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•It’s not about methodology, it’s about ideology. The two parties cannot agree because they have totally different goals and agendas. One side wants to protect the people within the borders, the other wants to enslave and eliminate the people.

•The Deep State has several vested interests in managing the illegal population crossing the border. This is why they’re promoting cyber-security instead of a physical barrier. Implementing their firewall/cyber-security measures allows them to keep track of their business interests that cross the border.

•The Deep State has created a very high demand for human energy in various forms. Red flags should have gone up for most people when Nancy Pelosi stated that her “dementia wouldn’t effect her ability to be the Speaker of the House.” Seriously? However, when you realize that her usage of adrenochrome helps her preserve her life, then you also realize that her dementia was actually a withdrawal symptom.

•Further business interests of the Cabal are the very profitable heroin trade, organ harvesting, human slavery, pedophilia, human meat industry, cheap labor, and tax evasion. Stopping this influx with a wall would be bad for business. Monitoring and controlling the flow at the border with various “Cyber Security” measures as well as controllable human security is an obvious benefit to Deep State business as well as their personal harvesting needs. Walls unlike people can’t be manipulated, threatened, or bribed.

•For those disappointed President Trump didn’t declare a state of emergency last night, remember, the country was already in a state of emergency that President Trump renewed on December 20th, 2017.

•A state of emergency gives the President relative authority to that of martial law, without all of the hype.

•”The powers of the President with respect to military governments in occupied territory are virtually absolute, being limited solely by the laws and usages of war. The President cannot only institute such governments but completely control the performance of all their functions, executive, legislative, or judicial.”

•Watch for the Deep State Democrats to look cocky and portray President Trump as unreasonable and abusive with his power. They’ll accuse him of not considering the government employees who would go unpaid on Friday because of the government shutdown. But, there’s a twist. Everyone in the government (except perhaps Congress) will get paid on Friday. And suddenly, all of the Deep State leverage will be gone as they realize, they really don’t have control of the money.

•What does it mean if President Trump utilizes the UST instead of the Federal Reserve to set interest rates, print money, and hold the US assets?

•Where does all the income tax money collected by the IRS go?
Do the math. The debt and spending doesn’t add up if it’s going to the government.

•If the IRS is abolished, along with income taxes, what does that mean for the American people?

•Are we a Republic or a Democracy? A Nation or a Corporation?


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  1. I know. Tory Smith on YouTube has told us the Cargill Meat Corp. is providing in the school children in Indiana. If you look at other Corp. that Cargill has as partner, you begin to see how it goes…
    Check it out: you will see the same CEO, the same billions of US Dollars in revenue, the same the company was funded in, and they all go back to either Swiss, Germany and maybe others but I have only started looking at them for about a week…
    I have notify my place where I do my shopping but now I have this one to give them as well… I hear it printing…

  2. Tank, et al.;
    It’s high time everyone gets this fact firmly etched into their minds: The USA is NOT a country. It is NOT a nation. You must learn to understand the difference between a country/nation and a federation. The European Union is NOT a country. It is a federation. States are countries, and states are nations. One is land; the other is people. If a significant portion of the People understood this simple fact, at least 90% of our problems would vanish with the morning dew.

  3. … have been watching The Gifted on Hulu and can see the parallels of this story line to our current one … incredibly complicated full of extreme humans emotions with divided extreme beliefs … is exactly where the controllers wanted Humanity to be

  4. I can only say this…all patriots on every site are getting beyond impatient with something changing…..if Trump has the power you say, why isn t he using it…!! Yes, we are all going to experience pain changing over to a new system, but we will also benefit from ridding this country once and for all of all Federal oversite which has become obese and powerful, with nothing but stupid scared people working for them…!! That makes them very dangerous…!! The bottom line is that we should realize by now that any and all govt are corrupt by nature because they don’t create anything…especially about running a business…!!
    The constitution is an outdated document who’s time has come for the trashpile of things that didn t work for humanity…Its beyond time for a new simple contract….one that makes govt illegal…!! It’s time for everyone to take part in their own community rather than hire govt employees…!!
    I would rather see everyone wearing a gun, to keep the peace, rather than call 911 on the least little thing….!!
    When are we going to get that form of govt……???

  5. A sovereign state has sovereignty over air, land, postal services, infrastructure, law and, above all, finances.
    When states have to beg loans from private companies, they are not worth the name state.
    In Germany, the Kingdom of Germany was founded and proclaimed in 2012 by some 1000 men and women, giving everyone the opportunity to get out of the corrupt systems and become their own sovereign (king). If people regain their dignity, then, when two people look at each other, two kings look at each other – the finest and the majestic thrive from now on with the people.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator

  6. Unfortunately, we have a corporation providing government functions operating as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA here in the good ole US of A. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation. Fortunately, People are starting to wake up to this fact. As they wake up they are getting angry & motivated. People are working toward restoring the legitimate government, unincorporated, in every state of the union of states & at the federal level. Change is coming for the better. The usual way of doing things will eventually get back to the right way of doing things. There are unseen powers of good at work that will benefit all of mankind. It will get worse before it gets better. So keep up the good fight, never surrender, never give up. Eventual the positive change to restore our dignity & individual sovereignty will be a reality.

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