9:36 PM EST

The Deep State doesn’t care about the Wall. They’ll oppose anything the President says.

•H.R. 25 frees the world. Cuts off the Federal Reserve money supply. Restores the vitality of the U.S. citizens.

• The alleged proposed solution with the 2019 budget presented by Congress to President Trump attempted to slip in the release of the Rothschild’s Treasury Reserve Notes, a digital air backed currency that would allow them to replace the concept of asset backed currency with nothing more than their will.

•Examine the Singleton Documents at the link below. This is the edited draft that was signed by every country in the world who were all deceived and or participating in the grand plan to demolish the world economies, and give control back to the Dragon Families, and continue to enslave humanity.

•CRYPTO CURRENCIES are described in this document written years before they were ever discussed.


•This would give complete regulatory authority to the Rothschild’s banking cartels who would decide who was in line with with their laws and be able to make or break anyone with the press of a button.

•Many believe the GCR is their savior. It’s the opposite. The Order has lied to you about everything, why would that be any different.
Figure out the formula and you’ll understand.



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