted to do. It’s our nature to care for our children, align ourselves with God as our Spouse, and look to the creation provided by him to provide whatever we need to maintain life. The way it was perverted, the Law became a series of ordinances we had to abide by or we would face death. The Golden Pot of Manna was also included in the Arch so that the spell included a trap connecting us in a loop looking to the Devil for our sustenance.

The Arch which was supposed to be stabilized on a specific point of the planet to maintain the Torus energy fields was taken from place to place for 40 years forming a figure eight as they wandered in the wilderness. This place was known as the Wilderness of Sinai, creating a Matrix governed by an Artificial Intelligence of Sin (Sin -A.I.). Meanwhile they were only miles from the “Promise Land” at anytime but no longer had permission to cross the veil of the Jordan River because of the voices they had made. Every year the high priest would go up into the Most Holy Place with the Holy Garments on, symbolizing all the tribes of the people. He entered on one side, splashed blood on the Arch and walked around and above it, then back down exiting the other side of the vail forming another figure 8 in a ritual that renewed the people’s commitment to their contract of enslavement.

2000 or so years later the Messiah turned over the tables in the Temple because they had perverted the message again. Emanuel was crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended unto a cloud. Just so you know it was the same man Adam, after he resurrected he walked along a path for miles with his disciples and they had no idea it was him. They described him as “the Gardner” until they realized what had happened. On Pentecost the Holy Spirit, or the Christ consciousness was poured out on the people instantly making them aware of who they were. It would seem that if the sudden out pouring of wealth was the answer to revitalizing the world, that the thousands of enlightened souls who received this gift freely at that time would have helped create the world we’d all like to be a part of. As you can see by our current situation, the revaluation has already been proven to be a failure when it comes to stimulating a universal shift. To this day people celebrate the death of the messiah rather than the resurrection, not knowing they are still endorsing the opposition of God instead of the Ascension of the Human spirit.

So why is that relevant to where we are at today?

Once again we’re at a pivotal moment where we have the option to renew our contract or move forward to create a new agreement. We’re all being given these choices between death and life, love or hate, the old or new paradigm, and so on. We may not realize these options are on the table, and therefore believe that our ignorance excuses us from choosing freedom over slavery. But it’s our intention that inspires creation, our maintained frequency that allows that intention to multiply, and our expectation that brings it into reality.

We can break out of the Sin governed Matrix and rebuild as intended under the Laws of Love and Life. If we choose to ignore the truth presented to us we will remain in ignorance. And whether you believe change is possible in God, by Galactics, from Galactic Gods, God in you, with no God, or with God willing, there’s still a choice you have to make. You get to choose what you pay attention to, give your energy to, and what you give power to in your life.

There is scientific evidence to prove that our observation dictates what becomes reality. The Large Hadron Collider sends atomic particles hurling at each other to study how the particles of the universe react. When observed, an electron charging ahead towards a boundary will go to the right sometimes, to the left sometimes, and sometimes it will crash into the boundary in
The middle. This is what the Scientists expected.

When the scientists ceased to observe, thus removing their expectation, the other measurement devices reveal that every single time the Electrons face the boundary that all three options occur simultaneously. In other words, the power of the thoughts produced from the observer changed the manifestation of the activity of the atomic particles.

Now consider how one can apply that in our day to day lives. We are faced constantly with the two choices. One is generally what we want. Often times the other choice is not what we want but it is what we expect. Our expectations are based on our history or our current state. The behavior that frees the world is hidden in our ability to expect something different than what we have seen historically, and ascends above our current reality. We intend to change the world. We’ve held that frequency despite repeated failures, disappointments, and false starts. Where we fail to instantaneously change our results is in what we expect to happen next.

When a woman is pregnant we say that she is “expecting”. It’s simple. We’ve seen it work millions of times. In this moment in time we can all expect to see the birth of a new world. We can cause it to exist in our current reality. We don’t have to wait. The gestation stage is complete. We are in labor as we speak. Choose life. Choose freedom. Choose to bring forth exactly what you want to create. See the image develop in your mind with two choices in front of you. One is familiar, it’s dark but you’re use to it. You’ve seen failure, and felt disappointment. You stay guarded downplaying your expectations afraid to feel the cut of not getting what you always wanted. Let that go. Get your hopes up. Keep it private within yourself so you know it’s really real. Connect to the feeling of the empowered being that you are. Let that consume you’re whole being, lighting up your face with joy. Do that. And we can all go free today. Stand in unconditional Love for yourself, and make that mean something.


9 August, 2018 14:37


A lot of the reason that so many of us cannot find common ground is because of the respected sources we get our information, and the history we have with these sources. They’re not necessarily good or bad people, but we’ve seen something from them that makes us believe that they really know what’s going on. And in their compartment of knowledge, depending on their allegiance, they could very well be an expert in the area they’re describing.

However, the Cabal is and has been fracturing, each group clamoring for control to be the next planetary warlords. This is working in our favor from the top down perspective. Eventually, like kids hopped up on sugar, they should all tucker out and the grown ups can clean up the mess.

This is not moving fast enough to generate the changes in the world that are necessary right now. Waiting for them or anyone else to do something for us, only chips away at our life, hope, and inspired path we envision. We need to take responsibility for our own education, ascension, and growth. We need to meet them in the middle as we grow up from the roots.

To assist in this process I thought I’d provide an explanation for some of the challenges we’re currently facing. The explanation below should be reasonably accurate and hopefully it will help you identify the accuracy of what you currently believe to be true. Understanding the depth of control the Order has systematically controlled the world with should help us break through it on some level.

There’s 6 ledgers that all have to be reconciled:

1.The banks
2. The Treasury
3. The United Nations
4. The IMF
5. ThE Bank of International Settlements
6. The Trust (Formerly know as the Manna World Holding Trust)

All of these entities are contained within the structure of the Trust. The current situation is that the other five entities are controlled by people who use to act as trustees for the Trust but they were never the Comptroller. The Comptroller has absolute authority. Generally the Comp gives some of that control to a Trustee or a group of trustees, reserving the right to accept or reject their requests. In this case, the Trustees had codes that were left in place for so long that they thought they were in control. In 2007 after they legally acquired all of the assets of the planet, the previous comptroller cut their access off.

In this case the previous Trustees think they have the right to eat, kill, enslave, rape, molest, and generally use humanity in any way they see fit. This attitude of entitlement, combined with the power afforded them by the previous Comptroller, access to hidden Galactic technology, and the disconnection from their own humanity has allowed them to reign much like an angry God requiring worship and unquestioned obedience.

The same way most people have a fear of God, Hell, and other consequences, these fears are reinforced by behavior from these false Gods that implies that their fear is not only justified, but required to maintain their current mediocre existence. It is this fear that still has to be overcome for us to gain our freedom.

The technical aspects of programming, legal aspects of authority, and Natural identification with the planet, Source, and our own purpose have already been accomplished. It is now the execution and enforcement of the laws to make sure the successful programming isn’t redirected by fearful humans after transactions are completed. In addition, even after transactions land successfully in regular project owner’s accounts, physical violence against them now becomes a concern. This is the reason that having a Government, and Military that awake to the reality is so important to the forward progress of all humanity. Without completely destroying the current functional habitat of the world, our options are limited to shifting the critical mass consciousness of the people, getting support from authorities who are supposed to protect the people, or developing super powers that make us indestructible.

I spend most of my time on the first and last one because no matter how destructive their behavior is to the people and the planet, the Governments are filled with individuals who have carved out a very comfortable existence as the slaves of the Order. Their fear and our apathy could be the downfall of humanity if heroic actions are not taken.

I said all that to say, there is no real private ledger anymore. The only off ledger accounts currently hold all of the real wealth of the planet. These are all held and allocated into the Trust. The other books cannot be used because the Quantum System recognizes when they try to allocate assets that have already been allocated and rejects them stating “can not duplicate”.

Furthermore, privacy in banking is what got us in this mess in the first place. It’s like hiring the people who robbed you, killed your family, and left you for dead, as your security. All you know about them is that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get what whatever they want and they don’t value the same things that you do. This leaves us in a constant state of duality fighting for power in a system that requires cooperation to work.

This is why there can be no overnight revaluation of currencies. Although the Chinese Elders, White Dragons, and various other individuals who hold fraudulent paperwork have tried over and over again to hack into the trust, use outdated codes, or kidnap the Trustee and force her to do their bidding, they have never come close to actually having access to these accounts.

Meanwhile, they’ve terrorized and held the world hostage with promises and threats that they no longer have the access to execute on. If they did gain access to the Trust they would never give the people a dime anyways. They planned to crash the world’s economies, creating chaos, fear, and panic. They live by the idea that “from chaos comes order.” They feel we need war and tragedy to keep us engaged in their Matrix.

But even now as Global Martial Law is no longer in effect, we empower them to make decisions for us. We are the key to our own freedom, but we don’t seem to want it bad enough to claim it. It’s not necessarily our fault. We’ve been drugged with chemicals, media, and lies. We don’t understand our real history and we’re trained to trust our leaders to act in our best interests. But our “leaders” only know part of the story as well. The lack the power, knowledge, and integrity to act in the best interests of the people. They’re holding back an elite force of highly trained soldiers, incredible technologies, and denying their own Sovereignty because they’re slave programming is so deep they can’t imagine a world of free humans.

The truth is that even within the awakening movement, we have absolute truths that completely pervert our judgement and ability to stand alone. We still think private banking will fix our problems when in reality it is in these shadows where our enemies have always been the most skillful. Our answer is in the hearts and minds of the people.

Come out from hiding, face the enemy in daylight, and find out what you’re capable of. Change happening behind the scenes is only valuable when it breaks through for everyone to see. This is the time for us to break through.


7 August, 2018 15:40

3:30 PM EST 8/7/2018

Yesterday I spoke to Kim-Possible about an anomaly that I wanted to make sure she was aware of. The topic was sensitive so I was hesitant to bring it up. She was tired and frustrated like a battle weary soldier who just wanted the war to be over. She’s opposed constantly by the Order which is like the He-Man Women Hater’s Club from the Little Rascals, who all think they can do a better job, pretend to help, then try to steal funds, kill her, or waste her time.

I speak to several energy workers around the world but there’s two I feel are more gifted than the rest. They seem to understand what they see and are able to interpret it into a language that makes sense to me. I shared a message that they sent me for Kim. She saw the value in the message and told me to continue working that path. In addition, she said she’d take help from any of the seers that I speak to, if they have something that can help remove the blocks and get money to the people for projects.

Now I saw something in meditation back in December of 2017. I’ve only recently realized that these experiences are real, and I feel obligated to share them when appropriate. I only feel it’s appropriate when there’s a value for everyone and this is one of those times.

In my vision there was a group of people wearing all white of which I was one. Everyone was dressed according to the part of the world from which they identified with, but no one had any color in their garments. Somehow we were all connected to each other and no one needed to speak to communicate. The energy was powerful and exciting and we all seemed to synchronize with a common knowing of the task in front of us.

There was a darkness that had encased the world and blocked the light from reaching the people. But the group I stood with realized the darkness had lost its power to contain them, and the barriers between us and the light were gone. In this vision it showed itself as a black ash that had covered the entire planet after falling from the sky where it had held us hostage for many lifetimes.

The rest of the people on the planet had grown so used to the darkness that they didn’t even notice that they were free. They continued to operate as if nothing was different, buried under ashes, no knowledge what the light was or could be to even desire to want it in their life.

The ashes moved like lava attached to the people as they came close to breaking through but usually by accident. The next thing I remember was this fantastic laughter coming from inside of me, and it seemed to be there for everyone else dressed in white too. It didn’t come in the form of words so I can only translate the way it made me feel.

It was as if we were all part of the same dynamic family. We looked like adults or what we thought adults should look like, but we felt like kids with super powers. We were all a little shy to start using them, or to even start putting them to the test to see what was possible. I remember when the laughter started within me it was because I felt our Father’s voice. Even now it makes me smile when I hear it as my mind has interpreted it and given the voice a very robust character.

It wasn’t words, but the Voice gave us permission to go help our brothers and sisters out of the mud. He encouraged us to go and see what we could do. He comforted us and made us all feel so safe. The only way I can describe it is like the feeling of going home to your parents house to spend the night after you’ve moved out on your own. Maybe that’s just me, but I still sleep better under my parents roof. There’s a feeling of being safe, loved, and a natural warmth when coming home. That’s what I felt.

The next thing I remember I was flying in the sky, laughing and twisting along with everyone else. We were still in perfect harmony with each other. My friend Jarvis was next to me and we were having a ball. The group together created a wind that swept the ash back like a leaf blower. People were suddenly exposed to the light but still not able to see it. Then we began to touch them on their head. Each time we did, they’d light up like a Christmas light. Like a game we flew all over the world creating this amazing new light based energetic grid. I see it that way now. But in my vision I just felt like I was playing a game with my brother Jarvis.

Kim’s request for help reminded me of that voice giving us permission to go out and have fun testing our abilities. I felt this morning and again as I’ve been writing this to you. I think it’s time for us to take flight. I think it’s time for us to stand up out of the ashes and go help our brothers and sisters see the light.

I think the “blocks” the Order continues to throw up to try and maintain control are nothing more than ashes that need to be brushed away. I don’t think the technical details matter or the politics and policies have any bearing on our empowerment anymore. I don’t think it matters where you’re from, who you follow, or what you believe.

My last name is pronounced like “how” but with an R. I tell my kids that “we come from a Pride of Lions and that’s why our name is R-O-W-E!” They all have their version of that Rowe roar. So I’m bringing you into my Pride today. It’s not for everyone, but if you read this far it might be for you.

We’re family. And just because some of us went to college to become doctors and others started a garage band that never took off, we’re still family. What makes a family truly amazing is when we all come home, and remember where we came from. We all tell our different stories and appreciate the diversity and different paths that each of our lives took. Our ability to appreciate each other’s differences are what unites us.

So I’m calling on you as my family for help. I want to change the world. I don’t want to wait another day. I won’t ask permission from the Order because they have no authority over us in any way. I need help to turn the lights on for the world. We have access to the technology, the money to do anything, and the right heart to build an amazing new world.

I need the Psychics, the Seers, Remote Viewers, Galactic Channelers, Galactic residents, the devoutly religious, the Truthers, the Patriots, the Rebels and the Imagineers to help me create the momentum to get rid of the ash creating all of this darkness. The only thing left is to destroy the illusion that has held us all hostage for so long. The fear, worry, doubt, and lies will not be the foundation of our new world. But to get there we need a family effort.

The only blocks keeping us from funding projects are people who don’t realize their working for the bad guys. The RV is not coming. The Chinese Elders may seem nice, but I know people who were there when they had their assassins take the heads off of Bank Employees who couldn’t gain access to the system. They’re money supply is running dry because they’ve been cut off from the source of their funds. And they have no authority over those funds or you anymore.

I’m asking you to work with us to make a way. Everything is energy. Tell me what you see and let’s free the world.



If you want to help:


When the Messiah walked the Earth in that body he was constantly being hunted (like you) and he would disappear in the midst of a crowd or in the arms of the soldiers as they went to capture him.

He freely transitioned from Physical to Metaphysical, and Metaphysical back to Physical.

When it was time for his crucifixion the guards showed up to take him and he revealed his Metaphysical form is such a way that they could see it. They fell backwards scared and then he went back to his more humble physical form.

He let them take him.

When he resurrected it says that he resurrected a Quickening Spirit (life giving spiritual body appearing to be physical).

The disciples were locked in a house together and Thomas didn’t believe that the messiah had risen. He said until he could touch the holes in his hands and thrust his hand in his side he wouldn’t believe that he had risen from the dead.

In that moment it says that the Messiah appeared in the midst of them to give Thomas the chance to do just that. He materialized from the ether into a tangible shape and form they could comprehend.

For 40 day’s afterwards he performed signs and wonders that only the believers could see with more believers growing by the day.

On the day of Pentecost he poured out the Holy Spirit, which I believe was just an elevation in their consciousness or tuning them to the right frequency and they became conscious of who they really were.

They began to speak in a universal language that everyone who travelled to Jerusalem from all over the world could understand.

This frequency then transmuted thousands of believers almost instantly as they heard the message and continued that way for years afterwards.

The disciples were still persecuted, imprisoned, and even killed. Unfortunately, the message apparently didn’t resonate at the needed depth and reach to hold the planet in the correct vibratory alignment.

It wasn’t the right time for the people or the planet to come into alignment. This is the right time. That’s what we’re doing. I’m certain of it.

I have no idea how to do it, but in that story is the answer to what we’re trying to do. From the dust of the Earth we have to be like water, a constantly moving target only governed by the one thing they can’t predict or control-free will.

That’s the missing connection to God from the 8 to the 7 to the 5. The 8 is the eternal And unlimited Quantum energetic source of the all. The 7 represents God in shape and form, in us, our thoughts, our expression however. The 5 represents the spirit coming down into the flesh. That’s Pentecost. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit or of that God Consciousness in the hearts and minds of the people.

That connection restored allows the “will” of God to be freely expressed through us. In this case the energetic expression starts with money but will obviously expand rapidly and overtime.

That is the answer, and they can’t stop it even if they know.