9 January, 2019 10:24

Recommendation of Impeachment, 1/9/2019

The United States Government has been infiltrated by an obvious new team of anti-American conspirators. This is classic Jesuit Military tactics as outlined in the Jesuit oath. The label may be different, but it’s the same spirit.

Representative Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian woman elected into Congress posted the statement below. The tragedy is that she’s responsible for the Americans in her district and has already openly announced her plan to falsely impeach the President, and now publicly leaked her intention to settle the score with all of America.

Last I had checked there were nearly 100,000 people that had already signed a petition to impeach Representative Tlaib. At the time I wasn’t sure that she had committed an impeachable offense. However, her latest actions seem to indicate more than just an overzealous congressional freshman type of behavior. They hint of an actual planned course of action to do harm to the United States.

Knowing that most Americans have never raped or pillaged anyone or anything in or from Palestine, I think that Tlaib’s statement misrepresents the facts, and further, implies intentional negative actions against the very people who’s interests she represents. She has now demonstrated a pattern of behavior not conducive to that of a person in a leadership role representing the United States.

I propose that she is in fact impeached, and immediately removed from having any influence that could harm the American people. Until further evidence for, and against her can be presented and compared to validate or invalidate this claim, she should be monitored carefully to prevent a potential tragedy. I think it is essential to recognize her words and actions as hostile movements intended to undermine the functional operation of the Government and the general well being of the American people.


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  1. This insanity is dragging out to long. Pro Trump are loosing patients with this endless political b.s.. Just get done.

  2. Americans are just beginning to wake up and work on the cabal infiltration, their own losses and trying to pull up the landing gear for a smoother flight to freedom. This intruder is certainly unwelcome on my flight!

    In a remark I made on a previous post, I pointed out the shabby medical attention I had received during an Emergency Room/Inpatient stay. That experience spawned a second Emergency Room/Inpatient stay the following weekend. The diagnosis I was given is disheartening. Our house is stealing my life via toxic mold! What to do? Nothing and pass on faster than I want to – or – go deeper into debt. On Social Security and bankrupt banks, there is no credit! THIS IS THE PLIGHT OF TOO MANY REAL AMERICANS, the people who have fought for their fellow Americans in the trenches abroad, in the trenches of service to man and those who have diligently worked to raise their families only to find themselves at a place of added turmoil. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW. It’s not about the money, it is about the freedom to live an honorable, healthy and hopeful life at any age. My grandson, age 16, has expressed he has no hope in the future, and the mainstream media is only passing out more terror to our children. It is time to stop our ENEMIES, especially those who are attempting to tear down what President Trump is trying to help Americans build…opportunity to heal physically, financially, emotionally and nationally.

  3. do you have a Petition WE can sign too?? please post it if you do? and I will google it as well
    Thank you
    she is awful 🙁

  4. I found the petition to impeach her( Rashida Tlaib) on change.org
    please go to it and sign it( I did) !! and you can share that on twitter and facebook too

  5. Yes I agree. RASHIDA TLAIB is an obnoxious person. In fact, I wrote to the White House and asked them to indict her for her DISRESPECT TO PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    Those 2 demonrats Schumer and Pelosi should be removed and impeached too.
    We LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP and the ALLIANCE and their Service to Humanity is appreciated. May they have Power, Authority and Triumphant VICTORY over the enemies of mankind and the enemies of America.

  6. Trump is doing an excellent job, considering the treasonous people that are obvious in Congress. Pence appears to be supporting him but he may be a snake in the grass after his obvious actions at the Bush funeral, why Munuchin is still in his position is beyond me. It is well past time to deal with these blatant treasonous individuals along with the hateful media. Is there a way to impeach pelooselips and schumnazi? It is more than obvious what those to schmucks roles are.

    I am off to change.org to add my name to impeach this other vile Rasheada Tlaib!


  7. I am totally with Aron. All of this is dragging out way too long. No doubt it is all political BS as Aron also states. Both parties are involved and the so-called “agencies” within are mostly nothing but corruption too. I hope this shutdown is permanent to get the whole swamp totally drained.

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