In an effort to effect change, the SPEAK PROJECT team has done our best to expose the errors in the psyops by revealing the entire story behind the intel. We’ve created messages that resonate with everyone and tweeted them out to the masses. We’ve written articles to teach people and raise the vibration of the planet, hoping to break out from this dome under which we’ve all been living.

For the most part, these activities have served a purpose by getting us mobilized and participating in our own liberation. We’ve sparked the dormant character inside each of us that remembers what it’s like to actively pursue our dreams instead of waiting for our dreams to just magically come true.

We were made in the likeness and image of our Creator. We are all creators in that we define the world we live in and ultimately agree to the rules of the world we’ve created. We have accepted all that we see and know to be the reality of our experience and the limits of our existence.

The truth is that the only limits we have are the limits that we place on ourselves. We believe we’ll age so we get older. But, scientifically speaking, every cell in our body is replaced every seven years. So we are literally a brand new creation of our own choosing at the end of each seven year cycle. Scientists have whole divisions at universities dedicated to understanding why we age. Because we all accept it as reality, the mass consciousness reflects our beliefs and we do indeed “age.” We are not responding to the Creation. The Creation is responding to us.

We are the creator of the new world we create together.