9 November, 2018 21:21


I read your comments sent to Project Speak. Again, you just can’t help yourself with your jealous banter about who stole what from whom.

Some of this does need addressing for the whole world to understand. No matter what I write or speak you will bastardize it, but this is not for you, this is for THE PEOPLE.

You say “Nothing more than pirates who stole from the Jews and the Americans”

First of all, this “Trust” has existed LONG BEFORE there was ever an “America” and long before there ever were “Jewish people.” If by Jewish People you mean Rothschild then you need to understand their origin. They were a very poor family who had been thrown out of England in the 1500’s taken in by the Hapsburg family, and then the “commoners” known as Rothschild married into royalty then proceeded to take over their family fortune. If you are referring to the 12 Tribes of Israel (which was not even located where modern day Israel is) you need to go back much further to understand the history of Ur Rus Salam. That is a story for another day.

Are you saying the only civilizations which existed on planet earth who have had their assets and money stolen from them are the “Jews and The Americans” you couldn’t be further away from the TRUTH. What about the AFRICANS? Tribes of Africa existed thousands of years before the Rus people? The Europeans? The South American Tribes? The Canadians? The Inuits? Are you really so bold as to say these people had NOTHING until the “Americans and the Jews?” The history of the Rus people goes back over 150,000 years, Africans about the same. “Jewish Tribes” did not emerge until a few thousand years ago, let alone any “organized religion.” Saul was the first “King” of the Jews and that wasn’t until 1078 BC.

Your history is flawed. Did the NAZI group steal from Jewish People per the order of other Jewish People known as Rothschild? Yes. Did Hitler offer up the head of every LIVE JEW in his custody for 50 cents a piece to ROTHSCHILD?? Yes. THEY DECLINED. So do not talk to me about “Jews and Americans”.

Rothschild was a “Trustee” AIPAC Trustee, Kissenger Trustee, Chinese Elders Trustee, Templars Trustee, Saudis Trustee, Indonesians Trustee, Austrians Trustee, Mendela Trustee, Qaddafi Trustee, Khomeni Trustee, Anthony Martin Trustee, Lee Family of Singapore Trustee, Soekarno, Sowarno and the list goes on and on, 600 in total. ALL TRUSTEES. NOT OWNERS, NOT CUSTODIANS, NOT BENEFICIARIES. ONLY TRUSTEES.

“Trustee… A trustee manages property that is held in trust. A trust is an arrangement in which one person holds the property of another for the benefit of a third party, called the beneficiary. The beneficiary is usually the owner of the property or a person designated as the beneficiary by the owner of the property.”

Their TRUSTEESHIP position ended officially December 23rd, 2012 ALL OF THEM. The Covenant expired. They were granted a 5 year extension to “Do the right thing” on behalf of the OWNERS. OWNERS ARE ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Yes Anna, There are 7 continents and they are inhabited by almost 9 Billion People and there are only about 380 Million Americans. Only 5.2 million have any Native American Blood, and even less, around 2.2 million people are “mostly pure” American Indians. There are around 15 million Jewish people (including converts) in the world.. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US??


You can talk about hackers and what not, but WE ARE DOING IT. Not talking jibber jabber on the internet with no real basis in reality.


Kim “Possible”


Comments Sent to the
Speak Project:

What a complete and utter bunch of crap. Pirates are not saviors.
The assets in the bogus “Manna World Holding Trust” were all stolen from the Americans and the Jews and now these MIT Hacker Wannabe Robinhoods think that their leaky, substandard, rehashed binary system is the Bees Knees. I think they are all sick, unworthy, nasty, despicable criminals who deserve recognition as such. Stealing from the Americans to “protect” them is nothing but a bunch of old racketeering excuses.

These are the pirates who set up the QFS system created by MIT hackers. “Manna Trust” is just more thieves pretending to be Robinhood. I have all the receipts and I know the actual owners of these trusts.

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  1. Thank U Kim and crew for everything that you keep doing for this world! Ignore the haters and all the others and stay strong in safe! . Thinking is for people like you are willing to stand up, step up and do the right thing! We people in this world see what you are doing and have done to help this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. It is painful to watch both of you, seemingly intelligent, capable women express this nasty vitriol in public. Both of you are better than this.
    Judge Anna, Kim, please demonstrate that you are capable of fostering a coherent solution to the inequities we all face. We believe wholeheartedly in your abilities to manifest this Grace for the benefit of One and All.

  3. Gracias en el nombre del inmanifestado. Gracias por pensar en 9 mil millones y no solo en 20. Que la luz increada te guíe siempre. Bendiciones.

  4. Kim,
    I think everyone is frustrated with all the misinformation, and flat out lies, for whatever reason, click bait or revenue or delusions or part of the whole psyop. It seems at this point the entire internet and information flow is one big psyop. What I think everyone is looking for is truth, and with truth must also come proof and fact. If there is some way you can prove what you are saying (i.e. receipts, bank logs, ledger copies, trust paperwork, etc.), THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD can help. Can you provide any of these things? Otherwise, it just makes good fiction, maybe a radio show with sound effects.
    I have been a witness to this for the last 55 years when they killed my President. I was in first grade. Nothing has changed even now when the precentage of aware people has increased dramatically since the 60’s. Born into slavery waiting for some fucking savior 😃😃😃😃😃😃, joining a group because one can’t make intelligent decisions on one’s own, looking to some ascension process, when the answer is in the mirror. What a fucking joke, humans. 😄😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 do you really think you can change? REALLY CHANGE?

    1. Yes, we as individual’s can change. One person at a time encouraged buy building on things we know to be true in our hearts. God the creator is love😍😍😍😍😍 it begins with ones self. Knowing that all meaning and decisionmaking must begin from ones heart then to ones mind stops the perpetual fear, hate, anger dialogue we experience from any and all media today. Trust your heart and know the will of Almighty God is in play here and it is up to us to get ourselves right first and the rest will come. Pray and meditate daily and ask your soul to guide you forward on this most incredible journey with love and light coming from within you. We can make a difference. 🙏

  5. I never trusted “Judge” Anna for one second. Don’t believe she is a “Judge,” nor do I believe a legitimate “Judge” could have so much idle time to crank out her endless “information.” I heard that Shin Bet pays well. If it looks like a paid job & sounds a paid job . . . . . .
    Ask Winston Shrout how effective it was filing various ‘freedom papers’ similar to those Anna advocates. I believe the prison allows at least one call a day so you can ask him.
    Kim is direct enough to be more credible, but has yet to earn my vote.
    The biggest problem with these issues remains that the “evidence” is no more than text on a screen, ergo, hearsay. With scant evidence of any kind & zero proof of claim from either party, literally, your ‘guess’ is as good as mine. Typed words & hearsay is hardly a sound method for arriving at truth, the scarcest commodity in the Reset world. Regardless of who, if any, are right, us peons will surely be the last to know, that’s for sure. I suspect Kim is genuine, but the correct method should be evidence first, belief next. Just like religions the world over, the only real trick necessary was to convince you to reverse the belief-evidence paradigm & accept it ass backwards. After that, deception is assured, followers conned.

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire

    “Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a worm, and yet he will be making gods by the dozens.” ~ Michel De Montaigne

    “Patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate over principles.” ~ George Jean Nathan


    1. Here, Here! Thanks fred, could not have said it better. Where’s the documented proof. If I had the evidence that proved all of this I would have no issues with revealing it. But, like you said, “The biggest problem with these issues remains the evidence is no more than text on a screen, ergo hearsay. What gets me is some say do your own research. If freedom is so important to them for them selves & others, then provide the proof to others so that we may stand united & fight with you.

  6. Kim,
    Where did Trump get the funding for the military and the veterans in the funding bill he signed today?

  7. Como é bom saber que existem pessoas preocupadas com o real problema de outras pessoas, ajudar a todos no planeta é divino! Graças a Deus!

  8. Never posted before but must now
    having 2 phds one jd i know anna is
    Leget as 4 kim came like gangbusters all show no go if you are true there are Veterans every country that tried to save the world give them a monthly so they can take care of their loved ones prove
    your self also publish your bio

  9. At the beginning Judge Anna was the very best in IDC to me, but with her constantly showing blindness, lack of reasoning, selfishness and nasty vocabulary, she has fallen like a rock.
    Kim and Tank THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wholeheartedness, ignore all the haters.
    May God and the Universe help you to accomplish all your good purposes.

  10. Hi Carden, my kids have a saying for when I suggest how they should behave. They say to me: you do it, Dad. So … You do it, Carden. Love Pat.

  11. My family in Paradise California (three generations) lost everything and the town was completely destroyed. I am CHOOSING to focus and see it being restored. I am choosing to focus on positive, unifying actions. I am choosing to visualize peace, prosperity and joy washing over the world and its inhabitants.

  12. Kim your patience is beyond words, you explain and redirect as if you were powered by the God of this Universe. You must be! NO ONE ELSE would have been so relentless and you are here, now, for such a time as this. Thank You.

    The bantering is embarrassing, and those who must put in two cents worth are putting in exactly what it is worth, “two cents”, that won’t even buy the water to put in a cup for tea.

    In the meantime, Kim and her team have been working to remove the wall of evil that blocks the help and healing of billions of people, many of which didn’t ask or deserve the suffering they are experiencing.

    Once, and for all those awake, Kim needs our support wherever we can give it. Become a team player for the sake of humanity and getting the funding freed to heal our planet. This is the time to walk with Kim, beside her…not behind her. She shouldn’t have to wear us as a ball and chain. Trying to walk ahead of her is so out of line, it only impedes progress and wastes precious time.

  13. Thank you Kim for appearing on the THI show last night and making yourself available to answer questions directly. Thank you in advance for your planned appearance on the Off Planet Radio show Sunday with Randy Maugans and Thomas Williams at 12 noon eastern time. I’m am looking forward to learning more!

  14. The horrible atrocities that we the people must endure is inspiration enough but must we be biased, engulfed with hate speech, and discriminating. No. We need to stand together as one entity called humanity. If blaming others is the game, then we need to wake up and realize that we were given a miracle called life and freedom. Pointing fingers at Americans or Jews just proves your disregard for anything other than greed. I agree with KP and we need to free ourselves from the chains that bind us, stop living in the past, and stand united.

  15. We appreciate you and all your works !! As always, the finished product speaks louder than all the ignorance displayed. We love you and praying always the light shines even brighter along the path.. Blessings

  16. From the mean streets of poverty which teaches life long lessons of good and evil, comes a saying : “Think long, think wrong. Go with your gut instinct, it wont lie to you.” I have, and do side with Kim and her mission, not for me, I can survive all things, and have. But for humanity. As stated before :
    All in !

    Always remember : “The needs of the many greatly outweight the needs of the few”.


  17. The one thing I have learnt through this process is that we do not know the truth and we do not know our history. Rather than try to work it out I have surrendered to the fact that in time will we learn the real truth and until then it is best to remain in the heart and get on with working out how we can make the best of our lives, help others and stay in a place of love. I “know” we are about to learn the real truth and that we will be shocked (some more than some) and that we must learn to trust the process more. The one thing that I am sure of that is if we keep pointing the finger at each other and insulting others, for whatever reason, we are certainly not in that space. Kim, Tank love what you are sharing with us, it gives me hope that there will be a day when all of your efforts will become our reality too. We must cease to accuse each other and understand the love is the answer here, get into that space and when you read something you don’t like, no need to post stuff that will hurt another just remain in love and “know” that all will be revealed. It is much easier to not judge another, it only hurts us. Please leave Kim alone without her efforts where will we be?

  18. Hey Kim and tank thanks for all the power you flow humanity….. not an easy job, so much turmoil inside so many!
    The vibration of this beautiful planet and this sector is rising every day. Every day it will get easier, faster, clearer, saner. We need to all take e brief minute to breathe, look around us, push the light, rest the frustration…. it is coming. Nothing surer.
    Kim is a KEY. She has much protection, without her we … well let’s not go there!
    WE will make this a better , cleaner , safer and saner world. Flow all your power now to the concept of a single humanity, living, loving planet and creation of a sane universe.
    On this powerful armistice day 11.11.11.
    Shine your light, speak your truth, heal the world.
    ml Vanguard

  19. Seems to me it’s a misunderstanding of timelines. Anna talking about legalities and history of what has been done since 1776 or there abouts… Kim, reaching back in galactic history–which group conquered which world, who owns the genetic creations…what are those contracts…etc. And, yes, this is about the entire world and more…

  20. Kim, prayers and much heart felt appreciation for what you and Sovereign People of Planet Earth are doing🤗 Greed, hate, and anger are the vises “buttons” of control which media uses the to control the masses. Once one begins to understand that Almighty God the source of creation resides in each and everyone of us found through heartfelt humble meditation and prayer our eyes become open to the controls being used to keep us from building heart felt communities for the betterment of mankind one person at a time. Keep up the positive messages. It’s contagious 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🙏

  21. Does anyone know how to listen live to the Off Planet Radio show today (right now actually) where Kim is supposed to be speaking?
    I’ve tried to search a solution to anything other than an archived call, but am not having any luck.

    Also, Tank has said that he is the easiest person in Dinarland to reach, but I haven’t had any success with that either.

    Thank you for any help you may be able to offer!

  22. Fact – banks & Insurance companies are telling their clients who now own a pile of ashes in Paradise, CA to continue to pay their insurances & mortgages…….. NOT acceptable!! This BS continues to go on & on. The money system has to end. We do not have to ‘pay’ to live on this planet. I DECLINE to consent to any of it!!

  23. Tank, can you or Kim reach out to me please re the situation in California. I have someone on the ground just outside of Paradise that wishes to discuss the situation there & how to help those displaced by the fires. Thanks

  24. On this very special 11:11:11 Portal Day. I am so Gratefull to be able to have a smartphone from where I could read & like all of your posts lately , dear TANK & Kim Possible. Although my eyes hurt from all of the reading on this small screen, ( often I can’t go online from.my homepc ) . I have done my very best to add a positive contribution to this world in chaos. I would love to explain much more on the position I come from, f.e. how being since 5 full years in a loving , online , private contact with General Joe F. Dunford Jr. which has taught me so much on the very difficult situation of US Army soldiers, veterans as well as Generals & getting to know many Wonderfull Friends & Cocreators .Unfortunately I can’t tell U enough through writing this. my 1st comment on this blog . Being a Pioneer of the Aquarian Age & Pleiadian Starseed & other “titles ” given by f.e. Beloved Kryon of Magnetic Service (“Old Soul ” ) . Beloved Patricia Cota Robles (Era of Peace ) & many likeminded Souls, calling on the “Lightworker in MeUWe” , I have lived this life to simply be an example of FREEDOM, as one of the 7 /9 billion Unique Human Individuals , of
    EQUALITY , each entitled to our own responsibility for whatever we create in our life’s as part of ONE Brother/Sisterhood of Men. I can start to clear up the judgments that Beloved Tank made on my Beloved Soul Twin, Joe, but only if anyone would be willing to take enough time for me telling that complicated story & is Nonjudgmental & coming from a place of Unconditional Love ♡☆♡. This is the Time of the Greatest Shift Humanity has Ever made , from fear to Love, from division to Unity, from service to self to service to others. I am following my passion (for Natural Ways & COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS & my Mission in Life is simply to Love All, Serve All, Help ever & Hurt never 😊 Be That Change & Be Love ♡☆♡ We Are ALL ONE in Divine Love & Light& Ascending to the New ERA of Peace & Unity. I Am wishing U All the Wisdom & Understanding this World so dearly needs to Evolve on this Path . Yours sincerely. With much Gratitude for All U ALL do. Warm Hugz , Anne from the Netherlands 😊❤✌🙏

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